Petrochemicals Crude Oil Cellulose 11-04-2020

Petrochemicals Crude Oil Cellulose

-Latin American polymers price see new record low on HDPE, LLDPE and PP

Latin American polymer prices saw a record low on Wednesday for some grades of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) and polypropylene (PP), since S&P Global Platts started the assessments.


Brazil CFR HDPE blowmolding prices were assessed at $770/mt, repeating the same price assessed in December 2019, when it reached its all-time low since S&P Global Platts started covering this market, in 2011. Injection-grade HDPE also reached a new record low, assessed at $750/mt.

On the West Coast of South America, since S&P Global Platts started the assessments in 2010, prices for HDPE injection and blowmolding were seen at its historical lowest levels Wednesday: $740/mt and $750/mt, respectively.

Petrochemicals Crude Oil Cellulose

-Global economy could lose USD5 trillion in two years – Bloomberg

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the global economy could lose more than USD5 trillion in two years, which is comparable to the annual production of Japan, Vedomosti reports citing Bloomberg.

According to Wall Street banks, the world faces the deepest recession in peacetime since the 1930s.

The recession is projected to be short-lived, the agency notes, but economies will need time to catch up. Even with unprecedented levels of monetary and fiscal stimulation, the country’s GDP is unlikely to return to the pre-crisis trend until at least 2022, experts say.

Petrochemicals Crude Oil Cellulose

-Agion® Antimicrobial by Sciessent, Proven to Inactivate Viruses by 99.99% in 5 Minutes, Incorporated In 3 Million N95 Masks Shipped to-date from Nexera Medical

Agion® Antimicrobial (AM) by Sciessent, a U.S.-based provider of antimicrobial (AM) solutions based on naturally occurring elements, is incorporated into FDA cleared N95 respirator masks, the type most in-demand in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. As of March 31, 2020, over 3 million Nexera SpectraShield 9500 masks incorporating the Agion AM have been delivered to healthcare facilities worldwide.

Petrochemicals Crude Oil Cellulose

-Germany’s Hallhuber selects Centric Fashion PLM solution

Hallhuber has announced that it has chosen Centric as a long-term PLM partner to eliminate non-value added tasks, prioritise more strategic product-related activities, and transform operational efficiency, ensuring beautiful products arrive to market quickly and efficiently. Hallhuber sells unique ready-to-wear items, shoes, and accessories for women.

With a new collection every two weeks at Hallhuber, the margin for production error is small in a retail world where there is a growing consumer demand to be on-trend and on-time.

“An outdated PDM solution was creating internal inefficiencies and hindering the ability to make the strategic decisions required for fast-paced collections. We were mainly using spreadsheets, email and a very old-fashioned PDM. None of these systems spoke to each other, so there was a growing need to re-evaluate and streamline our design processes in order to save time and minimise mistakes.

Petrochemicals Crude Oil Cellulose

-Coronavirus: EU finance ministers agree on €500 billion emergency fund

EU finance ministers agreed on Thursday to a common emergency plan to limit the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the European economy.

The Eurogroup, which brings together the finance ministers of the 19 member states sharing the single currency, reached a deal on a response plan worth more than €500 billion.

The agreement, however, does not mention using shared debt, or so-called “corona bonds”, to help the hardest-hit countries.

“This proposal contains bold and ambitious proposals that would have been unthinkable just a few weeks ago”, the Portuguese Finance minister and president of the Eurogroup Mario Centeno said in a video conference.

Coronavirus: EU finance ministers agree on €500 billion emergency fund

-Italy: Udine teaches recycling to China
The Italians teach the Chinese how to recycle plastic and the Udine entrepreneur Andrea Strizzolo, head of Plaxtech, sold the first large machine to the Chinese Jiana which, starting from the mixed plastic that you can never regenerate, obtains complex products such as pallets for logistics of the goods.
And on the launch pad there would also be other sister machines to be exported to China.
It is no coincidence that also Electrolux has signed a contract with the Udine-based company to be able to use technology and recycle processing waste.
If used PET bottles for drinks or empty polyethylene bottles of detergent have a very strong market for collection and recycling, there are always difficulties with the so-called plasmix, that is the mixed fragments of different plastics that when it is okay become a fuel of quality but when it goes wrong they end up in the landfill.
With the new low pressure injection technologies, however, mixed plastics can to be melted and injected into special molds to return in the production cycle.

Italy: Udine teaches recycling to China

-Unifi supplies yarns & fibres to make PPE for COVID-19

Unifi, a leading innovator in recycled and synthetic yarns, is supplying yarns and fibres to more than 100 companies that are producing the masks, gowns, and other personal protective equipment needed by first responders, medical personnel, and military. The company recognises the hard work that its customers are doing in supplying critical products.

Unifi’s fibre is an essential ingredient in the production of hundreds of critical components and products including masks, gowns, sewing thread for gowns, sterile wipes, drapes, and elastics for masks and face shields.

-Unifi supplies yarns & fibres to make PPE for COVID-19

Petrochemicals Crude Oil Cellulose

Petrochemicals Crude Oil Flakes 10-04-2020

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