Petrochemicals PET Polyamide FDY 30-04-2020

Petrochemicals PET Polyamide FDY

Crude Oil Prices Trend 

Crude Oil Prices Trend 

-Textile industry will face a bigger challenge in May

Sudden outbreak of COVID-19 epidemic has brought unprecedented impact on China’s economic development. The current global economy has fallen into a recession, and China’s textile and apparel mills are also facing unparalleled challenges. The bigger test is yet to come in May.

  1. Weavers cut output due to higher feedstock inventory.

In end-April, the common status of several products was that weavers have successively controlled production and prices lost value rapidly. Since export orders have basically cancelled, soft domestic demand was hard to support market development, and inventory has reached high level, demand is mainly expected to be unlikely to warm up, so production cut is expected to increase further.

Petrochemicals PET Polyamide FDY

-DuPont™ Sorona® Brand Launches Fabric Certification Program And New Branded Fabric Collections

The DuPont™ Sorona® brand team is launching a new brand architecture and hang tag program designed to bring simplicity of choice and fabric confidence to designers and apparel brands.

New fabric collections offered by mills are tested and certified through the DuPont Sorona Fabric Common Thread Certification Program to assure the fabrics have the unique molecular footprint of partially plant-based Sorona polymer as well as meet key fabric performance attributes.  Petrochemicals PET Polyamide FDY

Starting now, apparel brands and designers will be able to request that mills provide their DuPont Sorona Fabric Common Thread Certificate to show their Sorona fabrics truly have the unique fabric performance and feeling that Sorona fibers provide.

Petrochemicals PET Polyamide FDY

-Circulate Capital invests $6m in plastic recycling players in India, Indonesia

Circulate Capital Ocean Fund (CCOF), which focuses on reducing Asia’s ocean-plastic crisis, has invested $6 million in two plastic recycling companies, one in India and the other in Indonesia, Singapore-based Circulate Capital said Tuesday.

This marks the investment debut of the $106-million CCOF that was announced in December.

The fund plans to invest $2-10 million in around 20 to 25 companies in South and Southeast Asia.  Petrochemicals PET Polyamide FDY

Both recycling companies – Mumbai-based Lucro Plastecycle and Indonesia’s Tridi Oasis Group – specialize in collecting and recycling local plastic waste into raw materials for tradeable commodities, Circulate Capital said in a statement.

Petrochemicals PET Polyamide FDY

-China PET bottle chip exports see improvement in Mar, but concerns still exist

According to the Customs, China PET chip export volume totals 385kt in Mar 2020, y-o-y falling 4.9%, including 48kt for HS code 39076910, y-o-y down 10.6%, and 337kt for HS code 39076110, y-o-y falling 4%. Calculating HS code 39076110 alone, PET bottle chip exports totaled 667kt in Jan-Mar, y-o-y slipping 22.9%. If combines HS code 39076110 and 39076910, PET resin exports totaled 720kt in Q1, y-o-y down 23%. Mar demand has enhanced in drastic, as exports in single month has surpassed Jan-Feb total.

Mar exports hike is mainly due to delay of Feb orders, including some orders that delayed delivery to Apr. Hence, Mar export volume exceeding 300kt is no strange. So far so speaking, Apr export delivery volume may decline obviously comparing with Mar, possibly to slightly higher than 200kt.  Petrochemicals PET Polyamide FDY

Currently, PET resin factory stock level doesn’t count low, but delivery of some specs sees tightness, where does the stock head to then?

Petrochemicals PET Polyamide FDY

-PX lack of direction, still under strain

China PX market was in a lull in Apr. In the lack of a clear direction, PX price tracked the movements of upstream naphtha and downstream PTA. However, the market was still under immerse strain from long supply and demand fundamentals.

  1. PX-naphtha spread gets narrowed, but operating rate is stable

PX-naphtha spread has increased to 6-month high since this Mar. Though it has dropped in Apr, it was still higher than the lows recorded in last Nov-Dec. As the spread was acceptable, China PX operating rate was kept stable at highs. The operating rate of PX plants in China averaged 80.5% to-date in Apr, rebounding to the new high since Oct 2019.  Petrochemicals PET Polyamide FDY

Petrochemicals PET Polyamide FDY

-Covid-19 | Alpek Polyester joins fight against Coronavirus

Alpek Polyester UK (APUK) based in Redcar, Teesside is supporting a new critical application in the fight against the Coronavirus.

The only UK producer of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Resin, normally focuses its manufacturing operations on PET for its use in the production of soft drink packaging (bottles) and food trays markets.  Petrochemicals PET Polyamide FDY

APUK traditionally supplies over 70 % of these UK markets.

Today, APUK has joined in the battle against the Coronavirus and has added focus on the supply of its PET Resin to meet the growing demand for products used to fight COVID 19.

Covid-19 | Alpek Polyester joins fight against Coronavirus

-The packaging industry in United States market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.1%, during the forecast period (2019

Market Overview The packaging industry in United States market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4. 1%, during the forecast period (2019 – 2024). Companies across the region are rigorously investing in flexible packaging technology. announces the release of the report “Packaging Industry in United States – Growth, Trends, and Forecast (2019 – 2024)” –    Petrochemicals PET Polyamide FDY

For instance, in July 2018, American Packaging has invested in a digital system for flexible packaging that is designed to enable greater choice in surfaces, substrates, and technical performance. New product launches and tests will have unique possibilities with the APC Digital Tool Kit.

-The packaging industry in United States market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.1%, during the forecast period (2019


The consultation period for the Plastic Packaging Tax has been extended by three months due to the disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Announced yesterday (28 April), the consultation period, which was originally set to end on 20 May 2020, has now been extended to 20 August 2020.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak confirmed in the Spring Budget that the Plastic Packaging Tax, originally announced in the 2018 Autumn Statement, would be introduced from April 2022 at a rate of £200 per tonne for all domestically-manufactured or imported packaging containing less than 30 per cent recycled content  Petrochemicals PET Polyamide FDY


-New project “to prove that plastic is the best material for food packaging”

Andaltec has launched the R&D Project “BioNanocel”, aimed at developing biobased active plastic packaging manufactured with cellulose obtained from vegetal biomass.

This initiative aspires to produce sustainable plastic material for the food industry, with enhanced properties. It will reuse vegetal biomass waste derived from the agricultural activity, which is usually squandered. Petrochemicals PET Polyamide FDY

Researchers at Andaltec are already working to synthesise biodegradable and compostable plastics, which will be employed as raw materials for food packaging.

-New project “to prove that plastic is the best material for food packaging”

-New BPF report highlights the process and principles of sustainable plastic packaging design

The British Plastics Federation (BPF) has released a report outlining the key principles and processes for the design of sustainable plastic packaging.

The report, entitled ‘Sustainable Design for Plastic Packaging’, is not a policy document, rather one that promotes ‘principles for eco-design’ based on a range of views represented at a specially held workshop looking at the complete process of plastic packaging design.

The workshop, attended late last year by packaging experts and representatives from across the packaging supply chain, including brands, retailers, material suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, waste processors, NGOs and academics, looked at the decision-making processes involved in developing a new item of plastic packaging and where key decisions were made.  Petrochemicals PET Polyamide FDY

Petrochemicals PET Polyamide FDY

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