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Petrochemicals Biodegradable Antidumping

-Cemvita Factory and Oxy Low Carbon Ventures Announce Investment Agreement to Advance Innovative Low-Carbon Technology

Cemvita Factory, a carbon-negative company, today announced that it has received equity investment from Oxy Low Carbon Ventures to support the commercialization of new bio-engineered pathways that use CO2 as the feedstock for sustainable production of intermediate chemicals and polymers.

Cemvita Factory is a Houston-based biotech startup that’s on a mission to create economical solutions for a sustainable future. Cemvita Factory’s technology includes a CO2 utilization platform that mimics photosynthesis and other natural processes to produce industrial chemicals and polymers for energy sustainability, resulting in a carbon-negative impact.

Petrochemicals Biodegradable Antidumping

-OPEC Oil Production Continues To Slide As Saudis Cut Deeper

OPEC’s crude oil production fell by another 246,000 bpd in July compared to June, as Saudi Arabia deepened its cuts, as U.S. sanctions further trimmed output in Iran and Venezuela, and as an outage restricted production in Libya.

According to secondary sources in OPEC’s closely watched Monthly Oil Market Report published on Friday, total OPEC crude oil production averaged 29.61 million bpd in July, down by nearly 250,000 bpd from June, and driven by lower output in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Libya, Venezuela, and Nigeria. Iraq and Algeria recorded the largest production increases, OPEC’s secondary sources estimates showed.

Petrochemicals Biodegradable Antidumping

-Europe PE market ponders future direction as holidays take hold

The polyethylene (PE) market is quietly active in Europe as the holiday period is in full swing, but visibility is low, as those players that are still working speculate on the short-term future.

– Market uncertain

– Planned cracker outages begin

– More US HDPE imports

“It’s very difficult to read at the moment,” said a trader.

Spot business has been very quiet, which is what most players would expect in a market with no supply issues, but demand in the contracted arena has been stronger than expected for some grades.

Low density polyethylene (LDPE) demand in particular has been good for contracted volumes, while high density polyethylene (HDPE) moves along steadily in the contract market but is nervous in the spot sector as talk of US volumes at low prices is widespread. Petrochemicals Biodegradable Antidumping

Petrochemicals Biodegradable Antidumping

-US hesitates on tariffs as economic sentiment worsens

The US administration’s decision to delay the 10% tariffs on large parts of the final $300bn of Chinese exports not already targeted may signal that it fears an economic slowdown or even recession is on its way, just as the President gears up for the 2020 presidential elections.

The tariffs had been scheduled to go into place on 1 September but many products – including laptops, mobile phones, video game consoles, some toys, computer monitors, some footwear, clothing and chemicals – will now activate on 15 December. Click here to see a full list of tariffs for Round 4.

Petrochemicals Biodegradable Antidumping

-Truetzschler scores at Texfair 201916

The Southern India Mills’ Association (SIMA) representing the textile industry in South India organised ‘Texfair 2019’ for all textile machineries, accessories and spares manufacturer at Codissia Trade Fair Complex in Coimbatore recently. Bale to sliver specialist, Truetzschler, also participated in this prestigious event with a magnificent booth.

The aim of Truetzschler was to get in touch with the important customers in south India and also to appraise them of the new products launched by Truetzschler. The company received overwhelming response from all the visitors for its array of innovative offerings. Decision makers as well as the technicians had interesting interactions with the sales team, said Truetzschler in a media statement. Petrochemicals Biodegradable Antidumping

Truetzschler scores at Texfair 201916

-New Biobased Polymers Coming to Market in 2019

Cambridge, UK – Biobased polymers are gaining increased prominence in the minds of consumers, as increased awareness of climate change and plastic pollution continues to grow.

However, the range of biobased alternatives to the main plastics we encounter in our daily lives continues to limit its potential adoption.

Key to accelerating the switch from petrochemical to biobased plastics is going to be a larger diversity of materials, including commodity polyolefins such as polypropylene and polyethylene.

IDTechEx looks at the key manufacturers of biobased polymers and production methods and capacities, in their report, “Biobased Polymers 2018-2023: A Technology and Market Perspective”. Petrochemicals Biodegradable Antidumping

New Biobased Polymers Coming to Market in 2019

New Biobased Polymers Coming to Market in 2019

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