Plastic Petrochemicals recycling bioplastic 02-11-2018

-China – Polyethylene Terephthalate PET and its chain are assessed mixed.

PET Bottle grade export 1,150/1,180 $/ton – PET Bottle grade domestic market 8,950/9,050 yuan/ton – PET Filament grade SD domestic market 8,750/8,900 yuan/ton – PET Filament grade BR domestic market 8,750/8,850 yuan/ton

PTA Taiwan 910/930 $/ton – PTA domestic market 6,900/7,000 yuan/ton – MEG $ 785/800 $/ton – MEG domestic market 6,650/6,800 yuan/ton – PX Korea 1,180/1,195 $/ton

POY 150D/48F  domestic market 9,750/9,850  yuan/ton – DTY 150D/48F  domestic market 11,650/11,750  yuan/ton – PSF domestic market 9,850/9,950  yuan/ton

Plastic Petrochemicals recycling bioplastic

-Versalis: closing of acquisition of the bio-run activities of Mossi & Ghisolfi  Versalis bioethanol Mossi Ghisolfi

Versalis  (Eni) has acquired the bio-run activities Mossi & Ghisolfi as of 1 November 2018, including human resources, assets relating to the development areas, industrialization, the licensing of biochemical and biomass technologies and processes. Versalis bioethanol Mossi Ghisolfi

The Eni-owned chemical company has successfully completed the consultation procedure with unions and signed the sale and purchase agreement, and is now defining an action plan aimed at launching plant operations for bio-ethanol production at Crescentino (Vercelli), and the connected biomass-run power plant and research centre at Rivalta Scrivia (Alessandria)

Plastic Petrochemicals recycling bioplastic

-Extrol may become a polymer chemical production site Extrol polymer chemical production 

The authorities of the Sverdlovsk region can support the creation of a chemical cluster for the production of polymers, the base site of which will be the Ekstrol plant (Revda), the Minister of Industry and Science of the Sverdlovsk region Sergei Perestoronin said in an interview with local media.Extrol polymer chemical production

“We are ready to support the initiative of the enterprise – it is only necessary to determine the main characteristics and specifics of the cluster.

Plastic Petrochemicals recycling bioplastic

Crude Oil Prices Trend

Plastic Petrochemicals recycling bioplastic

-European plastics group offers to ‘fine tune’ sustainability project

The European Plastics Converters Association (EuPC) has welcomed a recent initiative by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation aimed at making packaging more environmentally-friendly, but at the same time has also offered to help “fine tune” it.

Representing 50.000 small- and mid-sized companies, EuPC said in an Oct. 30 statement that it was ready to offer its expertise to improve the global commitment which, the association noted had been drafted “only by a few individuals without consulting the plastics converting industry.”

Plastic Petrochemicals recycling bioplastic

-DowDuPont sees ‘short and shallow compression’ in PE cycle in 2019

DowDuPont expects a relatively mild and quick downturn in the polyethylene (PE) cycle in early 2019 amid stable inventories and high operating rates, a senior executive said on Thursday.

“There are some predictions out there that everything is going to collapse. I’m not sure I believe that,” said Jim Fitterling, CEO of Dow Chemical (Materials Science division of DowDuPont), on the company’s Q3 earnings call.

“We’ve seen that inventories are relatively under control. They’re actually down at the end of the third quarter slightly. Inventories are at 42 days, and that’s basically what you need to run the supply chain,” he added.

In the third quarter, DowDuPont’s packaging and specialty plastics segment where the PE business resides saw sales up 11% year on year to $6.1bn and operating earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) up 4%.

The operating EBITDA margin fell to 19.5% versus 20.9% in the year-ago period.

Plastic Petrochemicals recycling bioplastic

-Bedimensional receives €18 million private investment  

Bedimensional has received €18 million to promote their main goal – discover new applications of graphene and related materials in consumer products.

The investment was made by Italian ‘Pellan Group,’ specialized in groundbreaking technical materials.

Bedimensional is an Associated Member of the Graphene Flagship, and is part of a network of companies associated to the Graphene Flagship developing new solutions in the field of composites for energy harvest and storage, such as batteries, super capacitors and solar cells, as well as foster the development of new composite materials, some of which are already available on the market.

Plastic Petrochemicals recycling bioplastic

-Fishing networks to clothes: new initiatives to clean the seas. Aquafil Fishing networks clothes 

(Italian Language Only)

Some associations, including Healthy Seas and Aquafil, have studied a method to recover fishing nets dispersed in the sea and reuse them productively, so that the oceans return clean and reduce garbage.Aquafil Fishing networks clothes

The waters we remember once changed.

The smells and the colors have changed because of the continuous waste that is thrown or lost in the oceans, polluting our environment and damaging the “health” of the sea and, together with it, our own and that of the animals.

Plastic Petrochemicals recycling bioplastic

-Sleep smarter, live healthier: Heimtextil presents the “Future of Sleep”

This press release is submitted and shown here in its original form, unedited by Furniture Today.

A balanced diet and sufficient exercise are naturally part of a healthy lifestyle. However, one of the most important building blocks for permanent physical and psychological well-being is constantly neglected: restful sleep. At the upcoming Heimtextil (8-11 January 2019), it will therefore be a particular focus for the first time. And there’s more: the international trade fair for home and contract textiles in Frankfurt am Main will thus guarantee a comprehensive insight into the “Future of Sleep”.

According to a Forsa study carried out last year for the Techniker Krankenkasse, one in three adults in Germany experiences mediocre, bad or even very bad sleep. ‘That doesn’t surprise me’, says Dr Alfred Wiater, former president of the German Society for Sleep Research and Sleep Medicine (DGSM).

Plastic Petrochemicals recycling bioplastic

-Recycling Breathes New Life into Textile Leader

Fiber producer Unifi reinvents itself as a plastics recycler that turns PET bottles into recycled fibers.

PET Bottles Recycled into Fiber

Recycling offers a new life to a used product. For Unifi, Greensboro, N.C, it also breathed new life into its business as a textile leader. Unifi is a global textile provider and one of the world’s leading innovators in manufacturing synthetic and recycled performance fibers. The company has 3000 employees with manufacturing facilities worldwide.

Through Repreve, one of Unifi’s proprietary technologies, Unifi has transformed more than 10 billion plastic bottles into recycled fiber for new apparel, footwear, home goods and other consumer products. Building from that momentum, Unifi is targeting 20 billion bottles recycled by 2020 and 30 billion bottles by 2022.

Plastic Petrochemicals recycling bioplastic

-Bottled water company takes ownership of C.R. Plastic Products

After two years as majority shareholder of C.R Plastic Products in Stratford, the Ice River Springs Water Company has taken full ownership of the Stratford-based recycled-plastic furniture manufacturer.

After two years as majority shareholder of C.R Plastic Products in Stratford, the Ice River Springs Water Company has taken full ownership of the Stratford-based recycled-plastic furniture manufacturer.

The bottled water company, which has its Canadian office in Shelburne, Ont., first purchased a minority share of the Stratford business back in 2014. A few years later, Ice River Springs co-owners Sandy and Jamie Gott decided to bump their ownership up to 51 per cent of the company, and over the coming days, the company is set to become the sole shareholder.

Plastic Petrochemicals recycling bioplastic

-Apache Corp profit beats on higher oil prices, increased U.S. output

U.S. oil and gas producer Apache Corp (APA.N) reported a better-than-expected quarterly profit and raised its U.S. production forecast for the year as it benefited from rising oil prices and increased output from the Permian basin.

Apache and its peers are reaping the benefit of a 44 percent surge in global crude oil prices from a year earlier. Oil prices are expected to rise further as U.S. sanctions on Iran remove a major supplier from the market.

Apache and its peers are reaping the benefit of a 44 percent surge in global crude oil prices from a year earlier. Oil prices are expected to rise further as U.S. sanctions on Iran remove a major supplier from the marke The Houston-based company said average realized oil prices jumped about 40 percent to $69.12 per barrel, while total production rose to 476,255 barrels of oil equivalent per day (boe/d) from 448,235 boe/d a year earlier.

Plastic Petrochemicals recycling bioplastic

-New Recycling Technology Debuts At Erema Open House  

Several new developments for PET recycling, as well as a new turnkey recycling systems program, made headlines at Erema’s recent customer demonstration day.

Erema North America’s Discovery Day in September featured live demonstrations of recycling PE film (foreground) and bottle flake.

Nine speakers, two live demonstrations of PE film and flake recycling, and unveiling of several major new technical and business developments highlighted Discovery Day 2018 at the headquarters and technical center of Erema North America Inc. in Ipswich, Mass.

The September event was attended by around 130 guests, including recyclers, material suppliers, brand owners, and other users of recycled materials.

Plastic Petrochemicals recycling bioplastic

-Full U.S. Energy Independence Is Impossible

Establishing American “energy dominance” has been a key policy objective of the Trump Administration.

Since coming to office, President Donald S. Trump has made increasing U.S. energy production and energy exports a priority. And for a time, it looked like he might pull it off.

Oil production has doubled since 2008. This year American oil output exceeded 10 million bpd for the first time in decades. Production from the shale revolution, particularly the Permian Basin of Texas, has been booming. Investment into new leases both onshore and off has increased, as the Trump Administration has opened up federal land and the entire coastal plain for drilling.

Plastic Petrochemicals recycling bioplastic

-Higher Prices for Commodity Resins, Except PP

Higher feedstock prices and strong demand drive price hikes for PE, PS, PVC and PET.

A combination of higher feedstock prices, strong demand and the impact of tariffs drove prices of PE, PS, PVC and PET upward at the end of the third quarter, though PP prices dropped slightly. Overall projections for this month and next were for flat pricing with potential for a slight uptick in the case of PVC, PET, and PP.

These were the views last month of purchasing consultants from Resin Technology Inc. (RTi), Fort Worth, Texas; senior editors from Houston-based PetroChemWire; and CEO Michael Greenberg of the Plastics Exchange in Chicago.

Plastic Petrochemicals recycling bioplastic

-Crude oil prices to average US$74 a barrel over 2019, says World Bank

Crude oil prices are forecast to average US$74 a barrel over 2019, only marginally up from a projected average of US$72 a barrel in 2018, while metals prices are expected to remain broadly stable in 2019, according to the World Bank.

In its October Commodity Markets Outlook released Oct 29, the World Bank said growing global trade tensions are weighing on non-energy commodity prices and are leading to downward revisions to 2019 price forecasts, the World Bank said.

The report said prices for energy commodities – which include oil, natural gas, and coal — are forecast to average 33.3% higher in 2018 than the previous year but to broadly stabilise in 2019.

Plastic Petrochemicals recycling bioplastic

-Indorama Ventures concludes the takeover of Kordárna, the largest producer of tire cord fabrics in Europe

Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited (IVL), headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand, one of the world’s leading petrochemicals producers, with a global manufacturing footprint across Africa, Asia, Europe, and America has completed the takeover of Kordárna Plus a.s., the largest producer of tire cord fabrics in Europe.

Plastic Petrochemicals recycling bioplastic

-Crude oil prices are down on Thursday

The crude oil prices are down on Thursday, expanding the loses from the previous sessions, against signs of growth in supply and signs of slowdown in global economic growth. The futures on US crude oil WTI with delivery in December fell by 0.40% to 65.05 USD per barrel. The Brent oil reported a price drop of 0.58% to 75.47 USD per barrel.

Both of the world’s most traded oil varieties registered their worst monthly results since July 2016, with Brent dropping by 8.8% and WTI by 10.9%.

Plastic Petrochemicals recycling bioplastic

-Plastic tax ‘not efficient’ to increase recycling rates – Borealis’ CEO

A tax on plastics would only add costs to the supply chain and it is “not the most efficient” method to increase recycling rates, the CEO at Austrian polymers and fertilizers major Borealis said this week after the UK announced intentions to tax plastics production.

Alfred Stern said that packaging across the EU is already subject to “some kind of taxes” under the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) schemes through which a “significant amount of money” is already collected to organise the collection of packaging materials post-use.

Plastic Petrochemicals recycling bioplastic

-China’s September Iran crude imports fall 34 percent, U.S. shipments doubled: customs

China’s crude oil imports from Iran in September fell sharply from the same month last year in a sign that China has curbed its purchases from the Islamic republic as Washington prepares to re-impose sanctions on Tehran’s oil sector.

Data from China’s General Administration of Customs showed China brought in 2.13 million tonnes of Iranian crude oil in September, or 518,300 barrels per day (bpd), down 34 percent from 3.22 million tonnes last September,

Plastic Petrochemicals recycling bioplastic

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