Petrochemicals Graphene AdipicAcid PHA 13-07-2020

Petrochemicals Graphene AdipicAcid PHA

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Petrochemicals Graphene AdipicAcid PHA

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-New VARISORT+ sorting system from Sesotec combines sustainability and profitability

A majority of the plastic that exists will be used just once and will not be recycled. In Europe, only about 30 percent of the plastic produced in 2017 went on to be recycled.

Enormous amounts of plastic waste are disposed of in landfills or incinerators, practices that pose risks to air quality, wildlife, public health, and the food chain. On top of that, the oceans are suffering from a flood of plastics: of the estimated 150 million tons of trash floating in the world’s oceans, roughly a third of it is plastic.

In order to counteract this development and convert plastic waste into useable raw materials, the EU introduced legislation in October 2018 that requires all plastic packaging to be either reusable or easily recyclable by 2030.

As industry has begun to make adjustments to meet this 2030 deadline, the purity of recycled plastics has become a central issue. Petrochemicals Graphene AdipicAcid PHA

Recycling plant operators are having to implement preparation processes that can bring the purity of their recycled plastics up to a level suitable for reuse in food packaging and other sensitive applications. The goal is to produce recycled plastic granulate with the same quality as virgin plastics by sorting out the impurities.

Petrochemicals Graphene AdipicAcid PHA

-EPCA cancels 2020 in-person edition in Budapest

The European Petrochemical Association has formally cancelled the physical version of its 2020 edition in favour of a three-day virtual forum, the industry group confirmed on Friday.

Coronavirus pandemic-induced social distancing measures make impossible to hold such well-attended event, with the EPCA’s annual meeting  originally due to take place on 4-7 October in Budapest. Petrochemicals Graphene AdipicAcid PHA

In April, when Europe was the coronavirus pandemic’s epicentre, EPCA said it was mulling options for its annual edition.

On Friday, the industry group said due to persisting social distancing measures, the traditional format of event was not possible, creating instead the EPCA Community App for the conference attendees to still have “one-stop-shop” to be in touch and follow industry news.

Petrochemicals Graphene AdipicAcid PHA

-Air Products, Thyssenkrupp to collaborate on green hydrogen projects

Air Products says it has agreed to collaborate exclusively with Thyssenkrupp on the development of green hydrogen supplies for sustainable chemicals, transportation, and power generation projects, according to Chemweek. Petrochemicals Graphene AdipicAcid PHA

Thyssenkrupp’s subsidiary Uhde Chlorine Engineers, a leader in large-scale electrolysis plant technologies, will supply specific engineering, equipment, and technical services for water electrolysis plants to be built, owned and operated by Air Products.

The strategic agreement “is an important element of our value chain in developing, building, owning, and operating world-scale projects and supplying green hydrogen for mobility, energy and industrial applications,” says Air Products COO Samir Serhan.

Petrochemicals Graphene AdipicAcid PHA

-EU strategy places chemical industry at heart of future hydrogen economy

The European Commission’s newly-unveiled strategy to scale up renewable hydrogen projects to help meet the EU’s 2050 net-zero emissions goal places the chemical industry at the center of Europe’s future hydrogen economy, according to Cefic director general Marco Mensink, said Chemweek. Petrochemicals Graphene AdipicAcid PHA

“As one of the largest producers and consumers of hydrogen in Europe, it is a vital first step to see that these new strategies place our sector at the heart of Europe’s future hydrogen economy,” Mensink says, following the publication today of the EU’s hydrogen and energy sector integration strategies. “Next to being an alternative fuel and energy carrier, hydrogen can become an important low-carbon building block for the chemical industry’s production processes; using hydrogen as a feedstock is a viable option for our industry to reduce CO2 emissions further,” he says. The chemical sector supports the envisaged energy sector integration and is ready to share its knowledge of hydrogen production and consumption to help the commission and member states to implement the strategies, he adds.

Petrochemicals Graphene AdipicAcid PHA

-UMAC offers customers reconditioned recycling plants and components

Previously owned plastics recycling technology made by EREMA can also be used to produce stable, top-quality recycled pellets for high-quality new end products.

UMAC, a subsidiary of the EREMA Group, specialises in trading used recycling plants and components. Since the company’s founding in 2016, it has sold than 60 machines and components. Petrochemicals Graphene AdipicAcid PHA

One of them was recently delivered to Avangard Innovative’s Natura PCR recycling plant in Texas (USA).

The new recycling plant processes LDPE and LLDPE film into high-quality PCR recycled pellets. This is done by an INTAREMA 1714 TVEplus plant.

Petrochemicals Graphene AdipicAcid PHA

-US light naphtha prices hit four-month high: Update

US Gulf coast light naphtha prices rose to the highest since early March amid healthy demand, reduced refinery output and a strong pricing basis.

Light naphtha rose to 96.13¢/USG yesterday, nearly quadruple its 1 April low and the highest since 5 March. Demand has been strong from domestic gasoline blenders, particularly in the northeast. Logistical constraints have limited prompt gasoline availability in New York Harbor, which in turn raised demand for blending components like naphtha. Petrochemicals Graphene AdipicAcid PHA

The Colonial pipeline last month added segregated naphtha batches to ship the gasoline component from the Gulf coast to the Atlantic coast. However, there had not been any confirmed movement on the Colonial pipeline thus far.

Petrochemicals Graphene AdipicAcid PHA

-Libya: Haftar stipulates conditions to allow oil flow

Warlord Khalifa Haftar wants equal distribution of oil revenue and proceeds to be deposited in foreign bank

Renegade warlord Khalifa Haftar, leader of illegitimate armed militias in eastern Libya, said on Saturday that he will continue to block oil production until his conditions are accepted. Petrochemicals Graphene AdipicAcid PHA

Sharing a video message on social media, Ahmed al-Mismari, the spokesman for Haftar’s militia, while reading a written statement demanded a share in the revenue earned from oil production.

The conditions stipulated in the statement included to deposit oil revenues in the bank account located in a third country and to establish a mechanism to distribute proceeds equally. He also asked for conducting an audit of Libyan Central Bank.

Mismari said if the conditions are not met, his forces will continue to put a halt on oil production.

Libya’s National Oil Corporation (NOC) said on July 5 that it has video and sound recordings to prove that the Al-Sharara oil field has been occupied by foreign mercenaries.

Libya: Haftar stipulates conditions to allow oil flow

-Re-imposed lockdowns, rise in Covid-19 cases cast shadow on crude oil market – IEA

Re-imposed lockdowns in Latin and North America and the pandemic’s resurgence are “casting a shadow” over the outlook for global crude-oil rebalancing despite output continuing to fall at pace in June, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said on Friday.

The IEA certified that economic activity is recovering and the worst for the oil market may have passed after the historic falls in demand in April and May as up to 4bn people were placed under some sort of lockdown to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

However, the pandemic is far from over; in fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) warned on Friday it is accelerating. Petrochemicals Graphene AdipicAcid PHA

“The strong growth of new Covid-19 cases that has seen the re-imposition of lockdowns in some regions, including North and Latin America, is casting a shadow over the outlook [for the oil market],” said the IEA.

Re-imposed lockdowns, rise in Covid-19 cases cast shadow on crude oil market - IEA

-Braskem raised PE and PP prices in July

The only Brazilian producer of Braskem polyolefins increases PE and PP prices for deliveries in July amid rising quotes for raw materials, ICIS reports.

Another good reason for the growth this month was the recent appreciation of the US dollar against the Brazilian real, which led to a decrease in production profitability.

Braskem said that given previous price increases, LDPE prices rose in July by USD75 per tonne, HDPE film prices by USD113 per tonne, while HDPE prices for blow molding by USD56 per tonne. LDL prices rose by USD75 per tonne. Prices Prices for homopolymers and copolymers of PP increased by USD94 per ton. Petrochemicals Graphene AdipicAcid PHA

Economic conditions in Brazil are deteriorating as the incidence rate continues to rise. The number of people infected with coronavirus already exceeds 1.4 million and continues to grow rapidly. It is likely that the number of deaths this week will exceed 61 thousand, according to statistics from Johns Hopkins University.

Braskem raised PE and PP prices in July

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