Petrochemicals Car Preforms Packaging 06-05-2020

Petrochemicals Car Preforms Packaging

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Petrochemicals Car Preforms Packaging

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-Samsung and Hyundai Investing in Solid-State Battery Producer

Solid Power will use funding to complete manufacturing site.

Solid Power Inc., a Colorado-based maker of solid-state battery cells for cars and aircraft, arranged $20 million in financing to complete a manufacturing facility.

Investors in the Series A funding round include Sanoh Industrial Co. and the venture capital units of Hyundai Motor Co., Samsung Electronics Co. and Solvay SA, according to a statement Monday. It comes about nine months after Solid Power announced a deal with BMW AG to develop solid-state batteries for electric vehicles.

Petrochemicals Car Preforms Packaging

-North American manufacturers plan for reopening production in stages

North American manufacturers are making plans to reopen in phases, with the help of guidelines from industry associations, as restrictions on nonessential business begin to ease in some states and cities.

North Tonawanda, N.Y.-based blow molder and swimming pool accessory manufacturer Confer Plastics Inc. is starting up new essential production lines starting May 4. The move will bring back 36 of 165 employees laid off in a temporary shutdown following the state’s Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s suggestion in mid-March that businesses shut down to decrease the spread of the coronavirus. Petrochemicals Car Preforms Packaging

Petrochemicals Car Preforms Packaging

-Ascend announces new agreement for European distribution of PA66 resins

Ascend Performance Materials, the world’s largest fully integrated producer of polyamide 66 resins, has announced an agreement with thermoplastics distributor Resinex for the distribution of its Vydyne PA66 resins.

Resinex, a pan-European distribution company, will supply customers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux, Nordic countries, UK, Ireland, France, East Central Europe, Russia, Turkey and South Africa as an official representative of Ascend.

“Customers using Vydyne often require specialised, highly technical products,” said Christelle Staller, Ascend’s European sales director. Petrochemicals Car Preforms Packaging

Petrochemicals Car Preforms Packaging

-DOMO and Ultrapolymers extend pan-European distribution partnership to include all Technyl solutions

DOMO and Ultrapolymers extend pan-European distribution partnership to include all Technyl solutions

DOMO Chemicals and Ultrapolymers have announced a new European distribution partnership that will include all ‘Technyl’ material solutions.

The move comes following acquisition of Solvay’s European Performance Polyamides Business (Polytechnyl) by DOMO, which initiated a change in the distribution structure of Technyl products.

From May 1, 2020, in addition to offering DOMO’s historical range of products, Ultrapolymers will operate as the pan-European distributor for the company’s Technyl range.  Petrochemicals Car Preforms Packaging

Petrochemicals Car Preforms Packaging

-Recovery of German industry to be slow and uneven

The recovery of Germany’s industrial demand from the Covid-19 pandemic is expected to be slow and unevenly split across different sectors. Petrochemicals Car Preforms Packaging

It is expected to take a year for German manufacturing demand to reach its pre-lockdown levels, the Institute for Economic Research (IFO) has said.

All sectors are expected to begin to recover from the third quarter. But the increase will not be enough to offset the decline in the first half of the year, the IFO said.

Petrochemicals Car Preforms Packaging

-Hopes for a revival of peak PET summer sales in Europe evaporate

Demand for polyethylene terephthalate (PET) soared in Europe in the first quarter, but come May and buyers’ appetite is subsiding as end users work through their PET-packaged food, water, hygiene and cleaning related stocks.

This is perhaps the reason why buyers are not bulk buying as much as they did when the lockdowns across Europe began. Petrochemicals Car Preforms Packaging

“Demand is beginning to calm down,” a producer said.

He added that while there are pros and cons to what lies ahead for the summer, the EU is likely to register a decrease in the PET market of around 5% year on year.

The question is whether or not demand will reignite with this summer’s potential relaxation of lockdowns.

Hopes for a revival of peak PET summer sales in Europe evaporate

-ALPLA expands PET recycling plant in Poland

A new rPET extrusion system will be going into operation in early May 2020 at the recycling plant PET Recycling Team in Radomsko (Poland). As a result, the capacity for rPET (PET regrind material) will be doubled from 15,000 to 30,000 tonnes per annum. In this blog post, Georg Lässer, Head of Recycling at ALPLA, will be explaining this new development and more. Petrochemicals Car Preforms Packaging

‘A key target is the expansion of recycling activities by 2025.’ Anyone who follows ALPLA on any of the company’s various channels is bound to have read or heard this sentence several times recently. At the end of 2018, we signed the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment – an initiative of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation – which, amongst other things, commits us to investing a total of 50 million euros in pursuit of this aim.

ALPLA expands PET recycling plant in Poland

-First-Quarter 2020 Results

Oerlikon Implements Comprehensive Actions to Navigate Current COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the world economy, businesses and daily lives in an unprecedented manner. Oerlikon has taken actions to protect employees while maintaining business continuity.

Oerlikon continued to have a very robust capital structure with a strong cash position and an unlevered balance sheet and is executing an action plan to preserve cash and reduce costs in all businesses. Petrochemicals Car Preforms Packaging

Q1 Group order intake, sales and EBITDA were negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic due to the extended shutdowns in China and the beginning of lockdowns in Europe.

-First-Quarter 2020 Results

-VIDEO: Europe MEG market remains oversupplied as prices hit historic lows

European monoethylene glycol (MEG) prices have reached historic lows and May, set to be a challenging month as oversupply and weak demand continues. Have prices bottomed out? Petrochemicals Car Preforms Packaging

MEG truck prices at record lows

European bulk prices lowest globally

MEG May contract drops €67/tonne

VIDEO: Europe MEG market remains oversupplied as prices hit historic lows

-Europe PE sellers look to widen monomer-polymer spread in May

At the end of April, the spread between the ethylene contract and net polyethylene (PE) prices in Europe was at its widest since the beginning of 2018.

In May, sellers will be separately looking to widen this further.

Discussions this month have only just begun; strong demand remains in some contracted sectors, particularly food and consumer, hygiene packaging and medical supplies.

When the European ethylene April contract fell by €200/tonne, suppliers in freely-negotiated contracted business were able to improve the PE-ethylene spread by around €100/tonne.  Petrochemicals Car Preforms Packaging

Now that the May ethylene contract has settled with a drop of €100 /tonne, there have been early offers for freely-negotiated accounts emerging at a variety of discounts.

Europe PE sellers look to widen monomer-polymer spread in May

Petrochemicals Car Preforms Packaging

Petrochemicals PET Preforms Packaging 05-05-2020