Petrochemicals Crude Oil Graphene 08-04-2020

Petrochemicals Crude Oil Graphene

Crude Oil Prices Trend

Crude Oil Prices Trend

Petrochemical Polymers Chemical Recycling Trend

Petrochemical Polymers Chemical Recycling Trend

-New Project Manager joins Plastech Solutions

Chris Clarke has been appointed new Project Manager at Plastech Solutions.

He brings a wealth of Automation & Control experience with him following many years in the industry.

Clarke began his career in the plastics industry in 2003 with Everwhite Plastics as a shift engineer manufacturing extrusion moulding for guttering and facia boards, moving to Pregis as an engineering shift manager where he was responsible for a small team for the food packaging sector.  Petrochemicals Crude Oil Graphene

Petrochemicals Crude Oil Graphene

-EU imposes tariffs on glass fibre from China, Egypt over dumping

The European Union will impose tariffs of up to 99.7% on glass fibre producers in China and Egypt that it accuses of selling at unfairly low prices, in a closely watched and rare case involving Chinese companies operating abroad.

The EU will apply tariffs of 20.0-99.7% from Tuesday for the next five years, the higher rate applying to Jushi Group Co. Ltd and Zhejiang Hengshi Fiberglass Fabrics Co. Ltd in China and the lower rate to their operations in Egypt, the EU official journal said on Monday.  Petrochemicals Crude Oil Graphene

The European Commission, which conducted the investigation, found the market share of the producers in China and Egypt rose to 31% in 2018 from 23% in 2015, while their average sales price fell by 14%.

Petrochemicals Crude Oil Graphene

-Industry needs wartime-like focus on meeting basic needs

-The chemical industry needs a wartime-like focus on meeting the basic needs of society as coronavirus continues to cause unprecedented disruption to chemical markets around the world, according to senior industry commentators.

Meeting medical and food supply chain requirements will allow the industry to find bright spots of demand, as well as enhancing its reputation, according to John Richardson, ICIS senior consultant, Asia.  Petrochemicals Crude Oil Graphene

“For now we need a wartime-like focus on medical and food supply requirements. There is good demand for packaging including polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyethylene terephthalatae (PET), polystyrene (PS). For protective screens there is good demand for polycarbonate (PC) and poly methyl methacrylate (PMMA),” said Richardson.

Petrochemicals Crude Oil Graphene

-Sateri’s Fujian mill complies with EU-BAT standard

Sateri’s mill in Fujian, China, has been verified to comply with the European Union Best Available Techniques (EU-BAT) standard. Verified by independent consultant Sustainable Textile Solutions (STS), a division of BluWin Limited (UK), the parameters of the standard assessed included resource utility efficiency, wastewater discharge and air emission.

Allen Zhang, President of Sateri, commented: “Our vision is to be best-in-class in viscose fibre production. We aim to achieve a closed-loop system that optimises the return of waste to production process so as to minimise environmental impact. We commit to have all our existing mills in China voluntarily assessed against the EU-BAT standard to meet the standard’s provisions by 2023.”  Petrochemicals Crude Oil Graphene

Petrochemicals Crude Oil Graphene

-Is Resilux A Risky Investment?

David Iben put it well when he said, ‘Volatility is not a risk we care about. What we care about is avoiding the permanent loss of capital. So it might be obvious that you need to consider debt, when you think about how risky any given stock is, because too much debt can sink a company. We note that Resilux NV (EBR:RES) does have debt on its balance sheet. But is this debt a concern to shareholders?

Why Does Debt Bring Risk?

Debt and other liabilities become risky for a business when it cannot easily fulfill those obligations, either with free cash flow or by raising capital at an attractive price. Ultimately, if the company can’t fulfill its legal obligations to repay debt, shareholders could walk away with nothing.  Petrochemicals Crude Oil Graphene

Petrochemicals Crude Oil Graphene

-AIMPLAS and OLIPE collaborate to develop a new sustainable plastic material for oil packaging items

AIMPLAS, the Plastics Technology Centre, and OLIPE, Olivarera de los Pedroches, have implemented the GO-OLIVA project to find a high value-added application for waste by producing a new sustainable packaging material for oil packaging items.

The result is Oliplast, a new biodegradable, compostable, plastic compound material made with materials from renewable sources, namely, a filler or reinforcement from olive oil and a thermoplastic material.  Petrochemicals Crude Oil Graphene

Petrochemicals Crude Oil Graphene

-Smart textiles to grow to US$24 billion by 2025

According to a new report, Smart Textiles Market – Forecasts from 2020 to 2025, the smart textiles market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 28.89% over the forecast period to reach a total market size of US$24.327 billion by 2025 increasing from US$5.306 billion in 2019.  Petrochemicals Crude Oil Graphene

Factors said to be driving the demand for smart textiles are, large scale proliferation of nanotechnology, declining manufacturing costs of electronics and fabrics, a growing number of a millennial, surge in disposable income, increasing internet penetration and wide-scale application of these textiles across healthcare, military, and automotive sectors.

Smart textiles to grow to US$24 billion by 20205

-US touts output cut projection before Opec+ meeting

The US administration is using the Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) projection of a sharp decrease in the domestic oil output to push back against proposals for a US production cut pledge ahead of the Opec+ meeting on 9 April.

The EIA, in its latest Short-Term Energy Outlook released today, projected that US output will average 470,000 b/d lower this year from 2019, with a further 730,000 b/d decline next year — bringing production in 2021 to 11.03mn b/d, just above the 2018 levels.

“The EIA report today demonstrates that there are already projected cuts of 2mn b/d, without any intervention from the federal government,” the Energy Department said. “The private sector and the free market are driving those cuts.” Petrochemicals Crude Oil Graphene

US touts output cut projection before Opec+ meeting

-EIA sharply lowers US crude production forecasts

The Energy Information Administration (EIA) lowered its US crude production forecasts for 2020 and 2021 by 9.5pc and 13pc respectively, as producers voluntarily cut output because of plummeting demand caused by Covid-19 related travel restrictions.

US crude output will average 11.76mn b/d this year, a 9.5pc drop from the previous forecast of 13mn b/d, according to the agency’s monthly Short Term Energy Outlook. Domestic production will average 11mn b/d in 2021, down by nearly 13pc from the previous forecast.  Petrochemicals Crude Oil Graphene

This year, the EIA expects US crude production to drop below 12mn b/d in the current quarter and end the year at 11mn b/d.

-EIA sharply lowers US crude production forecasts

-Chinese researchers develop graphene face mask for 48-hour use

Chinese researchers from AECC Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials (AECC BIAM) have developed a new type of face mask with graphene material on the key filter layer. The researchers have reportedly put a graphene-polypropylene material on the melt-blown fabric, which is the key filter layer of masks.  Petrochemicals Crude Oil Graphene

The graphene material is said to help the masks features stronger antibacterial properties, better air permeability and enhanced durability. The graphene face mask makes use of the nanoknife effect of the graphene material to destroy the cell wall of bacteria.

Chinese researchers develop graphene face mask for 48-hour use

Petrochemicals Crude Oil Graphene

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