Plastic petrochemicals rPET Recycling 01-12-2018

-Department of Trade and Industry  notice 727 of 2018

International Trade Administration Commission

Notice of initiation of an investigation into the alleged dumping of polyethylene terephthalate imported from the People’s Republic of China

The International Trade Administration Commission (the Commission) accepted an application alleging that polyethylene terephthalate (PET) imported from the People’s

Republic of China (PRC) is being dumped in the Southern African Customs Union (SACU) market, causing material injury and threatening to cause material to the SACU industry concerned.

Plastic petrochemicals rPET Recycling

-Graphene, jute fibers combine to create strong, sustainable building material

“I believe our graphene-based jute fibers could play a very important role in meeting the growing demand of more environmentally friendly products for various industries,” materials scientist Nazmul Karim said.

Jute is the second most abundant natural fiber after cotton. It is primarily cultivated in China, India, Bangladesh and Brazil. Photo by the University of Manchester

Scientists have combined graphene and jute to form a new composite material that is strong, durable and cheap to make. Researchers think the fiber-based composite material could be used to build cars, ships, wind turbine blades and even low-cost housing.

Plastic petrochemicals rPET Recycling

-Is The Trade War Coming To An End?

Oil markets appear to be full of uncertainty, awaiting the outcome of the OPEC+ meeting for more direction. But some clues about the trajectory of oil prices in 2019 may come a few days earlier in Buenos Aires.

The G20 summit in Argentina is underway, where the heads of state from around the world are meeting face to face. Buenos Aires is hosting the three most important figures in the oil market – Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman, Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Donald Trump.

Plastic petrochemicals rPET Recycling

-US-China Stand-off: Tesla China sales tumbled 70% in October

Tesla Inc.’s vehicle sales sunk 70% last month, as the country’s passenger car association mentioned in a report on Tuesday, indicating how the US-China trade war is hurting global business growth.

A China Passenger Car Association spokesman told that the Tesla had just sold 211 cars in China in October, as the Industry Body data showed.

Plastic petrochemicals rPET Recycling

-Covestro raises stake in DIC Covestro Polymer JV in Japan

Covestro is accelerating the expansion of its Thermoplastic Polyurethanes business (TPU) by raising its stake in Joint Venture, DIC Covestro Polymer (DCP) from 50% to 80%.

DCP, established as a 50/50 joint venture in 2000, is a leading company in the Japanese TPU industry, while the investment is part of Covestro’s expansion of its global TPU business. Total investment is described as ‘low double-digit million euros.’

Both parties agreed to not disclose any further financial details of the transaction. Closing of the deal is planned for early second quarter of 2019, subject to the approval from the relevant authority.

Plastic petrochemicals rPET Recycling

-Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. adopts How2Recycle Label

The label will be included on the company’s baby care products.

How2Recycle, a project of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, Charlottesville, Virginia, has announced that Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc., Skillman, New Jersey, has adopted the How2Recycle label.

The company will start by using the on-package recycling label on many of its baby products, including lotion, shampoo and wash, according to a news release from How2Recycle.

The label is deigned to help make recycling easier by providing specific instructions on how each product can be recycled.

Plastic petrochemicals rPET Recycling

-Why lower oil prices won’t necessarily boost the U.S. economy

Thanks to Saudi Arabia pushing oil production to an all-time high, prices have hit $50 per barrel — their lowest levels since 2017.

President Donald Trump has hailed the drop, a decrease of 32 percent from the most recent peak, as a win for Americans.

But despite lower prices at the gas pump — welcome news for the millions of travelers hitting the road during the holiday season — the drop is unlikely to be a net gain for the U.S. economy.

And where some stand to gain from lower prices, others may lose, experts say.

Plastic petrochemicals rPET Recycling

-The bioplastics benchmark

The thirteenth European Bioplastics Conference takes place in Berlin on 4-5 December. Ahead of the annual, industry-defining summit, Tim Sykes caught up with Hasso von Pogrell (managing director of European Bioplastics) to discuss the latest advances in bio-based polymers and their growing impact on the packaging landscape.

Tim Sykes:

At last year’s European Bioplastics (EUBP) Conference there was much talk about investment in production capacity for categories of bioplastics that have strong packaging potential (such as PEF). How does this picture look a year on?

Plastic petrochemicals rPET Recycling

-BPF and RECOUP collaborate on design for recyclability guide

In an initiative to address plastic waste, RECOUP and the British Plastics Federation (BPF) have launched new guidance to help packaging designers create easy-to-recycle plastic packaging.

Launched by RECOUP’s CEO Stuart Foster at the BPF’s annual Packaging Seminar in London, the guide outlines which combination of closures, seals, labels and materials ensure recycling plants can easily separate and recycle the plastics.

Plastic petrochemicals rPET Recycling

-Eurolaser to show new conveyor laser system in Heimtextil

Eurolaser, one of the world’s leading manufacturer of CO2 laser machines for cutting, engraving, and marking from Germany, is set to display the new L-1200 conveyor laser system at Heimtextil expo, in hall 3.0, stand K75. The international trade fair for home and contract textiles will be held from January 8-11, 2018, at Frankfurt am Main, in Germany.

By developing the conveyor solution, Eurolaser has revolutionised large-format textile processing. Clean cut edges are required especially for shading systems, individual decorative fabrics, room partitions and other home textiles in large formats. Eurolaser is one of the leading suppliers of cutting solutions, offering processing tables up to 3.20 meters in width and length as well as additional modules for multicolour direct printing, labelling and engraving for parallel use, the company said in a media statement.

Plastic petrochemicals rPET Recycling

-Asia, Middle East polymers brace for US PE flows

Polyethylene (PE) markets in southeast and south Asia will be on the radar of US producers as they prepare to export greater volumes in 2019.

Speaking to ICIS at the sidelines of the Gulf Petrochemicals and Chemicals Association (GPCA) Forum in Dubai, sources said that US producers would have to export to Asian markets outside of China, given that the latter was no longer viable owing to the 25% tariffs imposed on US-origin PE. “US producers have no choice but to target any and all markets, since it will be difficult to make up for the volumes that they would have otherwise exported to China,” a source said.

Plastic petrochemicals rPET Recycling

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