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Petrochemicals Bioplastic Biopolymers Sorting

-Ioniqa takes first 10 kiloton PET upcycling factory into operation

With the commissioning of the first 10 kiloton plant in the Netherlands Ioniqa honours their promise, made earlier this year, to achieve endless upcycling of PET plastics on an industrial scale. Petrochemicals Bioplastic Biopolymers Sorting

Tonnis Hooghoudt, Ioniqa’s CEO and Founder, said: “Taking in and upcycling all types of PET plastics at this scale (including coloured PET), into high-grade raw materials for food grade packaging, can even make us close the oil tap for making new PET plastic!”

Petrochemicals Bioplastic Biopolymers Sorting

-Exploring Colour’s Impact on Wellness with INVISTA Antron® carpet fibre

Compiled by INVISTA Antron® carpet fibre in collaboration with trend expert Anne Marie Commandeur of Stijlinstituut Amsterdam, the Antron Global Colour Trend Forecast delivers fascinating insight into the colours and themes shaping commercial interiors through 2020.

Now in its fifth edition, the Antron Global Colour Trend Forecast 2019/2020 maps how colour will impact commercial space through four key themes; Play, Primal, Reflect and Grow. Each theme explores how colour influences our state of wellness and helps people to feel happy and comfortable in their workplace. Petrochemicals Bioplastic Biopolymers Sorting 

Petrochemicals Bioplastic Biopolymers Sorting

-Benvic invests in biopolymers, buys up PVC compounders in Poland and Italy

Alfa PVC vinyl granules and soft PVC tubing

Belgian plastics compounder Benvic Europe continues to strengthen its position across Europe with recent acquisitions of other PVC compounding companies in Italy and Poland.

At the start of this year, Benvic of Jemeppe, Belgium confirmed its purchase of the family-owned Warsaw, Poland-based compounder Alfa PVC which runs a modern plant at Witkowo in Raciąż district, north of the capital, producing soft and rigid vinyl granulate.

Benvic invests in biopolymers, buys up PVC compounders in Poland and Italy

-New Research Study on PET Packaging market predicts steady growth till 2024

The rising technology in PET Packaging market is also depicted in this research report. Factors that are boosting the growth of the market, and giving a positive push to thrive in the global market is explained in detail.

PET Packaging Market competition by top manufacturers as follow: , Toyo Seikan Kaisha, ALPLA, Pactiv, Amcor, Graham Packaging, Berry Global, Plastipak, Sonoco, Sidel, RPC Group, Pact Group, Coveris, Consolidated Container, Southeastern Container, Silgan Plastics, Logoplaste, Retal, Nampak, Resilux

Petrochemicals Bioplastic Biopolymers Sorting

-Coca-Cola and Merlin In Reverse Vending Recycling Partnership

Coca-Cola and Merlin Entertainment have joined forces to offer a 50 per cent discount, in respect of entry to some of the UK’s best-known attractions, to customers who use reverse vending machines to recycle 500mm plastic bottles.

That discounts apply to some 30 major destinations, including Alton Towers Resort, Thorpe Park Resort, Chessington World of Adventures Resort; the LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort and Warwick until 31st March 2020. Petrochemicals Bioplastic Biopolymers Sorting 

Petrochemicals Bioplastic Biopolymers Sorting

-Eastman debuts sustainable packaging

Eastman Trēva, unveiled during Luxe Pack New York in May, is a cellulose-based plastic for opaque and colour-tinted packaging.

It can serve as a direct replacement for ABS but has a biocontent of over 40%, enabling brands to progress towards sustainability commitments.

Petrochemicals Bioplastic Biopolymers Sorting

DOMO Chemicals, a leading integrated high quality material engineering company,  underlines its position as one of the main providers of nylon film solutions in Europe by renaming its business currently known as cfp flexible packaging S.p.A. to DOMO Film Solutions S.p.A. The name change is effective immediately.

The purpose is to visibly incorporate the company within the DOMO Group brand identity and to clearly indicate its core business and related scope: providing customers with solutions based on more than 40 years of expertise and full upstream integration with the nylon 6 chemical chain. Petrochemicals Bioplastic Biopolymers Sorting 

DOMO Chemicals, a leading integrated high quality material engineering company,

-Introducing DOMO Film Solutions and Nyleen™ new sustainable BOPA and CPA films

Plant-based Plastic Packaging Market is mainly driven by biodegradable it’s nature

In the age of green chemistry, plant-based plastic packaging is one of the greatest milestones ever discovered.

Nevertheless, many private companies and government agencies have been working on research and development to make plan-based plastics packaging more established.

Plant-based plastic are made from agricultural waste, sugar cane, switch grass or grasses and corn.  Petrochemicals Bioplastic Biopolymers Sorting 

Moreover, manufacturers are using plant-based oil in plant-based plastic packaging for processing plastic instead of using petrochemicals in order to make it more environmental friendly.

Petrochemicals Bioplastic Biopolymers Sorting

-IEA does not expect ‘huge increase’ in crude prices – executive director

The International Energy Agency (IEA) doesn’t expect oil prices to rise significantly because demand is slowing and there is a glut in global crude markets, its executive director said on Friday. Petrochemicals Bioplastic Biopolymers Sorting 

“Prices are determined by the markets…If we see the market today we see that the demand is slowing down considerably,” said IEA’s Fatih Birol, in public comments made during a two-day energy conference in New Delhi.

Petrochemicals Bioplastic Biopolymers Sorting

-Billions for the circular economy

Together with the EIB, five of the EU’s largest national promotional banks and institutions plan to invest €10bn to accelerate the transition to a sustainable and circular economy.

The flagship partnership aims to support the development and implementation of circular economy projects and programmes in the European Union.

The aim is to prevent and eliminate waste, increase resource efficiency and foster innovation by promoting circularity in all sectors of the economy. At least €10bn of investments are planned over the next five years. Petrochemicals Bioplastic Biopolymers Sorting 

Billions for the circular economy

-Petrochemicals Bioplastic Technology Sorting 19-07-2019

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