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PET Resin Market Prices

Crude Oil Prices Trend 

Crude Oil Prices Trend  Polyestertime

-PET bottle chip price soars 800yuan/mt in single week, key factor–traders lack goods to deliver

PET bottle chip factory price declined to 6600-6650yuan/mt after the Mid-Autumn Festival. But as polyester raw materials cost sharply increased and the energy consumption control policy affected delivery of some factories, it only took less than 4 working days for PET transaction price to jump to 7200-7300yuan/mt, and soma producer raised quotations to around 7500yuan/mt.

In addition to the sharp rise in raw material costs, what other factors are driving up the market price of PET bottle chip?

Typically, Sep and Oct are traditional peak season for knitting textile industry. Beverage producers, which are the main downstream of PET bottle chip, will generally arrange annual maintenance during this period of time, and the demand for PET bottle chip will be greatly weakened. However, under the “dual controls” on energy consumption and energy intensity  or the amount of energy consumed per unit of GDP this year, the upstream energy sector is the most affected, with coal and fuel costs continuously rising. It is not uncommon for factories to operate normally in the morning and stop production by emergency notice at noon, and some areas in Northeast China even cut off power without advance notice, triggering heated discussions on internet and media. Affected by this policy, provinces with poor completion of carbon emission target have increased power cuts. Operation of several polyester plants in Jiangsu have been significantly affected, bottle chip capacity reduction has also achieved 450kt/year. During bottle chip off-season when industry run shall decline significantly, the “dual-controls” has been impacting more on PET bottle chip supply side than that of demand side.

PET Resin Market Prices

-Teijin Cordley Develops Antibacterial and Antiviral Artificial Leather

Teijin Cordley Limited, the Teijin FrontierGroup’s high-grade artificial leather business, announced today that it has developed a new antibacterial and antiviral artificial leather incorporating long-lasting antibacterial agent (*1) antibacterial and antiviral: not effective against all bacteria and viruses.

Teijin Cordley will commence sales of the new artificial leather in October this year; initial versions will be designed for the manufacture of children’s satchels; subsequent versions will additionally be suitable for sporting goods such as shoes and leather balls. The sales target is 30,000 meters in fiscal 2021 and 580,000 meters in fiscal 2024. PET Resin Market Prices

Antibacterial and antiviral artificial leather

Leveraging Teijin Cordley’s unique surface treatment technology, the new antibacterial and antiviral artificial leather can be treated with the same process as conventional artificial leathers such as natural-like, enamel and nubuck artificial leathers, and can be used in a wide range of applications. In addition, products using the new leather material can be classified as “environmentally friendly”, as it is created using recycled polyester raw materials. The long-lasting antibacterial agent on new artificial leather’s surface has led it acquiring SIAA (*2) antibacterial processing and SIAA antiviral processing certification.

PET Resin Market Prices

-Archroma announces a general price increase across its portfolio

Effective 01 October 2021, Archroma will increase the prices of its products by up to 0.25 USD per kg.

These adjustments will apply to all Archroma products globally. The increase is necessary to offset the ongoing exceptionally high freight and logistics costs.

“Archroma made every effort to absorb these increases,” says Marcos Furrer, Chief Operating Officer at Archroma.  PET Resin Market Prices

“We have however reached a point where these adjustments are needed for us to be able to maintain our service levels.”

PET Resin Market Prices

-High-Performance LLDPE Film Grades

ExxonMobil’s new series Exceed XP 7 hexene LLDPE resins boast “never seen before” levels of performance.  PET Resin Market Prices

A new series of hexene LLDPE resins produced with a proprietary catalyst is said to offer “never seen before” levels of performance that enable converters to create innovative new films for stretch hood packaging, collation shrink, primary packaging, and greenhouse applications that previously were not possible. The Exceed XP 7 series is the newest addition to the Exceed XP line of high-performance LLDPE film resins from ExxonMobil. Exceed XP 7021 and XP 7052 reportedly deliver remarkable mechanical performance with a combination of low density and fractional melt index (MI).

As such, they are said to offer the value chain a combination of attributes that is currently not available in a single resin. This includes high levels of elasticity and holding force, puncture energy (up to 2.3 J/mil) and dart impact resistance (up to 900 gm on a 25.4 micron film).

PET Resin Market Prices

-MEG increases in anticipation of tight availability

China domestic MEG price increased by 147yuan/mt from the previous trading day (September 26) to 5,967yuan/mt on September 27 and CFR China MEG increased by $20/mt to $770/mt. The increase was mainly pushed by expectations of tight spot availability.

Plant news

Zhejiang Petroleum & Chemical originally planned to start its 800kt/year phase II-2 MEG unit in end-September/early October. The startup has been postponed without decided timing. CNSG Anhui Hongsifang shut its 300kt/year syngas-based MEG unit in Anhui province due to the power restrictions. It is still unknown about the restart timing. Shaanxi Coal & Chemical Industry Weihe Binzhou Chemical originally planned to restart its 300kt/year syngas-based MEG unit in H2 Sep. Currently, the company has no plan to restart the unit yet.

Offtake in Taicang

In addition, market sentiment was also affected by the news of suspended offtake in Taicang port due to the power curb requirements.

Two major terminals in Taicang Port were required to halt offtake due to power curbs since September 26, and it is unknown how long the restriction would last.

PET Resin Market Prices

-Milliken to offer portfolio of colorants and additives for polyurethane at UTECH Europe 2021

Ghent, Belgium – Milliken & Company plans to showcase a broad range of colorants and stabilizer technologies that are all designed to enhance polyurethane (PU) products when it exhibits at UTECH Europe 2021 (Booth #B20) in Maastricht, The Netherlands, from Nov. 16-18. One key focus of Milliken’s presence will be its Reactint® Color Studio, a valuable, web-based resource for PU foam producers and users. PET Resin Market Prices

“We are looking forward to the opportunity to meeting customers and industry attendees at the UTECH show,” said Jesse Shoultz, Global Market Manager. “We have been working for decades to help polyurethane producers and brand owners to improve the aesthetics and performance of their end products. We’re leveraging this expertise and market understanding to provide the support and solutions desired by our customers today to help them meet their most challenging technical requirements.”

Milliken to offer portfolio of colorants and additives for polyurethane at UTECH Europe 2021

-Can Plastic PET Bottles Be Reduced, Recycled or Reused?

We all know that just how important it is for you to reduce, recycle and reuse. To reduce our dependency on plastics we are using them several times again and again. But is doing this even safe? Is a China blow molding machine even safe for manufacturing reused (polyethylene terephthalate) PET bottles?

What types of ingredients are the plastic bottle made of?

In this section, we will give you an idea of what plastic bottles are made of. Although we all think that plastic bottles are made of PET but the reality is entirely different. Plastic bottles are made of synthetic polymers that have various organic compounds mostly carbon compounds.  PET Resin Market Prices

Each type of compound that the bottle is manufactured from has to be segregated separately and then reused in the recycling process.

Although you may have heard of polyethylene terephthalate it isn’t the only compound that is used in the manufacturing of plastic bottles.

Some of the other compounds that a China blow molding machine will use in the making of plastic bottles include high-density polyethylene, PVC or polyvinyl chloride, low-density polyethylene or LDPE, polypropylene, polystyrene, or PS, and a few other compounds used very little.

Can Plastic PET Bottles Be Reduced, Recycled or Reused?

-GSFC spurts after CBIC proposes anti-dumping duty for caprolactam

Gujarat State Fertilizers & Chemicals (GSFC) jumped 4.61% to Rs 129.45 after the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) proposed anti-dumping duty for caprolactam.

GSFC had filed an application before the designated authority in accordance with Customs Tariff Act, 1975 for initiation of anti-dumping investigation concerning imports of “caprolactam” originating in or exported from European Union, Korea RP, Russia and Thailand. PET Resin Market Prices

The authority, on the basis of prima facie evidence submitted by GSFC, initiated the investigation and recommended an anti-dumping duty.

GSFC has two caprolactam plants having rated capacities of 20,000 TPA and 50,000 TPA. The main raw materials are Benzene, Oleum, Ammonia, Carbon Dioxide, Synthesis Gas, Sulphur Dioxide, Caustic Soda and Sulphuric Acid.

GSFC spurts after CBIC proposes anti-dumping duty for caprolactam

-Tomra helps equip MRF in Maryland

Prince George’s County cuts ribbon on upgrade that includes several Tomra Titech optical sorting units.

The Prince George’s County, Maryland, Department of the Environment (DoE) has held a ribbon-cutting ceremony at its materials recovery facility (MRF) in Largo, Maryland, to display new equipment the DoE says will help process recyclables “more cleanly and efficiently.”

Among the equipment installed in Largo are three new Tomra Titech optical sorting units, an additional elliptical separator, a new permanent magnet, an eddy current separator and a master control panel (MCC). Also included is a new plastics sorting line with four 75-cubic-yard storage bunkers for polyethylene terephthalate (PET), high-density polyethylene (HDPE) natural, HDPE multi-colored and polypropylene (PP) plastic scrap.PET Resin Market Prices

Prince George’s County says it was a six-month overhaul at the MRF. Ribbon-cutting event attendees included county officials, representatives from the Maryland Environmental Service (MES) agency, operators of the facility and other county officials.

“The reason the county promotes recycling is that it reduces pollution, reduces greenhouse gases, and reduces the amount of waste that ends up in our landfills,” says Floyd Holt, Prince George’s County deputy chief administrative officer for government infrastructure, technology and environmental services.

Solvay announces groundbreaking solution for recycling PVDC

-Solvay announces groundbreaking solution for recycling PVDC

Scientists at Solvay have developed an innovative process that could revolutionize the future recycling of PVDC food packaging

Brussels, September 28, 2021 – Solvay, a science company delivering high performance materials for safe and reliable food packaging, has conducted a proof of concept showing that polyvinylidene chloride (PVDC) has the potential to be recycled. PVDC is used in food, beverage and healthcare multilayer barrier packaging across the world. PET Resin Market Prices

The proof of concept involves a process to recycle Ixan® PVDC bioriented film from a post-industrial waste source from food packaging without compromising the performance of the high barrier polymer. It marks an important step towards more sustainable and circular packaging applications, with the potential to launch other initiatives like recycling post-consumer packaging containing PVDC.

Solvay announces groundbreaking solution for recycling PVDC

PET Resin Market Prices

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