Petrochemicals PET Preforms Bottles 04-05-2020

Petrochemicals PET Preforms Bottles

Petrochemical Polymers Chemical MEG Trend

Petrochemicals PET Preforms Bottles

-Crude Oil Prices Trend

Crude Oil Prices Trend  Polyestertime

-Jonathan Thompson: COVID kills oil industry – and it may not return

In early January – which seems like a lifetime ago in the age of COVID-19 – President Donald J. Trump crowed about the United States’ new status as a net-exporter of petroleum.

He claimed that the robust American oil industry, freed from the shackles of environmental regulations, had achieved energy dominance and thus liberated the nation from the yoke of Middle Eastern crude. Petrochemicals PET Preforms Bottles

Just weeks later, the novel coronavirus would lay waste to oil markets, forcing Trump to beg Saudi Arabia to step in and save this nation’s beleaguered oil industry.

Jonathan Thompson: COVID kills oil industry – and it may not return


A packaging company with operations in Leeds has secured a £26m boost to refinance its debt and increase its manufacturing capacity.

Esterform Packaging Ltd (EPL) hased the multi-facility funding from Shawbrook Bank to meet the growing demand in the food and beverage sector. Petrochemicals PET Preforms Bottles

Founded in Liverpool in 1999, EPL expanded its production facilities and relocated to Tenbury Wells in 2001. EPL set up its own purpose-built preform manufacturing site in Leeds in 2005 and, with additional funding, acquired two further packaging businesses.

Petrochemicals PET Preforms Bottles

-SIBUR has developed PVD brands for packaging medical solutions

The SIBUR NIOST Research Center has developed new brands of high pressure polyethylene (LDPE) that can be used in the manufacture of packaging for infusion solutions, the company said. Petrochemicals PET Preforms Bottles

Traditionally, infusion solutions were manufactured by manufacturing pharmacies and packed in glass containers, however, after the transition to industrial production of infusion solutions in specialized enterprises, the proportion of polymer containers reached 60–70%. The advantages of such containers are its lightness, strength, resistance to negative temperatures, it is convenient to move and store it.

Polymer containers are chemically inert, and the Blow-Fill-Seal production technology (blow-filling-sealing) provides the highest degree of sterility and protection against counterfeiting.

Petrochemicals PET Preforms Bottles

-May European propylene contract price drops by EUR80 per tonne

The contract price for propylene in Europe for May deliveries was finally agreed at EUR570 per tonne, which is EUR80 lower than the previous month, ICIS reported.

The contract price was approved under the terms of FD NWE (with delivery to North-West Europe).

This contract price was directly confirmed by three producers and three consumers of the material, which is the necessary configuration for approving the contract price of propylene. Petrochemicals PET Preforms Bottles

Confirmation expected from fourth consumer.

-May European propylene contract price drops by EUR80 per tonne

-Major Paraxylene Manufacturers in Asia Nominate May Contract Prices at USD550-650 Per Ton

Major Asian paraxylene producers announced their contract prices for May supplies at USD550-650 per ton, market sources told ICIS .

This May contract price level is USD30-50 per tonne below the April price level – USD600-680 per tonne, CFR Asia. Petrochemicals PET Preforms Bottles

So, Japanese JXTG Nippon Oil & Energy and South Korean S-Oil announced their May paraxylene contract prices at USD650 per tonne, CFR Asia, while South Korean SK Global Chemical (SKGC) nominated its price at USD570 per tonne, CFR Asia, and Japanese Idemitsu Kosan – at the level of USD580 per tonne, CFR Asia.

Major Paraxylene Manufacturers in Asia Nominate May Contract Prices at USD550-650 Per Ton

-Plastic recycling heading for the mainstream

Nina Notman talks to some of the companies launching chemical recycling technologies for single-use plastics

By 2050, the oceans will contain more plastic by weight than fish – if we don’t change our ways. This was the headline-grabbing conclusion of a 2016 report from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, a UK environmental charity established by the solo long-distance yachtswoman. Petrochemicals PET Preforms Bottles

The 2017 BBC documentary series Blue Planet II, presented by David Attenborough further turned the tide of public opinion against plastic.

A huge backlash against single-use plastics, in particular, ensued. But turning single-use plastic into public enemy number one is a simplistic response to a very complicated issue. Often plastic is the right material for the job, both logistically and environmentally. We might assume, for example, that if we’ve forgotten our refillable bottle, purchasing a drink in a glass bottle is a sounder environmental choice than one in a plastic bottle.

But their higher weight means glass bottles are more polluting to transport than plastic ones. Then there are the shrink-wrapped cucumbers which have come under scrutiny, when actually this plastic coating extends shelf lives by days thus avoiding food wastage.

Plastic recycling heading for the mainstream

-Report: Trump threatened to cut US military support to Saudi Arabia to secure oil output slash

A dramatic price decline that followed threatened to bring down the US shale oil industry, which operates at a higher profit margin than the Saudi industry; two weeks after the threat OPEC announced it will reduce production

US President Donald Trump leveraged US military assistance to Saudi Arabia to force Riyadh to set up the international deal providing for a large-scale crude output cut, Reuters reported Thursday. Petrochemicals PET Preforms Bottles

Petrochemicals PET Preforms Bottles

-Eurozone Q1 GDP down nearly 4% on pandemic initial hit in March

GDP growth in the eurozone fell 3.8% in January-March, compared to the fourth quarter of 2019, due to the coronavirus pandemic, although its full effect on the economy was not fully felt until March, EU statistical agency Eurostat said on Thursday.

Generalised lock-downs across the 19-country eurozone to contain the pandemic were mostly established from the second half of March.

In the wider, 27-country EU GDP fell in the first quarter by 3.5%, compared to the October-December 2019 quarter. Petrochemicals PET Preforms Bottles

“These were the sharpest declines observed since time series started in 1995. In March 2020, the final month of the period covered, Covid-19 containment measures began to be widely introduced by [EU] member states,” said Eurostat.

Eurozone Q1 GDP down nearly 4% on pandemic initial hit in March

-Corrected: LyondellBasell sees no need to idle crackers and PE plants, but reducing rates – CEO

Correction: In the ICIS story headlined “LyondellBasell sees no need to idle crackers and PE plants, but reducing rates – CEO” dated 1 May 2020, please read in the 14th paragraph … a combined 6 cent/lb decline … instead of … 10 cent/lb … A corrected story follows.

LyondellBasell does not expect to idle polyethylene (PE) or upstream cracker capacity but will reduce operating rates through the second quarter, its CEO said on Friday.

“We really haven’t seen demand decline to a level where we would consider idling polyethylene capacity,” said Bob Patel, CEO of LyondellBasell, on the company’s Q1 earnings conference call. Petrochemicals PET Preforms Bottles

“Our sense is that in April, we were kind of seeing a near-term bottom in demand. I would imagine that as economies partially reopen, directionally that should help on the demand side,” he added.

LyondellBasell sees no need to idle crackers and PE plants, but reducing rates – CEO

Petrochemicals PET Preforms Bottles

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