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Petrochemical Polyamide Cellulose Fibres

Crude Oil Prices Trend

Crude Oil Prices Trend 

-Russia, China to hold more U.N. talks on lifting N.Korea sanctions – diplomats

UNITED NATIONS, Dec 29 (Reuters) – U.N. Security Council members are due to meet informally on Monday for a second round of negotiations on a Russian and Chinese proposal to lift a raft of sanctions on North Korea, a move that some diplomats say has little support.

China and Russia are convening negotiations a day before North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s deadline for the United States to show flexibility in stalled talks aimed at getting Pyongyang to give up its nuclear weapons program. North Korea has warned the United States could receive an unwanted “Christmas gift” if it fails.

Petrochemical Polyamide Cellulose Fibres

-Oil price rise muted in 2019 despite sanctions, supply cuts, attack in Saudi Arabia

Oil prices rose more than 20% this year but there were no sharp spikes and crude futures barely sniffed $70 a barrel despite attacks on the world’s biggest oil producer, sanctions that crippled crude exports of two OPEC members and gigantic supply cuts from big oil producing countries. Petrochemical Polyamide Cellulose Fibres

The price gains in crude oil benchmarks were all in the first quarter of 2019, even as the next several months featured supply shocks that in the past would probably have propelled crude past the $100 mark.

Petrochemical Polyamide Cellulose Fibres

-OUTLOOK ’20: Latin American PET remains slow on long global supply

The polyethylene terephthalate (PET) markets in Latin America are likely to remain slow on the back of long supply, falling prices and low buying interest.

Latin American resin trading has been dragged down by an environment of tension that emerged during the third and fourth quarters of 2019. Economic and political difficulties in several countries will contribute to a cautious outlook for the first quarter of 2020.

Political events have severely impacted on local economies. This has led to demonstrations and civil unrest, hampering any hope of a significant improvement in the near future – despite the warmer weather. Petrochemical Polyamide Cellulose Fibres

Petrochemical Polyamide Cellulose Fibres

-New study: CAGR of 21.3%, Biodegradable Plastic Market is booming worldwide

The research study provides market introduction, BIODEGRADABLE PLASTIC market definition, regional market scope, sales and revenue by region, manufacturing cost analysis, Industrial Chain, market effect factors analysis, BIODEGRADABLE PLASTIC market size forecast, 100+ market data, Tables, Pie Chart, Graphs and Figures, and many more for business intelligence.

The global biodegradable plastic market was valued at $1.2 billion in 2018, and is projected to reach $6.0 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 21.3% from 2019 to 2026.Petrochemical Polyamide Cellulose Fibres

Petrochemical Polyamide Cellulose Fibres

-Clariant debuts bio-based plastic additives

Clariant has teamed up with renewable hydrocarbon producer Neste to offer a wide range of additives based on mass balance certified ethylene and propylene from renewable feedstock, which reliably deliver both high performance and sustainability.

Neste’s renewable hydrocarbons are based on sustainably produced bio-based raw materials, such as waste and residue oils, so they help in reducing consumption of fossil resources, and fossil-based carbon emissions to the atmosphere.

Petrochemical Polyamide Cellulose Fibres

-Petrochemical Product Margins at All-time Lows

The margins of petrochemical products such as ethylene have reached record lows and the industry is likely to have a hard time next year.

The ethylene margin recently became negative with the prices of downstream products such as polyethylene remaining stagnant.

Besides, the paraxylene margin has remained sluggish throughout this year.

China’s paraxylene self-sufficiency has exceeded 100 percent to adversely affect South Korean companies. Petrochemical Polyamide Cellulose Fibres

This year and next year, China is estimated to increase its paraxylene production by at least 12 million tons.

Petrochemical Product Margins at All-time Lows

-TAITRA to show new sports accessories manufacturing tech

Taiwantrade backed by Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), will display Taiwan’s latest sports accessories manufacturing technology at ISPO Munich 2020 from January 26-29 at Messe Munchen, Germany. Through exhibition of more than 20 products such as sports towels & glasses, TAITRA hopes the products will attract a lot of business opportunities. Petrochemical Polyamide Cellulose Fibres

Taiwantrade is Taiwan’s most prominent B2B portal, organised by TAITRA and backed by BOFT. TAITRA assists Taiwanese businesses in strengthening their competitiveness in the international market.

TAITRA to show new sports accessories manufacturing tech

-OPEC+ may mull oil production growth, says Russ Energy Minister Novak

Adding scepticism over oil output and crude futures’ price outlook despite an accord reached earlier this month to curb oil production by 2.1 million barrels per day or 2.1 per cent of the world’s entire crude output, Russ Energy Minister Alexander Novak said in an interview with the Russia-24 on Sunday, the 29th of December 2019, that, the OPEC+ members, OPEC and its Russia-led allies could contemplate an option to heighten up crude oil output over a G20 summit ahead. Petrochemical Polyamide Cellulose Fibres

OPEC+ may mull oil production growth, says Russ Energy Minister Novak

-Mealworms can effectively degrade toxic additives in plastics

One solution to the toxins produced from some forms of plastic could be found with the humble mealworm, according to new research. Mealworms are capable of eating plastic and its toxic by-products.

Stanford University scientists have shown how mealworms can consume various forms of plastic as well as digesting the toxic plastic additives in Styrofoam. Remarkably, there are no ill effects for the mealworm. Petrochemical Polyamide Cellulose Fibres

In terms of how mealworms can breakdown plastics and associated toxins, this comes down to the bacteria in the gut of the worm, which are capable of biodegradation. Mealworms are the larval form of the mealworm beetle, Tenebrio molitor, a species of darkling beetle.

Mealworms can effectively degrade toxic additives in plastics

-Opaque Polymer Market New Research On Top Players 2025

Opaque Polymer Market: Snapshot

The demand within the global opaque polymer market is rising on account of advancements in the constructions industry.

The demand for opaque polymer majorly comes from manufacturers of wall paints and oils.  Petrochemical Polyamide Cellulose Fibres

Opaque polymers have replaced titanium dioxide in the manufacture of oil paints, and this factor has aided market growth.

Paperboard coatings are used across a wide spectrum of industries which has also aided market growth.

Opaque Polymer Market New Research On Top Players 2025

Petrochemical Polyamide Cellulose Fibres

Petrochemical Polyamide Recycling Sanctions 31-12-2019