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Petrochemicals Crude Oil Polylactic

Petrochemical Plastics Polyethylene Terephthalate Prices

Petrochemicals Crude Oil Polylactic

Crude Oil Prices Trend 

Crude Oil Prices Trend 

-Italy closes everything, a new decree completely stops Italy, only essential services are open ( Italian Languge Only)

Italy stops the whole country. New even more restrictive measures come into force throughout Italy.

The Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced it with a direct facebook after a day of meetings and discussions.

A new decree is on the way and will come into force very soon however before the reopening of Monday’s activities.

It will probably be in effect from midnight on Sunday 22 March.

The virus continues to run therefore the country stops as well as in the afternoon Lombardy and Piedmont had already decided to do.

But the closure is less stringent than that of the two worst affected regions.
Stop any activity that is not absolutely essential.

The work must be done exclusively in smart working. Construction sites stop, factories stop. Professional studies stop, but only partially.

-Lower For Longer: COVID-19’s Impact On Crude Oil And Refined Products

The price of crude has dropped to levels that we have not seen in a generation.

The driver for this has been the disagreement between Russia and Saudi Arabia about decreasing production by 1.5 million barrels per day and instead increasing production by about 2 million barrels per day.

The global demand for oil until recently was about 100 million barrels per day. After nearly five years of oversupply, supply had finally come into close agreement with demand.

Petrochemicals Crude Oil Polylactic

-Amcor Develops First 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Clear PET Container

Global packaging company Amcor has just developed and launched a PET container made from 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) content resin. According to the company, the clear bottles are the first of its kind in the world. They are available in 2 sizes, and were created for Californian multivitamin brand Ritual.

Australian multinational packaging company Amcor recently debuted a new 100% recycled plastic container for Ritual. The clear bottles are available in two sizes, 100 and 150 cubic centimetres, and the first kind to be manufactured using only PCR content resin, most of which derived from PET plastic bottles. Petrochemicals Crude Oil Polylactic

Petrochemicals Crude Oil Polylactic

-Indian buyers source local polymers as rupee declines

Indian converters are turning to locally produced polymers as the coronavirus pandemic is triggering a sharp drop in the rupee.

The rupee stood at 75 against the US dollar on 20 March, a historic low.

Imports of polymers from the Middle East, purchased in US dollars, typically takes up to a month to arrive in India.

Buyers need not worry about shipment delays, when local ports tighten measures, if they source domestic supply. Petrochemicals Crude Oil Polylactic

Petrochemicals Crude Oil Polylactic

-EUBP raises concerns over EASAC report on biobased and biodegradable plastics

European Bioplastics has said that statements in the ‘Packaging plastic in the circular economy’ report by the European Academies’ Science Advisory Council lead to some questionable recommendations to EU institutions and citizens.

EUBP says that the report mainly raises emotional and not science-based arguments while being critical about bioplastics, and gives the idea that biodegradability and durability are properties that cannot coexist.  Petrochemicals Crude Oil Polylactic

Petrochemicals Crude Oil Polylactic

-Europe on course for sharp reduction in power demand

  • Italian demand plummets in week 12
  • Worse-hit regions suggest further falls likely
  • Downside for UK and German prices in lockdown scenario

Power sector demand across key European countries is set for a major slump over the coming weeks as countries scale-up their efforts to tackle the spread of the coronavirus.

Demand in Italy, which has been hit the hardest by the outbreak, has dropped 10% compared to its five-year average for March during the second week of its nationwide lockdown.  Petrochemicals Crude Oil Polylactic

Petrochemicals Crude Oil Polylactic

-PolyOne/Clariant masterbatch deal in doubt amid coronavirus crisis

The worsening coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis and likely recession could jeopardise PolyOne’s deal to acquire Clariant’s masterbatch business for $1.6bn.

In a conference call on Friday, PolyOne CEO Robert Patterson said that the deal includes a “major adverse event clause” (MAC)”, and “we are going to take care, first and foremost, of our investors’ money”.  Petrochemicals Crude Oil Polylactic

Given the “tremendous uncertainty about almost everything” because of the crisis, PolyOne will not proceed with the deal “under any or all circumstance”, he said.

-PolyOne/Clariant masterbatch deal in doubt amid coronavirus crisis

-Microplastics can be Released by Just Opening a Plastic Bottle

Scientists at the University of Newcastle, Australia, have discovered that microplastics are released just by the action of opening a plastic bottle. These findings are significant, given the potential for microplastics to harm the environment as their debated role in human health.

Microplastics Pose a Threat to The Environment and Potentially Human Health

Microplastics pose a significant threat to the health of our marine ecosystems. In the form of tiny fibers, microbeads, and tiny plastic fragments, microplastics have entered the marine environment and studies have shown that they are present in 114 aquatic species, over half of which are consumed by humans. Petrochemicals Crude Oil Polylactic

Microplastics can be Released by Just Opening a Plastic Bottle

-ANDRITZ To Supply A Turnkey Spunlace Line To BCNonwovens, Spain

International technology Group ANDRITZ has received an order from BCNonwovens, Spain, to supply a neXline spunlace line as a turnkey project to meet growing needs from customers globally. The line is scheduled for start-up early in 2021.

This new state-of-the-art line will help BCNonwovens to better serve its customers and position the company for current and changing requirements in the marketplace. Petrochemicals Crude Oil Polylactic

ANDRITZ To Supply A Turnkey Spunlace Line To BCNonwovens, Spain

Petrochemicals Crude Oil Polylactic

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