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Replacement of PET bottles with glass packaging is planned in Belarus

PET bottles glass packaging Belarus

MOSCOW  – An interdepartmental working group to prepare proposals for the gradual replacement of plastic containers for bottling drinking water and beverages for glass containers created in the Republic of Belarus, Belta reports.

The corresponding decision is enshrined in the order of the Prime Minister of the country Sergey Rumas. PET bottles glass packaging Belarus

Until February 15, the government should submit relevant proposals and a draft set of measures for the regulatory and organizational and technical support for the phased replacement of plastic containers for glass with an indication of specific deadlines for the implementation of measures, volumes, and sources of funding.

According to ICIS-MRC’s Price Review , in early February, individual processors in the CIS countries tested the Mogilevkhimvolokno production homopolymer. A large Belarusian trading company plans to buy Chinese PET for the purpose of resale due to the termination of the copolymer production time at the Belarusian plant.

Author:                Anna Larionova

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