Petrochemicals PET Packaging rPolyamide 27-04-2020

Petrochemicals PET Packaging rPolyamide

Petrochemical Polymers Chemical DTYPA Trend

Petrochemicals PET Packaging rPolyamide

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Crude Oil Prices Trend 

-Chemical Recycling is Solution for Plastic Pollution

The world is drowning in plastic. About 60% of the more than 8,700 million metric tonnes of plastic ever made is no longer in use, instead sat mostly in landfill or released to the environment.

That equals over 400kg of plastic waste for every one of the 7.6 billion people on the planet.  Petrochemicals PET Packaging rPolyamide

One reason for this is that many plastics are not recyclable in our current system.

And even those that are recyclable still go to landfill eventually.

Chemical Recycling is Solution for Plastic Pollution

-Widespread Use of Bioplastics Held Back by Lagging Innovation, Claims Report

Innovation in polymers for a range of applications has never been a problem for the plastics industry. However, a new report from Clarivate Analytics, “From the Plastics Present to a Sustainable Future,” states that lack of innovation in the bioplastics arena is preventing the widespread use of biodegradable and compostable materials in packaging applications.  Petrochemicals PET Packaging rPolyamide

To prove that point, Clarivate and its partners studied the number of patents filed for bioplastic materials and who filed them. Clarivate concluded that bioplastic packaging is at an early developmental stage with no dominant company or entity — 40% of all inventions are held by organizational applicants with just a single invention, and fewer than one in 10 applicants has filed 10 or more inventions.

Petrochemicals PET Packaging rPolyamide

-Replacing plant pulp plastic with sustainable packaging appeals to a multi-million dollar endorsement – Newsdio

In a small suburb of Melbourne, Two entrepreneurs are developing a technology that could mean big changes for the packaging industry.

Stuart Gordon and Mark Appleford are the co-founders of Varden, a company that has developed a process to take the waste material from sugar cane and turn it into a paper-like packaging product with the functional attributes of plastic.

Its technology managed to capture the attention of Horizons Ventures, the venture capital fund that manages the money of Li Ka-shing, one of the richest men in the world, and $ 2.2 million in funds.Petrochemicals PET Packaging rPolyamide

Petrochemicals PET Packaging rPolyamide

-Covestro to resume regular operations in Germany, VW restarts plants

Covestro is preparing to gradually resume “regular operations” at its plants in Germany, the chemicals major said on Friday, in line with federal and state government moves to ease the coronavirus lockdowns restrictions.

The rate of new infections in Germany has fallen as the measures taken to contain the virus showed an “initial effect”, Covestro said on Friday, citing the latest findings by the country’s Robert Koch health institute (RKI). Petrochemicals PET Packaging rPolyamide

As of Friday, RKI reported just over 150,000 infections in Germany, and 5,321 deaths.

The state of Bavaria is the worst hit, with nearly 40,000 cases and 1,525 deaths.

Petrochemicals PET Packaging rPolyamide

-Faurecia extends its cooperation with Xuyang Group to develop display technologies

Faurecia, one of the world’s leading automotive technology companies, today announced a new joint venture with Changchun Xuyang Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. (Xuyang Group), which marks another key milestone in the strategic cooperation between Faurecia and Xuyang Group.

Faurecia and Xuyang Group will be engaged in the production, assembly and sales of automotive display products, as well as relevant after-sales services for OEMs. The joint venture will be consolidated by Faurecia. Petrochemicals PET Packaging rPolyamide

In recent years, Faurecia has accelerated its strategic transformation in particular through the creation of its fourth Business Group, Faurecia Clarion Electronics, which has the ambition to become a global leader in cockpit electronics. This latest partnership will strengthen its position in the automotive market in China.

Faurecia extends its cooperation with Xuyang Group to develop display technologies

-New Conair HRG Series vacuum pumps launched

The new Conair HRG Series vacuum pumps are suitable to develop deep vacuum power for conveying plastic pellets over long distances, while keeping noise levels comfortably low.

An optional variable-frequency drive is available to save energy and makes the new pump suitable for use in Conair Wave Conveying systems. Petrochemicals PET Packaging rPolyamide

The three-stage pump design, with regenerative impellers smoothly cut, capture and compress the air with minimal draft or vibration. Like twin turbo chargers on automobile engines, the vacuum becomes deeper and more powerful at each stage allowing the HRG Series pumps to convey material up to 1000 linear feet.

New Conair HRG Series vacuum pumps launched

-Brazil sinks into fresh political crisis

Brazil is on the threshold of a fresh political crisis on top of an oil market collapse that has already set back the non-Opec country’s pre-salt bonanza.

Justice minister Sergio Moro, a prominent member of far-right president Jair Bolsonaro’s cabinet and the crusading judge who prosecuted the sweeping Lava Jato corruption case, resigned today. In a high-profile press conference, Moro issued a fusillade of accusations against his erstwhile boss. Petrochemicals PET Packaging rPolyamide

For Brazil’s oil industry led by state-controlled Petrobras, Moro’s departure potentially opens a new period of political instability.

Brazil sinks into fresh political crisis

-UAW pushes back against early May US auto restarts

A major US union is pushing back against plans by US automakers to begin restarting plants in the next two weeks on safety concerns amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

The president of the International Union, United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America (UAW) union — which represents more than 150,000 US auto workers at Ford, General Motors (GM) and Fiat-Chrysler (FCA) —said yesterday that “the UAW does not believe the scientific data is conclusive that it is safe to have our members back in the workplace.” Petrochemicals PET Packaging rPolyamide

“We strongly suggest to our companies in all sectors that an early May date is too soon and too risky to our members, their families and their communities,” said UAW president Rory Gamble.

UAW pushes back against early May US auto restarts

-Braskem shuts down one of its PP factory lines due to blackout

Braskem, Brazil’s largest petrochemical company, on April 9 stopped production on line C at a polypropylene (PP) plant in La Porte (LaPorte, Texas, USA) due to a power outage, ICIS reported from referring to a company statement sent to the Texas Environmental Protection Commission (TCEQ).

At present, it is still unknown how long this line will stand idle at an enterprise with a capacity of 390 thousand tons of PP per year.

Earlier it was noted that at the end of March this year, Braskem already closed the PP plant in La Porte due to technical problems. Petrochemicals PET Packaging rPolyamide

And last year the company carried out planned preventive maintenance at this plant from the beginning of October until the end of November.

Braskem shuts down one of its PP factory lines due to blackout

-Claims Kim Jong-un is dead but pictures show ‘his private train visited holiday resort’

KIM JONG-UN is reported to be dead according to a number of sources from the Far East but the Reuters news agency muddied the waters tonight reporting satellite pictures have revealed a special holiday train thought to belong to the North Korean dictator was spotted at a resort town this week.

Details remain very sketchy but a Washington-based North Korea monitoring project, 38 North, claimed the train was parked at the “leadership station” in Wonsan on April 21 and April 23 amid growing speculation over the alleged death of Kim Jong-un.

Claims Kim Jong-un is dead but pictures show 'his private train visited holiday resort'

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