PlasticRecycling Resinprices Petrochemicals 06-05-2021

PlasticRecycling Resinprices Petrochemicals

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-Braskem America plans to raise PP prices in Swahili America in June

Braskem America plans to raise polypropylene (PP) prices in North America by 8 cents per lb (USD176 per tonne) in addition to any changes in propylene feedstock prices from June 1, the company said in a letter to customers.

PP demand continues to remain strong in the region due to increased manufacturing activity as well as increased demand for PP packaging and PP for filaments and fibers due to the pandemic.

Earlier it was reported that Braskem America in April raised the price of polypropylene (PP) by 12 cents per pound (USD265 per tonne).

PlasticRecycling Resinprices Petrochemicals

-Recycling of plastic waste from Gundam models gets under way

Toy maker Bandai Namco Holdings Inc. has recently launched a project to recycle throw-away plastic parts from its model kits based on the popular Japanese sci-fi television animation series “Mobile Suit Gundam” as part of its sustainability effort.

Under the project that started on April 1, the Tokyo-based entertainment firm has asked fans to deposit the plastic frame sections usually discarded after assembling the models at about 190 collection points across the nation in model shops and Bandai Namco-run amusement arcades. PlasticRecycling Resinprices Petrochemicals

The company plans to reuse the plastic waste for making plastic products including the Gundam models as well as for thermal power generation.

Recycling of plastic waste from Gundam models gets under way

-April contract price of TPA in Europe dropped by EUR5 per tonne

The April contract price of purified terephthalic acid (TPA) in the European market has dropped by EUR5 per tonne from the previous month, following the negotiation of the contract price for paraxylene at a lower level, ICIS reported .

Thus, according to ICIS, the price of TPA for April supplies was approved at EUR636-670 per tonne, FD NWE (North-Western Europe).

Thus, the April contract price of TPA in the region reflected the downward trend in the contract price of raw materials – paraxylene – for the last month, which  decreased by EUR7.5 per tonne from the March level. PlasticRecycling Resinprices Petrochemicals

The shortage of TPA continues to be felt in all global markets due to production and logistics problems, but the demand in the downstream market in Europe is sluggish.

pril contract price of TPA in Europe dropped by EUR5 per tonne

-Biopolymer Compounding on a Twin-Screw Extruder: Four Things You Need to Know

Global bioplastic production capacity is expected to increase to 4.8 billion lb by 2024, driven by OEMs and brand owners steadily converting applications to these “green” materials. If you’re looking to supply compounds to meet this demand, here are some key processing considerations you need to know.

Biopolymers such as PHA are expected to drive a growing demand for “green materials,” with some sources projecting that capacity will more than triple over the next five years. PHAs are biobased polyesters that are biodegradable and offer good physical and mechanical properties. PlasticRecycling Resinprices Petrochemicals

Plantic Technologies Ltd. of Australia (now owned by Kuraray) is considered one of the pioneers in the industry, having worked with us on proprietary formulations. Today their patented biodegradable food-packaging materials are commercially successful and in use worldwide, produced on twin-screw compounding machinery.

PlasticRecycling Resinprices Petrochemicals

-Virgin polymer boycott has forced price drop: PAGEV

A boycott by manufacturers of virgin polymers has led to a 15 per cent price drop in the domestic market, said the president of Turkey’s plastics industry association PAGEV.

Having called on companies to “stop purchases” from petrochemical firms that drove their prices up by more than 150 per cent with plant shutdowns, Yavuz Eroğlu stated that there had been widespread participation in the boycott.

“We started the boycott in the second half of March and prices declined by about 15 per cent shortly afterwards,” confirmed Eroğlu. “Considering that Turkey uses some 600,000 tonnes of raw material per month, the 15 per cent average reduction means a saving of $180 million.”  PlasticRecycling Resinprices Petrochemicals

PlasticRecycling Resinprices Petrochemicals

-Lenzing marches towards group-wide climate neutrality with EUR 200 million investment in Asia

CO2emissions are reduced by 320,000 tons per year

First supplier of wood-based cellulose fibres in China with complete coal waiver

The proportion of environmentally friendly special fibres is significantly increased

Lenzing is strategically on track with these investments

Lenzing – The Lenzing Group, the world’s leading supplier of wood-based specialty fibres, will invest more than EUR 200 million in its production sites in Purwakarta (Indonesia) and Nanjing (China) to convert existing capacity for standard viscose into capacity for environmentally friendly specialty fibres.

In Nanjing (China), this investment will create the first production site for wood-based cellulose fibres in China, which completely dispenses with coal as an energy source. Innovative gas-based block heating power saves more than 200,000 tons ofCO2emissions. At the same time, by the end of 2022, by converting a line from standard viscose to 35,000 tons of tenCEL modal fibres™ the entire portfolio of the Chinese fiber plant will consist of sustainably produced specialty fibres by the end of 2022. PlasticRecycling Resinprices Petrochemicals

PlasticRecycling Resinprices Petrochemicals

-UAZ will launch car production in Ethiopia

Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant (UAZ) and Bazra Motors at the end of April signed an agreement to launch production, develop sales and ensure subsequent maintenance of UAZ products in Ethiopia, Avtostat reported with reference to the press service of UAZ.

The agreements reached provide for the organization of the assembly of cars by the SKD method at the production site of Bazra Motors in the city of Kombolcha (Amhara state). PlasticRecycling Resinprices Petrochemicals

In addition to all versions of UAZ “Patriot”, “Pickup” and “Profi”, off-road vehicles “Hunter” and models of the classic SGR line will roll off the assembly line. In the future, the model range will be supplemented by unique modifications developed in accordance with the specifics of the market of this East African country.

According to the report, the enterprise is expected to reach its design capacity of 3,000 vehicles per year by the end of 2023. The delivery of the first batch of 64 vehicle kits is scheduled for August this year.

UAZ will launch car production in Ethiopia

-How technology is weaning the world from plastics

Sustainable solutions of the future

Plastic is everywhere. It is convenient, versatile, and long-lasting. However, it also causes significant waste and pollution problems. PlasticRecycling Resinprices Petrochemicals

In addition to waste building up in the environment, plastic also contributes to climate change, due to heavy dependence on fossil fuels and fossil-based feedstock.

Every year, more than 400 million tons of plastic are produced worldwide, and packaging constitutes a third of this. COVID-19 has added to the problem, as disposable masks, personal protective equipment (PPE), and single-use products have been necessary to protect key workers and maintain hygiene. At the current rate we’re going, there will be more plastics in the sea than fish by 2050.

How technology is weaning the world from plastics

-April contract prices of ethylene in the US rose by USD6 per ton

April contract prices for ethylene in the US have risen due to high demand and production repairs, ICIS reports .

Prices rose 0.25 cents per pound (USD6 per tonne) before the range rose to 47.25 cents per pound (USD1,039.5 per tonne), the highest level since October 2014. Ethylene contract prices in the US have increased in each of the past five months.

Although the supply disruptions caused by the mid-February winter storm have been resolved, scheduled maintenance at several cracking units limited ethylene supplies in April. PlasticRecycling Resinprices Petrochemicals

Demand remained strong in April due to low inventories and high end-user consumption.

Earlier it was reported that the March contract prices of polyethylene (PE) in the United States rose due to strong demand and a lack of supply. Prices rose 6 cents per pound (USD132 per tonne) at the top of the price range, while the lower end of the range rose 7 cents per pound (USD154 per tonne).

April contract prices of ethylene in the US rose by USD6 per ton

-BHS-Sonthofen offers control solutions for complete recycling plants

BHS-Sonthofen now offers turnkey control systems for complete recycling plants due to the newly founded BHS Control Systems GmbH & Co. KG, including recycling, control, and automation technology. PlasticRecycling Resinprices Petrochemicals

Steffen Kämmerer, CTO at BHS-Sonthofen and Managing Director of BHS Control Systems, said: “A lot of companies currently use control systems and software that providers no longer support. That is why we are seeing an increasing demand for control solutions when it comes to expanding or modernising existing recycling plants.”

BHS-Sonthofen significantly expanded its service portfolio in the area of control and automation technology with the acquisition of Thoma Elektrosteuerungsanlagen GmbH from Babenhausen on 1 January 2020, and can now offer engineering, supply, and design services for turnkey plant control systems for major projects in the recycling industry.

Kämmerer added: “Win CC Open Architecture is an open and scalable system that enables a wide range of components to be integrated smoothly and it is suitable for both small and large plants.”

PlasticRecycling Resinprices Petrochemicals

PlasticRecycling Resinprices Petrochemicals

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