Petrochemicals Textile Graphene Packaging 07-05-2020

Petrochemicals Textile Graphene Packaging

Crude Oil Prices Trend 

Crude Oil Prices Trend 

-New graphene biosensor can detect SARS-CoV-2 in under a minute

Korean researchers have developed a graphene-based field-effect transistor-based biosensor that detects SARS-CoV-2 in nasopharyngeal swabs from patients with COVID-19, in less than one minute.

Covid-19 detection using graphene biosensor image

Currently, most diagnostic tests for COVID-19 rely on a technique called real-time reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR), which amplifies SARS-CoV-2 RNA from patient swabs so that tiny amounts of the virus can be detected. However, the method takes at least 3 hours, including a step to prepare the viral RNA for analysis. Edmond Changkyun Park, Seung Il Kim and colleagues wanted to develop a faster diagnostic test that could analyze patient samples directly from a tube of buffer containing the swabs, without any sample preparation steps.

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-Talga and Bentley Motors to develop graphene-enhanced motor parts

Talga Resources, battery anode and graphene additives developer, has announced that it has been approved for Innovate UK co-funding to support development of an e-axle designed for Bentley Motors. Petrochemicals Textile Graphene Packaging

The OCTOPUS project aims to deliver the ultimate single unit e-axle solution designed specifically to meet Bentley Motors performance specifications via optimized motor and power electronics technology and materials. The project is funded under the Office for Low Emission Vehicles’ and Innovate UK’s “IDP15: The Road to Zero Emission Vehicles” competition.

Under the project Talga will develop and provide graphene materials for the high performance electric motor windings to deliver an aluminium-based solution aimed at outperforming, and ultimately replacing, the copper windings currently used.

Petrochemicals Textile Preforms Packaging

-Exclusive: Nissan to retrench further in new plan to focus on U.S., Japan, China

Nissan Motor Co Ltd will pull back from Europe and elsewhere to focus on the United States, China and Japan under a plan that represents a new strategic direction for the embattled carmaker, people with direct knowledge of the plan told Reuters.

The “operational performance plan” is due to be announced on May 28 and goes beyond fixing problems from ousted leader Carlos Ghosn’s aggressive expansion drive, the people said. Petrochemicals Textile Graphene Packaging

Pursuit of market share, particularly in the United States, led to steep discounting and a cheapened brand. Under the new, three-year plan – reported here for the first time – Nissan aims to restore dealer ties and refresh lineups to regain pricing power and profitability, the people told Reuters.

Petrochemicals Textile Preforms Packaging

-Mondi and RB partnership results in great Finish: BarrierPack Recyclable provides sustainable solution for dishwasher tablet packaging

Mondi has partnered with Reckitt Benckiser Group to launch a fully recyclable, mono-material flexible plastic packaging portfolio for the premium line of its Finish dishwasher tablets Quantum Ultimate. Petrochemicals Textile Graphene Packaging

This product line had previously used a multilayer, PET/PE laminate pouch construction that was not recyclable. With RB’s commitment that 100% of its plastic packaging must be reusable or recyclable by 2025 that had to change. RB has a “4 R” approach to using plastics –– reduce, reuse, replace, recycle.

“Following Mondi’s customer-centric EcoSolutions approach, we worked closely with RB to find the best solution and make this product fully recyclable without sacrificing the high-end look, feel and performance,” said Olivier Seux, Global Key Account Manager, Mondi Consumer Flexibles. “We asked questions about the entire process and tailored various aspects to meet the customer’s precise needs.”

Petrochemicals Textile Preforms Packaging

-Addressing the plastics problem

Sustainability must be fully incorporated into material design

To the general public, the plastic problem is all about disposable single-use packaging. We are exhorted to use fewer plastic carrier bags, and products are sold as eco-friendly on the basis that they are packaged in paper, glass or steel – a sometimes questionable claim. But it’s essential to realise that demonising polymers and plastics is not the solution. They are more than simply packaging. Petrochemicals Textile Graphene Packaging

Petrochemicals Textile Preforms Packaging

-RadiciGroup : Protective face shields: 1,000 kits for Bergamo medics

RadiciGroup and Rimplast provide the materials and technology for injection moulding of visor frames. Project coordinators: Mille Respiri and FabLab

Injection moulding as an alternative to 3D printing for a quicker response to health worker protection needs: this was RadiciGroup’s objective in donating its polyamide 6 material for the production of 3,000 frames for protective visor face shields for medics. The frames were moulded at Rimplast, another Bergamo company, which immediately made available its plastic moulding technology and specialists. Petrochemicals Textile Graphene Packaging

The initiative was started as a follow-up to a project carried out by the young members of the Interact Bergamo club, who, during the last few weeks, made 300 protective visor shields in collaboration with FabLab (3D digital printing lab at the professional training association Patronato San Vincenzo in Bergamo). Using 3D-printing technology, the teenagers produced frames and attached them to PVC sheets to make visor face shields for extra protection (to be used in addition to, not as a replacement for certified PPE) for any workers who may come into contact with potential carriers of Covid-19.

-RadiciGroup : Protective face shields: 1,000 kits for Bergamo medics

-Michelin invests in Canadian styrene recycler

Michelin’s commitment to sustainable technologies took another step forward with the tire maker’s recent investment in Canadian plastics recycling company Pyrowave.

Michelin is part of an investment team that also includes European life sciences venture capital firm Sofinnova Partners. Petrochemicals Textile Graphene Packaging

Monteal-based Pyrowave said it has developed a microwave-based chemical recycling technology that can recover recycled styrene monomer from plastic waste. The styrene monomer can be integrated in the production of synthetic rubber.

Details about the investment were not disclosed, but Pyrowave said the move was “the first step” toward bringing the modular technology to market and scale-up.

Michelin invests in Canadian styrene recycler

-Dow and Doxa Plast Partner on Bioplastics

Bio-based stretch films address brand owners’ increasing demand for renewable plastics that reduce carbon footprint without compromising performance.

Dow and stretch film manufacturer Doxa Plast together announce the commercialization of a family of bio-based high-performance stretch films aimed at addressing the increasing demand for more sustainable solutions that use alternative renewable feedstocks helping to reduce carbon footprint. Petrochemicals Textile Graphene Packaging

Reborn, the new range of stretch films by Doxa Plast, integrates Dow’s bio-based linear low-density polyethylene, ELITE™ 5230GC R Enhanced Polyethylene Resin, which is produced from renewable feedstock.

The feedstock comes from residues of paper production from sustainably managed forests in Finland.

Dow and Doxa Plast Partner on Bioplastics

-UK’s leading plastics show announces postponement to 2021

Rapid News Group, organiser of Interplas, the UK’s leading trade show for the plastics industry, has announced the postponement of the event to 2021.

Originally scheduled for 29 September – 01 October 2020, the event will now take place from 29 June – 01 July 2021.  Petrochemicals Textile Graphene Packaging

The location of the event, at the NEC, Birmingham, UK, will not be affected by the change and the event will continue to take place in Halls 4 and 3A.

The decision to postpone the event comes as a result of the unprecedented times the plastics industry finds itself in as a result of the global Coronavirus pandemic.

UK’s leading plastics show announces postponement to 2021

-Stora Enso launches B2B marketplace for renewable packaging

Stora Enso has launched Box Inc, a digital B2B marketplace for corrugated packaging made of renewable materials.

Box Inc is a new platform business designed to help companies source packaging easily online, while enabling suppliers to access new customers without having to create their own digital presence.Petrochemicals Textile Graphene Packaging

Box Inc has launched in Germany, the largest European market for corrugated packaging, with plans to expand to other markets in Europe.

The company aims to make it easier for brands and companies to buy packaging that is low-carbon, renewable, plastic-free and widely recycled.

Stora Enso launches B2B marketplace for renewable packaging

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