China – Filament Grade Semi Dull PET Chip – PET bottle chip 瓶芯 – Pet chip resin 宠物芯片树脂

Pet chip resin 宠物芯片树脂 Pet chip resin 宠物芯片树脂 Pet chip resin 宠物芯片树脂 Pet chip resin 宠物芯片树脂Pet chip resin 宠物芯片树脂Pet chip resin 宠物芯片树脂Pet chip resin 宠物芯片树脂Pet chip resin 宠物芯片树脂Pet chip resin 宠物芯片树脂

China -The price of Filament Grade Semi Dull PET Chips is steady.

 Pet chip resin 宠物芯片树脂Polyestertime: DTY

The prices of Semi-dull Chips in Jiangsu and Zhejiang are at 7,550 – 7,650 yuan/ton(cash),nearby.

The Bright Chip’s price in Jiangsu and Zhejiang is  at 7,900- 8,000 yuan / ton.

Polyester POY is  at 8,850 -9,050 yuan/mt cash ex-works, while Polyester  DTY is at 10,650- 10,750 yuan/mt cash ex-works.


China –PET Bottle Chip (Polyethylene terephthalate) -The Market prices are steady, but continue to be weak.

Pet chip resin 宠物芯片树脂 Polyestertime : Preforms

The domestic Polyester Bottle -Chip is at 10,100 – 10,200 yuan / ton


The export PET is at 1,335 – 1,375 $ /ton FOB CMP.



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