Petrochemicals Bottle Waste R-PET 06-04-2020

Petrochemicals Bottle Waste R-PET

Petrochemical Polymers Chemical Recycling Trend

Petrochemicals Bottle Waste R-PET

Crude Oil Prices Trend

Crude Oil Prices Trend

-Coperion delivers innovative closed-loop solution

Coperion GmbH is implementing a closed-loop concept for the production of flexible multi-layer film. Recycling multi-layer film has long posed a challenge, but now, Coperion has developed a closed-loop approach solution in which up to 100 per cent of multi-layer film production waste can be re-processed and fed back into the production process.

Within the ZSK Mc18 twin screw extruder, shredded production waste is processed such that it can be added back into the multi-layer film production process — at consistently high end product quality.  Petrochemicals Bottle Waste R-PET

As a concrete project, Coperion will deliver a recycling system, including bulk material handling, high-accuracy feeding from Coperion K-Tron, and the heart of the system, a ZSK Mc18 twin screw extruder.

Petrochemicals Bottle Waste R-PET

-March contract price of paraxylene in Europe fell by EUR145 per ton

The contract price of paraxylene in Europe for March deliveries was agreed at EUR590 per tonne, which is EUR145 per tonne or 20% lower than in February this year, ICIS reported citing sellers and buyers in the market.

The contract price was agreed on a free supply basis – FD NWE (Northwest Europe).

Thus, the March contract price for the material reached its lowest point since January 2009. Petrochemicals Bottle Waste R-PET

Petrochemicals Bottle Waste R-PET

-Indo Intertex postponed to next year

Indo Intertex 2020 (The 18th Indonesia International Textile and Garment Machinery & Accessories Exhibition) and its co-related events, originally scheduled on 14-17 July 2020, is postponed to 2021, its organiser Peraga Expo has announced. The decision is an effort to strengthen the prevention and control of the recent COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemicPetrochemicals Bottle Waste R-PET

Petrochemicals Bottle Waste R-PET

-Indian polymers struggle with lockdown impact

Indian polymer demand is reeling from transport restrictions as a result of the country’s 21-day coronavirus-related lockdown, with converters shutting operations and spot trade grinding to a halt.

At least 85pc of Indian downstream conversion plants remain shut, resulting in a sharp drop in demand for polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) resins.

Local authorities are allowing deliveries of raw materials to produce essential goods. But truck deliveries of polymers to plastic factories remains a challenge across the country because of the transport restrictions.  Petrochemicals Bottle Waste R-PET

Petrochemicals Bottle Waste R-PET

-Italy’s industrial output drops to 42-year low in March

Italy’s industrial production index last month fell to the lowest in 42 years because of measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus, preliminary data from employers’ association Confindustria show.  Petrochemicals Bottle Waste R-PET

Industrial production in March fell by 16.6pc from a month earlier, Confindustria said. Provided the preliminary figures are confirmed by statistics office Istat, this would constitute the largest month-on-month drop since records began in 1960, the association said. And the industrial production index would be the lowest since March 1978, it said.

Petrochemicals Bottle Waste R-PET

-Plastics recycling technology roundup: April 3, 2020

Plastics Recycling Update iconA pelletizing and melt delivery equipment company opened a lab in North Carolina, and a U.S. thermoforms company begins using sheets from resin made partly through a PET depolymerization process.

Large PET sorting line: German recycling equipment company Stadler has installed a sorting line that is so large it can handle over half the beverage cans and PET bottles redeemed in Denmark. According to a Stadler press release, the company installed the can and PET bottle sorting line for Dansk Retursystem, a nonprofit organization that is owned by breweries and runs Denmark’s bottle deposit program. The automated system will work 16 hours a day, 300 days a year, sorting about 25,000 metric tons per year (that’s 55% of the country’s recycled cans and PET bottles). Producing aluminum and PET bales, the line uses magnetic separation for the cans and NIR sorting for PET bottles, as well as separate equipment to remove loose labels.Petrochemicals Bottle Waste R-PET

lastics recycling technology roundup: April 3, 2020

-Is PLA Recyclable? – The Truth

A fantastic go-to material for 3D printing, is PLA recyclable? Help the environment (and possibly yourself) by learning all the details.

Fortunately, the most popular 3D printing material, PLA, is at least partially biodegradable. It’s made from cornstarch, so it breaks down easier than filaments that are made from synthetic materials like ABS.

Looking a little deeper, PLA is a thermoplastic polyester polymer, and you might recognize parts of this label. “Thermoplastic” means a type of plastic that becomes soft and can be molded once it’s heated to a certain temperature. And “polyester” refers to more than a type of clothing; in this case, it’s a polymer that includes naturally-occurring chemicals like the cutin of plant cuticles.Petrochemicals Bottle Waste R-PET

-Is PLA Recyclable? – The Truth

-Coronavirus treatment other than vaccines may be available soon

Vaccine expected to take 12 to 18 months, other therapies likely available much sooner, scientists say

While a vaccine against the novel coronavirus is expected to take upward of a year to develop and test, other treatments for the

deadly threat could be just a few months away, health experts say.

More than 410,000 people have been diagnosed with COVID-19 and over 18,000 have died. Several countries have gone into lockdown as the number of those infected by the highly contagious disease continues to rapidly rise. Petrochemicals Bottle Waste R-PET

Coronavirus treatment other than vaccines may be available soon

-US March styrene contracts plummet amid demand erosion, plunging upstream benzene

US March styrene contracts plummet amid demand erosion, plunging upstream benzene

US March styrene contracts were assessed at a significant decrease on Friday, falling by 15 cents/lb ($330/tonne), amid demand destruction from efforts to stop the spread of the coronavirus and plunging upstream benzene costs.

Styrene contracts are assessed one month in arrears.

The 30% decrease in the contact price is the sharpest one-month drop by percentage since contract prices fell by more than 43% from November 2008 to December 2008, according to ICIS pricing data.  Petrochemicals Bottle Waste R-PET

US March styrene contracts plummet amid demand erosion, plunging upstream benzene

-Coronavirus crisis: BMW in dash for cash as German car sales plummet

Several major carmakers like Volkswagen, Daimler and BMW have closed factories across the world due to the coronavirus crisis.

Frankfurt am Main: BMW is following other German carmakers in pumping up its financial liquidity to ride out the coronavirus crisis, its chief executive said Friday, as car sales in the auto-mad nation booked their steepest plunge in almost 30 years in March.

“Circumstances as serious as this can threaten the existence of even a large company,” BMW boss Oliver Zipse said in an interview circulated to staff. Petrochemicals Bottle Waste R-PET

Coronavirus crisis: BMW in dash for cash as German car sales plummet

Radicigroup, Plastik Textile and Maglificio Santini collaborate for the production of masks for the Coronavirus emergency ( Italian Language Only)


#RadiciGroup in prima linea per realizzare i dispositivi di protezione per affrontare l’emergenza #Covid19.Via Tg1 – Rai1#covid19 #BergamoMolamia #Molamia #nevergiveup

Posted by RadiciGroup World on Friday, 3 April 2020

Petrochemicals Bottle Waste R-PET

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