Petrochemicals Enzymes Automotive News 03-06-2020

Petrochemicals Enzymes Automotive News

Crude Oil Prices Trend

Crude Oil Prices Trend

-A major Asian manufacturer raised June PVC prices for China at USD40 per ton

A major producer of petrochemical products in Northeast Asia (NEA) has increased its price offerings for polyvinyl chloride (PVC) for supplies to the Chinese market in June by USD40 per tonne compared to April, market sources told ICIS .

Thus, the company’s June price offers for China were announced at the level of USD700 per tonne, CFR China, with a discount of USD10 per tonne for material volumes from 500 tons, market sources said.

For the markets of Southeast (Southeast Asia) and Northeast Asia (NEA), as well as for other regions, the company called the June PVC price offers at USD670 per tonne, FOB NEA / Southeast Asia / other regions. The above discount also applies.

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-The next chapter is closed

In packaging, the hardest-working element are the closures. Protecting the contents from the outside, the outside from the contents and the structural integrity of the packaging is a tricky job.  Petrochemicals Enzymes Automotive News

It also needs ease-of-use to allow people to access the goods – it’s a hard life for our caps.

It is also a manufacturing sector that has been experiencing major growth, a trajectory curve that is set to continue in the short and medium-term.

With extra demands like environmental efficacy being demanded by the market, Matthew Rogerson looks at its challenges, plus an example of innovation that is powering the sector firmly into the 21st century.

The next chapter is closed

-The Versalis plant can restart ( Italian Language Only)
The order of the Mayor of Brindisi has been revoked after the agreement reached in the Puglia Region which provides for the establishment of a technical table.
The Mayor of Brindisi, Riccardo Rossi, has revoked the order to suspend the activities of the Versalis pole, the result of the agreement reached yesterday in the Puglia Region.

“The agreement – says the Governor of the Region, Michele Emiliano – provides for the efficiency of the emissions monitoring system thanks to a shared plan that governs its management and plant engineering with widespread, perfectly and constantly functioning control units, regardless from meteorological conditions and from any further possible external conditioning. Petrochemicals Enzymes Automotive News

“In this perspective, ARPA is completing a relationship,” with the necessary scientific-operational indications, preparatory to the adoption of the plan, which will be ready in a few days “.

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-Coca-Cola Amatil, Dynapack Form JV to Build Advanced PET Recycling Plant

Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia (Amatil) has entered into a Heads of Agreement with long-term packaging partner Dynapack Asia to build what it calls the most sophisticated state-of-the-art bottle-to-bottle grade PET recycling facility in Indonesia.

Amatil and Dynapack will work together through a proof of concept phase, which is intended to consider a potential plant’s economic feasibility, size, scale, and location; end-to-end requirements; and potential integration into each company’s value chains.

Petrochemicals Enzymes Automotive News

Petrochemicals Enzymes Automotive

-Europe MEG contract sees first increase of 2020 for June

The June monoethylene glycol (MEG) contract has been fully confirmed at €455/tonne, a €7/tonne increase from May.

An agreement between a buyer and seller emerged at the end of last week, shortly after the ethylene contract price was fully confirmed at a €60/tonne from May.

Crude oil and naphtha values were on the uptrend last month on the back of oil production cuts. Petrochemicals Enzymes Automotive News

A minimum 2+2 producer-consumer configuration is required to consider the MEG contract agreements fully confirmed.

A second buyer and seller confirmed the settlement to ICIS on Tuesday.

This is the first increase seen in the MEG contract market in 2020.

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-Asia manufacturing remains weak; supply to recover faster than demand

Asia’s manufacturing sector outside of China remained in contraction mode in May despite re-opening of more economies from coronavirus-related lockdowns, with expectations that production will outpace demand in the near term.

“Economies [Asian] that were in stringent lockdowns in April are witnessing higher activity in May, but the pace of their recoveries is more gradual than China’s V-shaped pickup in March,” Japan’s Nomura Global Markets Research said. Petrochemicals Enzymes Automotive News

Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand – which were under stringent lockdowns in April – showed improvement in their purchasing managers’ index (PMI) numbers in May but remained below 50, indicating continued contraction.

On average, the PMIs for the three countries improved to 42.5 in May from 33.2 in April.

Asia manufacturing remains weak; supply to recover faster than demand

-Opec+ meeting to discuss 1-2 month cuts extension

Opec and its non-Opec partners will debate extending by one or two months the group’s production quotas at May and June levels, at a meeting that could happen this week.

The videoconference is the first meeting since Opec and its non-Opec partners, known collectively as Opec+, struck their two-year output restraint agreement in early April. It calls for the removal of 9.7mn b/d of crude from the market in May and June, and then a collective cut of 7.7mn b/d in the second half of the year.

Two proposals under consideration would see the deeper cuts continue beyond into July and/or August.Petrochemicals Enzymes Automotive News

Opec+ meeting to discuss 1-2 month cuts extension

-In the autumn, announcement for the sale of Bio-on ( Italian Language Only)
The Bologna-based company, which went bankrupt at the end of last year, has a biorefinery for the production of PHA-based bioplastics.
During a meeting held May 28, as part of the metropolitan table for the protection of production assets for monitoring the situation of Bio-On and Bio-On Plants, the curatorship declared that the tender for the sale of the Bolognese biorefinery could be published in the autumn, while the ‘dataroom’ will soon be activated to provide information to operators interested in presenting expressions of interest.
Failed at the end of last year, Bio-on owns a demonstration plant in Castel San Pietro Terme (BO) for the production of PHA-based bioplastics, which has never come into operation. The company ended in a storm in July last year following the publication of a report by the US investment fund Quintessential Capital Management (QCM). At the end of investigations, the founder and CEO of the company, Marco Astorri, had been subjected to house arrest, then dismissed (read article), on charges of False social communications and market manipulation. Petrochemicals Enzymes Automotive News

In the autumn, announcement for the sale of Bio-on

-APR launches Demand Champs for governments

The Association of Plastic Recyclers is launching a voluntary effort to get government agencies to increase their green purchasing.

The Association of Plastic Recyclers is launching an effort to use the purchasing power of governments to buy more recycled plastic products and help shore up fragile plastic scrap markets.

APR is working with the Northeast Recycling Council to expand the voluntary Demand Champions program it started in 2017 for the private sector and broaden it to include state and local governments. Petrochemicals Enzymes Automotive News

The idea is to get government agencies to sign voluntary pledges to increase their purchase of some targeted products using recycled content plastic.

APR launches Demand Champs for governments

-Monolayer Label Shrinks Dasani’s Footprint

Dasani replaced a multilayer label with a thinner, monolayer film made from BOPP, resulting in increased sustainability, enhanced operational efficiency, and cost savings opportunities.

For those brands selling millions of units of product each year, no aspect of packaging is too small to consider when looking for sustainability benefits.One such company is The Coca-Cola Co., which is using a multi-pronged strategy around packaging to meet its World Without Waste sustainability goals. One of these goals is to make its packaging 100% recyclable by 2025. Petrochemicals Enzymes Automotive News

Coca-Cola’s Dasani water brand has some pretty impressive sustainability cred: Since 2011, the PET bottle has been made from up to 30% plant-based bioplastic. Even with this technology, the bottle is still fully recyclable—a very important factor for Coca-Cola when it began incorporating the bio-based resin.

Monolayer Label Shrinks Dasani’s Footprint

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