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Plastic petrochemicals rPET recycling

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Plastic petrochemicals rPET recycling

-Aquafil Hosts Grand Opening at Phoenix Carpet Recycling Plant  Aquafil Phoenix Carpet Recycling

Mr.Giulio Bonazzi Discusses Aquafil’s New Carpet Recycling Facility in Pheonix, Arizona

Aquafil hosted the grand opening for its Phoenix, Arizona-based carpet recycling plant on December 13.

The $25 million investment represents the first of five plants in Aquafil’s long-term plan. The second will open in 2019 in Sacramento, California.

One-hundred-sixty guests-including customers, suppliers and sustainability experts-attended.

The facility uses two production lines to break down post-consumer carpet into three components for recycling.

Plastic petrochemicals rPET recycling

Mr.Giulio Bonazzi Discusses Aquafil’s New Carpet Recycling Facility in Pheonix, Arizona

-Market outlook: Europe ethylene heading for oversupply

The European ethylene market is in the limelight following a number of new investments announced by some market players.

In a bolt out of the blue, INEOS declared plans for new projects in northern Europe at a value of €2.7bn, comprising an ethane-based cracker and a propane dehydrogenation (PDH) plant.

Not only are greenfield units being considered, but also a few expansions of existing facilities. INEOS has approved an ethylene capacity enlargement at its Grangemouth complex in Scotland, UK.

A new furnace will be fed by ethane and is expected to start commercial production in the fourth quarter of 2020 or early 2021.

Plastic petrochemicals rPET recycling

-Will 2019 be another tumultuous year for North American polyester?

More of the same is expected in the North American polyester industry next year as the PET resin and purified terephthalic acid (PTA) supply and demand balance for 2019-20 is likely to remain tight, with recycled PET (rPET) expected to benefit from additional opportunities.

This year has seen major changes in the North American polyester and upstream intermediates markets, as various plant outages tightened up the supply and demand balances, ownerships changed, PET resin pricing power shifted to producers, new fibre capacity was announced, and China’s waste ban was implemented.

All of this, said Wood Mackenzie Chemicals in its outlook for PET, occurred in an uncertain and shifting economic and trade environment of the Trump Administration.

Plastic petrochemicals rPET recycling

-SABIC invests in chemical recycling

Company partners with Plastic Energy to build a commercial plant in the Netherlands to refine and upgrade TACOIL, which is made from mixed plastic scrap.

SABIC, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, a global leader in the chemical industry, has announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with U.K.-based Plastic Energy Ltd., a chemical plastics recycling company.

Under the MoU, Plastic Energy will supply TACOIL, a patented produce from Plastic Energy to support SABIC’s petrochemical operations in Europe.

The companies intend to build a commercial plant in the Netherlands to refine and upgrade TACOIL, which will be produced from the recycling of low-quality, mixed plastic scrap otherwise destined for incineration or landfill.

Plastic petrochemicals rPET recycling

-US pressure more on Iran’s oil products rather than crude oil – minister

Iran Oil Minister Bijan Zangeneh has indicated the heavy US pressure on Iran’s sales of oil products, and the effects of sanctions on the country’s “gas plans” with Pakistan.

“The threats against OPEC have partly foreign and domestic origins. The current trend in the market indicates that the OPEC’s positive move on cutting the oil output was accepted,” the minister said, Trend reports citing ILNA.

Plastic petrochemicals rPET recycling

-Bento Lunch Box Company Discusses The Advantages Of Eco-Friendly Plastics

Raleigh, North Carolina – December 14, 2018 – Kangovou, a bento lunch box company, recently released a blog discussing the top advantages of using eco-friendly plastics, such as those used in their bento lunch boxes.

These advantages can benefit both the environment and your family’s health in several ways, and you may want to consider swapping your traditional plastic containers for bento lunch boxes and other eco-friendly alternatives.

Several popular plastics have been known to cause health issues, particularly in children. BPA and HDPE may leach estrogen-like chemicals into food, which cause hormonal imbalances and reproductive harm.

Styrofoam, or polystyrene, can leach styrene, a neurotoxin. Another popular plastic, PVC, is used in a wide range of products and can cause developmental delays.

Plastic petrochemicals rPET recycling

-Europe PET January mood influenced by contracts, imports and feedstocks

The polyethylene terephthalate (PET) mood for January and therefore the freely negotiated prices in Europe will be influenced by conversion fee increases affecting contracts, import deliveries and feedstock moves.

– Higher conversion fees due in 2019

– Imports due into Europe in Q1

– Feedstock forecasts vary

ContractsThe new contracts based on conversion fees over raw material costs are due to come into effect in 2019, and other than those buyers waiting to the bitter end before settling, the majority have agreed to an increase compared to 2018.

Justification for higher raw material-plus contracts included rising conversion fee costs for upstream purified terephthalic acid (PTA).

Plastic petrochemicals rPET recycling

-Discovery of ‘magic-angle graphene’ that behaves like a high-temperature superconductor is Physics World 2018 Breakthrough of the Year  Graphene high temperature superconductor

The Physics World 2018 Breakthrough of the Year goes to Pablo Jarillo-Herrero of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the US and colleagues for making the discovery that led to the development of “twistronics”, which is a new and very promising technique for adjusting the electronic properties of graphene by rotating adjacent layers of the material.Graphene high temperature superconductor

The technique was first used by the team to create “magic-angle graphene”, which behaves like a high-temperature superconductor.

Plastic petrochemicals rPET recycling

-Opec has lost its capacity to control oil prices

Several obituaries of Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (Opec) have been written since the mid 1980s. All of them have turned out to be exaggerated.

Recent ones are also no different. The Opec is not dead. Neither is it effective as it was in late ‘70s and it is reinventing itself now with Opec+ by pulling in 10 more countries like Russia, Kazakhstan, Mexico etc.

This article deals with the reasons for some experts prophesying its death and also its waning power.

The Opec came into existence in 1960. Five oil exporting countries,

Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait and Venezuela came together to put pressure mostly on the so-called seven sisters (now it is reduced to four, Exxon, Chevron, Shell and BP) to secure better deals.

However, till 1973, Opec could not use its bargaining power to increase oil price.

Plastic petrochemicals rPET recycling

-All eyes on Saudi as oil bulls cut bets to lowest since 2016 

Hedge funds aren’t buying into Opec’s oil-production cuts just yet.

They slashed net wagers on a rally of West Texas Intermediate crude to the lowest in more than two years, while short-selling of Brent oil climbed for a record 11th week.

Both benchmarks ended the week lower as the group’s efforts were overshadowed by concern about booming shale production and waning global demand. It’s mostly up to Saudi Arabia now to try to win investors over.

“Demand is now decreasing and you have a problem with Chinese growth,” said Tariq Zahir, a commodity fund manager at Tyche Capital Advisors LLC. “Right now, everything is dependent on what Saudi Arabia does.”

Plastic petrochemicals rPET recycling

-There needs to be another oil production cut for a price spike

The latest one does not seem to have done much to bring about a rally

Never mind the tweets, the threats and the hallelujah for its demise — Opec and associate producers led by Russia have done it again.

Oil producers had in recent months increased production significantly to accommodate the market for the severe sanctions on Iran oil exports, only to find President Trump softening the sanctions, by giving exemptions, at the last minute and the oil market became flooded with supplies.

No wonder then oil prices lost more than 30 per cent from nearly $86 a barrel in early October to somewhere around $59 a barrel before the latest Opec meeting.

After perhaps some hesitation, the fifth Opec and non-Opec Ministerial meeting reaffirmed on December 7 the commitment of producing countries for a stable market.

And decided to adjust overall production by 1.2 million barrels a day (bpd), effective from January for an initial period of six months.

Plastic petrochemicals rPET recycling

-No 10 denies making plans for second Brexit referendum

PM presses on with quest for EU help on backstop as cabinet lines up behind alternatives

Theresa May will summon EU27 ambassadors to No 10 this week as she continues to seek reassurances over the Irish backstop, with Downing Street vehemently denying drawing up contingency plans for a second referendum.

The education secretary, Damian Hinds, said on Sunday: “Government policy couldn’t be clearer. We are here to act on the will of the people clearly expressed in the referendum.”

Plastic petrochemicals rPET recycling

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