Pet chip resin 宠物芯片树脂 – PET bottle, filament chip 瓶芯

Pet chip resin 宠物芯片树脂 – PET bottle, filament chip 瓶芯

China -The price of Filament Grade Semi Dull Pet chip resin 宠物芯片树脂 Chips closed the week steady.

Pet chip resin 宠物芯片树脂 Polyestertime: POY

The prices of Semi-dull Chips in Jiangsu and Zhejiang are between 7,800 – 7,950 yuan/ton(cash),nearby.

The Bright Chip’s price in Jiangsu and Zhejiang is  between 8,100- 8,250 yuan / ton.

Polyester POY is  between 9,350 -9,450 yuan/mt cash ex-works, while

Polyester  DTY is between 10,850- 11,000 yuan/mt cash ex-works.





China –PET Bottle Chip (Polyethylene terephthalate) -The Market prices closed the week still decreasing.

Pet chip resin 宠物芯片树脂 Polyestertime : PET Bottle

The domestic Polyester Bottle –

Chip is between 9,100 – 9,250 yuan / ton


The export PET is between 1,220 – 1,270 $ /ton FOB CMP.






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