Petrochemicals Naphtha Oxodegradable PE 04-07-2020

Petrochemicals Naphtha Oxodegradable PE

-Volkswagen ends shorter-hours scheme at German factories

At present, production levels in the German factories stand at between 75 and 95 percent of pre-coronavirus levels.

German car giant Volkswagen said Tuesday its German factories would end in July a shorter hours scheme used to cushion the impact of the coronavirus pandemic as production ramps back up.

After around 80,000 workers’ hours were slashed from March, a remaining cohort of around 20,000 at VW’s own-brand passenger cars, utility vehicles and components works will also return to normal schedules at sites across Europe’s top economy, the sprawling 12-brand group said in a statement.

At present, production levels in the German factories stand at between 75 and 95 percent of pre-coronavirus levels, VW said.

Petrochemicals Naphtha Oxodegradable PE

-AMT Granted Patents for Chemical Vapor Smoothing in Europe

AMT, the global leader in safe and sustainable post-processing solutions for additively manufactured parts, announces its core portfolio of patents for chemical vapor smoothing have been granted.  Petrochemicals Naphtha Oxodegradable PE

AMT’s patents cover the novel inventive apparatus used in the chemical vapor smoothing of thermoplastic polymer parts produced from rigid, flexible, and composite subsets, such as polyamide, thermoplastic polyurethane, and glass filled derivatives as well as newly announced polypropylene.

Importantly the IP allows for multiple consumables to be used to process the parts enabling AMT to remain flexible to new material offerings and regulatory requirements.

AMT’s UK patent GB2560073B, granted on 17th June 2020, and complimentary German Utility Models 20 2017 007 255.6 and 20 2017 007 250.5, granted on the 25th June 2020, provide retrospective IP protection to the 2017 filing date.

Petrochemicals Naphtha Oxodegradable PE

-US July benzene contracts jump nearly 40% on stronger crude and reopening economy

-US July benzene contracts settled nearly 40% higher from June, as spot values have increased with a resurgence in crude prices and a gradual reopening of the US economy.

July contracts, at $1.38/gal FOB (free on board) US Gulf, increased 39 cents/gal from 99 cents/gal in June.  Petrochemicals Naphtha Oxodegradable PE

Spot benzene prices rose month over month, tracking rebounding crude values after global oversupply concerns and coronavirus pandemic containment measures just months prior drove energy costs and derivative demand down to historic lows. US spot benzene closed at $1.355/gal the week of 26 June, rising from $1.00/gal the week of 29 May.

WTI crude futures also gained over the previous month, closing at $38.49/bbl the week of 26 June, up from $35.49/bbl the week of 29 May.

Petrochemicals Naphtha Oxodegradable PE

-Eni, Versalis and COREPLA working together to recover mixed plastics

Agreements signed to combine their respective expertise in plasmix recycling by gasification and pyrolysis of mixed plastic packaging, which is currently difficult to recycle and destined for energy recovery.  Petrochemicals Naphtha Oxodegradable PE

San Donato Milanese (Milan), 30 June 2020 – Eni, Versalis and COREPLA (the National Consortium for the Collection, Recycling and Recovery of Plastic Packaging) have signed an agreement that will see them pool their expertise to collect and recycle plastic packaging, with a particular focus on non-mechanically recyclable plasmix.

The partnership aims to provide a practical and sustainable solution to the recovery of plastic packaging waste on a national scale. Over half of the plastic packaging collected from sorted bins in Italy is currently sent for mechanical recycling to make new products.

Petrochemicals Naphtha Oxodegradable PE

-Monforts denim mills move hemp into the mainstream

There is an urban legend that hemp canvas was used to make the very first pair of Levi’s jeans. Petrochemicals Naphtha Oxodegradable PE

While this is a myth that originated in the counterculture of the 1960s, hemp is without doubt the fibre of the moment for the denim industry.

At the second Kingpins24 virtual denim show that was broadcast from New York on 23 and 24 June, the sustainable benefits of hemp fibre were referenced by many Monforts customers who are now including it in their collections, including AGI Denim, Artistic Milliners, Black Peony, Calik, Cone Denim, Naveena Denim Mills (NDM) and Orta.

“Hemp is an easy to grow fibre which requires no irrigation, no fertilizers, no herbicides and no chemicals,” says Allan Little, Director of Product Development for Cone Denim, which has recently launched its Sweet Leaf collection featuring the fibre. “Significantly, it also uses fifty per cent or even less water than cotton in cultivation.” Petrochemicals Naphtha Oxodegradable PE

Petrochemicals Naphtha Oxodegradable PE

-Camvac discusses its growing range of sustainable packaging solutions and an exciting new partnership

In this edition of our Innovation Spotlight, Camvac discusses its recent developments in the realm of packaging sustainability, as well as its holistic approach to project collaboration. Petrochemicals Naphtha Oxodegradable PE

Camvac is one of the leading global suppliers of metallised film as well as clear barrier films and laminates for a wide range of food packaging, liquid packaging (Bag-in-Box solutions), medical applications, construction, and insulation products. Being at the forefront of technological developments, Camvac works closely with our customers to develop new products within the film, laminates, and packaging sectors. This is no more evident than in the case of Camvac’s latest innovation partnership with PlastoSac UK Ltd.

Petrochemicals Naphtha Oxodegradable PE

-Eni CEO working to make the green drive irreversible

Eni CEO Claudio Descalzi wants to turn the 67-year-old Italian oil and gas firm into a greener business, focusing on clean low-carbon products to build a huge customer base which he believes can steady the ship and attract investors more than ever, reported Reuters.  Petrochemicals Naphtha Oxodegradable PE

The veteran oil executive, reappointed as Eni chief for a third time in May, told Reuters he wants to ensure Eni will play a role in the energy transition which he believes has accelerated in the wake of the coronavirus crisis.

“In these next 3 years I want to trace a completely irreversible path for the group,” Descalzi said.

The 65-year-old, who was in charge of upstream business at Eni before taking over the top spot in 2014, is looking to create a slimmer and more flexible company that can switch very rapidly to meet market conditions but which has a clear long-term direction.

Petrochemicals Naphtha Oxodegradable PE

-NOVA introduces biaxially-oriented PE film technology

NOVA Chemicals (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) says it has developed a new technology for the production of high-density biaxially-oriented polyethylene (HD-BOPE) films, said Chemweek.  Petrochemicals Naphtha Oxodegradable PE

Biaxial orientation extends the physical characteristics of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) films, enabling the manufacture of fully recyclable high-performance film structures without mixing resin types.

“Brand owners and consumers are looking for easy-to-recycle packaging that prevents contamination and extends the shelf life of their products,” explains Alan Schrob, group manager/consumer and industrial films at Nova. “Our HD-BOPE technology provides an additional building block for converters to make recyclable multilayer films that perform as well as traditional mixed-material structures.”

HD-BOPE films can be printed before they are laminated to a sealant film made from lower density polyethylene. Nova has been working with Bruckner Maschinenbau (Siegsdorf, Germany), a leading manufacturer of film stretching lines, to accelerate the development and commercialization of the technology. “We have been very pleased with the performance of Nova Chemicals’ products on our equipment and are getting positive feedback from the converters who are making film with it as well,” says Sebastian Ruhland, senior sales manager at Bruckner Maschinenbau. “We believe this technology will open completely new possibilities to provide PE films for 100% monomaterial packaging films as an answer to the recyclability challenges we’re facing.”

NOVA introduces biaxially-oriented PE film technology

-Alok’s antimicrobial masterbatches powered by Microban’s technology

Antimicrobial solutions for packaging under testing

We recently interviewed Vikram Bhadauria, managing director of Alok Masterbatches regarding the developments since the company’s agreement with Microban International that we became aware of at the K exhibition in Dusseldorf in October 2019. As Bhadauria points out, the Covid-19 crisis has brought a heightened sense of hygiene and sanitation needs at an individual and community level in the country. As he also suggests, Alok’s antimicrobial solution stands out to be the need of the hour.

Naresh Khanna, editor, Packaging South Asia – Since the formal agreement between Alok Masterbatches and Microban International, what are the steps contemplated to bring Microban’s technology to India?  Petrochemicals Naphtha Oxodegradable PE

Vikram Bhadauria – Alok has been working on antimicrobial technology for a few years. Therefore, the first step was for us to find a trusted partner to elevate the potential of this solution for the Indian market. We had the opportunity to join hands with Microban, the global leader in antimicrobial technology, to revolutionize the approach to cleanliness and hygiene. We have seen success in some domains, like water storage and cleanliness, and are now in the testing phase for solutions across the packaging, healthcare, and other industrial sectors.

Alok’s antimicrobial masterbatches powered by Microban’s technology

-US June ethylene contracts settle up amid buoyant demand

-US June ethylene contracts settled for the majority of participants at an increase of 0.5 cent/lb on higher spot prices and cash costs as demand rebounded.

The settlement puts June contracts at 24.5 cents/lb ($540/tonne), up from 24.0 cents/lb in May.

Average spot prices increased by about 1 cent/lb amid higher cash costs and buoyant demand.  Petrochemicals Naphtha Oxodegradable PE

Front-month ethylene traded in June at 11.750-13.500 cents/lb, up from 10.125-12.750 in May.

Ethylene export and polyethylene (PE) demand have bounced back since mid-March, when there were widespread shutdowns across the US economy.

Meanwhile, average cash costs rose slightly month on month.

Feedstocks ethane, propane and butane prices rose despite a recent ethane price correction on growing sentiment that production will soon increase.

US June ethylene contracts settle up amid buoyant demand

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