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Petrochemicals Bioplastic Technology rPET

Polyolefins Petrochemical Polymers Naphtha Prices

Petrochemicals Bioplastic Technology rPET

-India has extended anti-dumping duties on PVC from the USA and China 

India has extended anti-dumping duties (ADD) on polyvinyl chloride (PVC) imported from the United States and China, while simultaneously removing those that apply to Thai goods, with immediate effect.

According to the documents, anti-dumping duties were extended to Chinese and American PVC for 30 months from July 18, 2019 due to an investigation.

India has extended anti-dumping duties on PVC from the USA and China 

-Spot PE prices in Europe in a downtrend 

The spot prices for polyethylene (PE) in Europe are at or below the ethylene July contract – EUR1,000 per tonne, FD NWE (northwest Europe), ICIS reports, citing market participants.

All types of polyethylene are in a downtrend in the second half of June and July against the background of a wide supply of imported material – mainly linear low density polyethylene (LDL) and low pressure polyethylene (HDPE) – while mainly in the domestic market of high pressure polyethylene (LDPE) also decreased.

There is a sufficient supply of all types of PE, and the demand is mixed, with many buyers buying only to fulfill current orders.

Spot PE prices in Europe in a downtrend 

Crude Oil Prices Trend

Petrochemicals Bioplastic Technology rPET

-Global automotive sector continues to shrink, hitting chemicals profits

The global automotive sector continues to shrink and act as a brake on demand for chemicals across most regions, leading to industry warnings of lower 2019 profitability.

Skoda Auto factory in Mlada Boleslav, Czech Republic. Source: Shutterstock

With no end in sight to the US-China trade war, and other factors such as Brexit hitting consumer sentiment, sales of big-ticket items like automobiles are falling as people hesitate before making purchases. Figures for June show a worsening year-on-year situation compared with May in all main markets except China.

In China, the world’s largest car market, June sales fell by 9.6%, an improvement on May’s disastrous 16.4% collapse. However companies have resorted to steep discounting which means many are selling vehicles at a loss.

Petrochemicals Bioplastic Technology rPET

-Century Enka Ltd board approves appointment of Smt. Rajashree Birla as Chairperson

The Board of Directors of Century Enka Ltd at its meeting noted with profound sorrow the sad demise of its respected Chairman Shri B.K. Birla on 3rd July, 2019. Shri B.K. Birla was an eminent industrialist, a passionate philanthropist and an avid educationist. The Board recalled his legendary stewardship over several decades and applauded his stellar contribution to the growth of the company.

Shri B.K.Birla was the key architect in conceiving the Nylon Yarn Project in 1965 with foreign collaborators and in forming Century Enka Limited.

Petrochemicals Bioplastic Technology rPET

-Britain warns Iran of ‘serious consequences’ if British-flagged oil tanker not released

Britain’s Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt warned Iran of “serious consequences” if it does not release a British-flagged oil tanker it seized in the strategic Strait of Hormuz waterway on Friday, although he ruled out “military options.”

The seizing of the “Stena Impero” potentially marks the most significant escalation in tensions between Iran and the West since they began rising in May, about a year after the United States pulled out of an international accord aimed at Iran’s nuclear program.

Britain warns Iran of 'serious consequences' if British-flagged oil tanker not released

-Crude Oil Breaks Down – Target $40

We are writing to you today to suggest that Oil prices may attempt to find very brief support near $55.25 as this level represents a key price trigger level which acts as support/resistance. After such a big downside move for the week, it is our opinion that Oil will briefly hold near this $55.25 level as oil tries to hold support for a couple of days.

Our incredible ADL predictive modeling system predicted a moderate price anomaly on July 10th, 2019 in Crude Oil.  Petrochemicals Bioplastic Technology rPET

Petrochemicals Bioplastic Technology rPET

-Why the circular economy road should be taken in Italy -( Italian Language Only)

Speaking of circular economy has become fashionable: it is evoked on every occasion, like a miraculous medicine, but often remains confined to the level of utterance, of slogans to be used in political debates when you want to make you believe you are able to ‘fly high ‘.

As usual we fall into the old national vice, to state the efficacy of a solution without however adopting it, while waiting for providence to get our hands on it.

Petrochemicals Bioplastic Technology rPET

-Versarien receives graphene orders from Japanese automotive company

Versarien LogoVersarien, UK-based advanced materials engineering group, has announced that it has secured its first graphene orders from the North American corporate research and development center of a Japanese headquartered company.

This customer was described as a global automotive components company that has operations in over 40 countries, employing in excess of 250,000 people.

Versarien receives graphene orders from Japanese automotive company

-Optical offline inspection system detects color deviations of plastic pellets

Sikora offers in addition to control and sorting technologies optical inspection systems for sample inspection of plastic pellets. The Purity Concept V inspects automatically small amounts of pellets and is therefore used for quality assurance in incoming goods inspection, production control and follow-up inspection. The system detects reliably contamination such as black specks. As the Purity Concept V (V = visual) is equipped with a color camera, color deviations of the pellets are detected as well.

For sample inspection and analysis with the Purity Concept V, up to 3,000 pellets (100 g), placed on a sample tray, are being moved through the inspection area. Within seconds, a camera inspects the material, contaminated pellets are detected and analyzed. The detected contamination is highlighted in color on the monitor image as well as on the sample tray.  Petrochemicals Bioplastic Technology rPET

Optical offline inspection system detects color deviations of plastic pellets

-PET bottle resin prices take a surprising summer dip

Prices for PET bottle resin took a 2-cent fall in June, surprising market watchers.

Bottle-grade resin typically maintains higher prices in the summer, when demand for bottled water and carbonated soft drinks — two major PET end markets — is high.

But PET prices had taken surprising price drops of 3 cents in May and 1 cent in April as well. Regional PET prices now are down a net of 4 cents per pound since Jan. 1.

PET bottle resin prices take a surprising summer dip

-Starlinger releases new woven plastics fabric sack collection

Starlinger has released its newest packaging solution, the AD*STAR block-bottom valve sack, which combines the advantages of a paper sack with those of woven plastic fabric.

Starlinger has also released the AS*STAR easy, ICSTAR liner, and AD*STAR *ultra, which open up diverse applications as well as new markets for Starlinger customers.

Starlinger releases new woven plastics fabric sack collection

-Bioplastics and Biodegradable Plastics Market is Booming Worldwide | Packaging, Fibers, Agriculture, Medical, Others

Trends, market share, opportunities and forecast in Bioplastics and Biodegradable Plastics market from 2023 in terms of PHA, PLA, PCL, PBS/PBSA, by applications including Packaging, Fibers, Agriculture, Medical, Others and major Bioplastics and Biodegradable Plastics market influencers such as NatureWorks, BASF, Metabolix, FP International, BIO-ON, Mitsui Norin, Hisunplas, kINGFA, Novamont, Biotec, Cereplas, Craftech Industries, Metabolix, PHBIndustrial, Kaneka, Wuhan Huali Environmental Technology, Korllin and others. Petrochemicals Bioplastic Technology rPET

Bioplastics and Biodegradable Plastics

-Graham Packaging targets 100 percent recyclability

Global packaging firm’s sustainability report portrays a commitment to recycling.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania-based Graham Packaging has announced the release of its 2018 Annual Sustainability Report. The company, which describes itself as a global leader in the design and manufacturing of innovative and sustainable plastic packaging, says the report provides an overview of its “commitment to helping create a circular economy, which aims to minimize waste through the use of available resources.”

“We understand the ubiquitous role plastic plays in the daily lives of consumers,” says Mike King, CEO of Graham Packaging. “As leaders in the plastic packaging industry, Graham Packaging has always been driven to find sustainable solutions for our customers.

Petrochemicals Bioplastic Technology rPET

-Pakistan’s gradual transition into a circular economy of plastics

Plastic, being impervious to water, low-cost and highly durable, is used by Pakistanis in their everyday lives in many forms, as it also is throughout the world.

Due to its unrivalled functionality, its production and use is increasing more than any other known material.

From transporting products to contributing to improved health outcomes and reducing food wastage by prolonging its life, plastic is providing inexpensive solutions with high performance for everything.  Petrochemicals Bioplastic Technology rPET

Pakistan’s gradual transition into a circular economy of plastics

-When biodegradable plastic is not actually biodegradable

The idea of a “biodegradable” plastic suggests a material that would degrade to little or nothing over a period of time, posing less of a hazard to wildlife and the environment. This is the sort of claim often made by plastic manufacturers, yet recent research has revealed supposedly biodegradable plastic bags still intact after three years spent either at sea or buried underground. So un-degraded were these bags that they were still able to hold more than two kilos of shopping.

The study’s authors, Imogen Napper and Richard Thompson at the University of Plymouth, tested compostable, biodegradable, oxo-biodegradable, and conventional polythene plastic bags in three different natural environments: buried in the ground, outdoors exposed to air and sunlight, and submerged in the sea.

When biodegradable plastic is not actually biodegradable

-Tesla patents new soft, durable fabric for vehicle seats

Transportation and energy company Tesla is reportedly working on a new type of soft and durable fabric to make seating in its electric vehicles last longer. The development, termed ‘load-bearing fabric architecture’ that can withstand varying loads, was revealed in a new patent application filed by Tesla last year that recently became public.

Premium textiles used now in automotives are made of fine wool that have an excellent soft hand feel, but are not durable enough to withstand abrasive loads caused by repeated passenger ingress and egress. Since the wool in such textiles is delicate, the textile can only be used in smaller areas that do not undergo repeated stress.

Tesla patents new soft, durable fabric for vehicle seats

-BAC installs Haydale graphene-enhanced prepreg in race car

Haydale has announced that its graphene-enhanced prepreg has been incorporated in the composite tooling and automotive body panels in the new Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) Mono R. Haydale is a global solutions company from the US, enhancing applications of materials by changing their essential properties using graphene and nano-materials.

BAC, working alongside both Haydale and Pentaxia, built the light-weight BAC Mono R body using Haydale’s graphene-enhanced carbon composite materials. The component parts have been formed using Haydale’s graphene-enhanced tooling materials. The outcome of the process for manufacturing the body parts is a full visual carbon material which can be lacquered or painted as required.

BAC installs Haydale graphene-enhanced prepreg in race car

-Adopting circular design is “good for business” says Adidas eco-innovation leader

Embracing the circular economy and closed-loop design is the only way for brands to achieve business success while safeguarding the planet, according to a senior member of the innovation team at Adidas.

The circular economy “is the solution,” said Dharan Kirupanantham, who is an eco-innovation programme leader at the sportswear brand. “We don’t see it any other way.”

“This is not just good for the planet; this is good for business,” Kirupanantham told Dezeen.  Petrochemicals Bioplastic Technology rPET

Adopting circular design is "good for business" says Adidas eco-innovation leader

-Get a Glimpse of the Latest Technology Innovations in 2019 and Beyond

A lot of promising new technologies are gaining popularity throughout the world these days. In fact, a report from the World Economic Forum (WEF) stated that some of these breakthrough innovations are expected to impact the social and economic order around the world radically.

According to WEF chief technology officer Jeremy Jurgens, technology plays a critical role in finding solutions to the challenges that people are facing these days. He added that the emerging technologies of 2019 would demonstrate the rapid pace of human innovation. Thus, it showcased a glimpsed into a sustainable future.

Bioplastics For The Circular Economy

A new breakthrough technology concept that promotes circular economy through the use of lignin or cellulose from plant waste has been tested.

Instead of using biodegradable plastic, which lacks conventional material strength, this concept will increase it without using crops that could then be used for food.

Petrochemicals Bioplastic Technology rPET

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