Petrochemicals Antibacterial Plastics 14-08-2020

Petrochemicals Antibacterial Plastics

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-Plastic Pollution Must End, But is Banning or Recycling the Way to Go?

The COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed the way we confront public health threats. The voracious nature of the virus and its rapid spread prompted new ways of thinking about treatments, sanitation and protective equipment.

It became clear early on that plastic packaging would play a vital role in protecting consumers. But not all plastic is alike, and the need for safety does not require that we sacrifice our commitment to sustainability – as consumers or manufacturers. By making the right choices, we can prevent plastic waste from ending up in our oceans, beaches or parks.

Petrochemicals Antibacterial Plastics

-One curbside plastic grade sees price hike

Plastics Recycling MarketsThe price of natural HDPE bales increased by 22% this month, whereas post-consumer PET bales have remained at a low level.

The national average price of natural high-density polyethylene (HDPE) from curbside collection programs is up 22 percent this month, now trading at an average 44.44 cents per pound, compared with 36.50 cents last month and 20.34 cents one year ago. The price of natural HDPE ran up late last year and early this year, eventually hitting nearly 60 cents per pound in January.

The national average price of PET beverage bottles and jars remained steady this month. It is currently at 7.19 cents per pound, compared to 7.13 cents per pound this time last month. This compares to 13.91 cents per pound one year ago and a recent high of 17.00 cents per pound in July 2018.

Petrochemicals Antibacterial Plastics

-Evonik Q2 net income falls by 50%

Evonik Industries says its net profits in the second quarter of 2020 were 50% lower on a year-on-year (YOY) basis, at EUR114 million (USD134 million), on sales of EUR2.83 billion, 14% down on the same period of the previous year, said Chemweek.

This result is attributed to significantly weaker demand in some markets, the company says. Adjusted EBITDA beat analysts’ consensus estimate by 9.5%, but was 19% lower YOY, at EUR456 million, it says. Adjusted EBIT fell 41% YOY, to EUR202 million, Evonik says.  Petrochemicals Antibacterial Plastics

“In the second quarter we felt the effects of the pandemic. However, the strategic portfolio changes and the implementation of our efficiency programs contributed to the fact that we got through the first half of the year better than initially expected. This is especially true for our strong growth segments,” says Christian Kullmann, chairman of Evonik.

Petrochemicals Antibacterial Plastics

-Explore a relatively reasonable CPL settlement prediction method

In mid-July, CCFGroup nylon editor has visited some companies in the nylon industry and talked about the current problems and challenges, including the unpredictability of CPL contract settlement prices. Inspired by the moving average forecasting method proposed by an industry veteran, here we make a simple argument and explanation just for reference.Petrochemicals Antibacterial Plastics

The backdrop of CPL contract settlement influence on the industry

Due to the unpredictability of the settlement price, it has been difficult for companies to decide the cost before major contract suppliers announce the monthly settlement. This has affected the quotation of downstream products and caused great uncertainty to the sales profit of the month. In order to ensure the profit, nylon 6 HS chip plants has decided to also sign contract with downstream filament makers based on the monthly settlement price of caprolactam. (Nylon 6 chip HS contract price is using a negotiated processing fee additional to CPL contract settlement.)

Petrochemicals Antibacterial Plastics

Available at low addition rates and offering powerful antimicrobial polymer product protection, Biomaster technology is suitable for almost all plastic and polymer materials.

Biomaster antimicrobial additives provide long-lasting and effective product protection against harmful bacteria, biofilm, fungi and mould for the lifetime of the end product without affecting its structural and physical qualities.

We’ll work closely with you to ensure that you get the right antimicrobial additive technology for your exact needs, taking into account the application of your end product, the type of material and your production process.Petrochemicals Antibacterial Plastics

Antimicrobial protection for plastics

-Covestro and partners develop world’s first 64.2 metre full PU wind turbine blade

Materials manufacturer Covestro has successfully developed the world’s first 64.2 metre wind turbine blade made completely of polyurethane.Petrochemicals Antibacterial Plastics

The blade, made jointly with leading Chinese wind turbine manufacturer Goldwind, and leading wind blade manufacturer LZ Blades, represents a breakthrough in the application of polyurethane resin in large-scale wind turbine blades and marks the beginning of a new generation of longer and stronger blades for the wind power industry.

Covestro and partners develop world’s first 64.2 metre full PU wind turbine blade

-Agreement found for Treofan Terni (Italian Language Only)
After the strike that began on June 29th, the property will start production planning for the next few months.Petrochemicals Antibacterial Plastics
The crisis at Treofan di Terni, owned by the Jindal group, was released: after three days of negotiations with the mediation of the Ministry of Economic Development, an agreement was signed between the top management of the company and the trade unions to restart the activity of the umbrian plant,specilized in the production of BOPP films.
The agreement – reads a note from the Ministry – provides for the suspension of the workers’ strike, which began on 29 June, with the company’s commitment to re-establish normal trade union relations and immediately resume production planning for the next months, in order to regain the trust of customers and allow the relaunch of the Terni plant.
Moreover. – Mise informs -, the parties have agreed that starting from Tuesday 11 August, Treofan will start the recourse to the Covid-19 Redundancy Fund and will mobilize to anticipate the payment of the salary. With regard to the redundancy fund, workers who request it will be allowed to enjoy the holidays accrued as a priority and rotation procedures will be implemented.

Agreement found for Treofan Terni

-Film manufacturer Südpack drives advances in chemical recycling

Some 65 percent of all packaging for food, pet food, and beverages is made from plastic. But currently only about 39 percent of packaging in Europe is recycled, with an additional 40 percent used to generate energy. In response, the EU and national governments have set ambitious targets for the volumes and percentages of packaging material that should go into a closed-loop system in the packaging industry. The targets demand a volume of 10 million tons of recycled plastic in new packaging by 2025. By 2030, all plastic packaging on the European market should be reusable or recyclable at low cost. And for composite packaging, the German Packaging Law requires a total recycling quota of 70 percent by mass as from 2022.Petrochemicals Antibacterial Plastics

SÜDPACK believes chemical recycling of plastic waste is a promising approach to meet these ambitious targets – and a way to develop a closed-loop model that actually works. Food manufacturers and packaging companies will also benefit from using the recycled material and complying with regulations. “As a market and innovation leader, we’re acutely aware of our social and environmental responsibility. That’s why we’re working hard on developing concepts, technologies and concrete solutions that save resources and protect the environment. However, it’s vital that all players in the value chain work together to really achieve positive change,” explains Carolin Grimbacher, Managing Partner and  responsible for Research & Development at SÜDPACK.

Film manufacturer Südpack drives advances in chemical recycling

-Asian PTA re-enters surplus cycle on new capacities; weak demand outlook

The supply overhang in the Asia purified terephthalic acid (PTA) market has eased in the near term but this is unlikely to last due to the impending start-up of new capacities in China.

China’s surplus PTA supply had eased in August amid several turnaround plans at PTA facilities.Petrochemicals Antibacterial Plastics

India’s Materials Chemicals & Performance International (MCPI) shut its 470,000 tonne/year No 1 PTA unit, and Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) had shut its Hazira No 2 PTA unit.

Downstream polyester operating rates in the country continued to stay low at around 30-40%, amid growing concerns of the spread of coronavirus pandemic, and the lack of textile demand.

Asian PTA re-enters surplus cycle on new capacities; weak demand outlook

-Oysters beware! Graphene delivers step-change in HDPE performance

Low dosages of the carbon allotrope significantly boosts yield strength, abrasion resistance.

Working with Australian firm Hexcyl Systems, a leading supplier of systems for oceanic farming, fellow down under company First Graphene Ltd. has developed graphene-filled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) materials for making super-strong HDPE oyster baskets for long-line farming systems.Petrochemicals Antibacterial Plastics

Using First Graphene’s PureGRAPH products, HDPE showed improvements in strength, wear resistance and longevity. The initial results confirm the potential of graphene as a high performing additive for HDPE.

Oysters beware! Graphene delivers step-change in HDPE performance

Petrochemicals Antibacterial Plastics

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