Plastics-recycling – Drinktec-2022 13-07-2022

Plastics-recycling – Drinktec-2022

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-Drinktec 2022: NETSTAL presents new PET-LINE 3000

At drinktec NETSTAL will present the new PET-LINE 3000, producing CSD preforms with a thread for tethered caps.

By extending the series, the Swiss company is increasingly establishing itself in the market for preform systems with side removal. Thanks to innovative features, users benefit from higher productivity and lower manufacturing costs.

At drinktec, NETSTAL will present the new PET-LINE with side entry to the international trade audience for the first time as part of an exhibition appearance.

The market launch of the new series already took place in the fall of 2020 with models of 4000 kN clamping force or molds with up to 128 cavities.

Now NETSTAL has expanded the portfolio to include variants with 3000 kN and is bringing a PET-LINE 3000-4000 to its booth in Hall C5.Plastics-recycling – Drinktec-2022

The system is suitable for molds with up to 96 cavities and impresses with its particularly fast lock-to-lock time of just 1.9 seconds. “Our strategy of re-sorting the market situation in the side-entry system sector is paying off. With the new PET-LINE, we are now winning significantly more new customers than before. The system convinces customers with lower manufacturing costs per preform. To reach further target groups soon, the 5000 kN model is already under development,” says Renzo Davatz, CEO of NETSTAL and member of the Executive Committee of the KraussMaffei Group.

The new PET-LINE 3000 can already be ordered and the first models are already running successfully at customer sites. NETSTAL will supply separate information on the sales launch of the larger PET-LINE 5000 later.Plastics-recycling – Drinktec-2022

Fully compatible, higher productivity and less energy consumption

“In the production environment, the new PET-LINE was compared with similar machines from other manufacturers. Existing 96-cavity molds and post-mold-cooling stations were used in the tests. Energy consumption was reduced by 20-25% with the new PET-LINE. At the same time, material throughput increased due to the faster cycle time. The customer produced more preforms per unit of time at significantly lower electricity costs,” explains Stefan Kleinfeld, PET Product Manager at NETSTAL. The considerable energy savings are the result of many innovations developed and implemented at NETSTAL. In addition to the latest generation of drives and inverters, the electric toggle without ball screw and adaptive control play a key role. Plastics-recycling – Drinktec-2022

Plastics-recycling - Drinktec-2022

-Braskem Extends Relationship with Nexus Circular through MOU for Commercial Off-Take of Circular Plastic Feedstocks from New Advanced Recycling Facility

Nexus Circular and Braskem S.A.  (“Braskem”), the largest polyolefins producer in the Americas, as well as a market leader and pioneer producer of biopolymers on an industrial scale, today announced that they have signed a detailed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to secure the production output from a new advanced recycling facility planned near Chicago, IL.  The new facility will have an initial capacity to convert over 30,000 metric tons annually of used plastic into new materials, with the potential to rapidly expand the processing capacity to over 120,000 metric tons annually.

Nexus Circular is a commercial leader in advanced recycling that uses proprietary technology and a leading process design to convert landfill-bound films and other hard-to-recycle plastics into high-quality materials used to produce virgin-quality sustainable plastics.  Since 2018, Nexus has been supplying consistent, on-spec commercial volumes of ISCC PLUS certified circular products.  In January 2022, Braskem made a strategic investment in Nexus Circular. Plastics-recycling – Drinktec-2022

By the terms of the MOU, Braskem gains exclusive rights to the production output from this new advanced recycling facility, which supports Braskem’s strategic objective to sell 300 thousand metric tons of products with recycled content by 2025 and 1 million metric tons by 2030.  Braskem America’s CEO Mark Nikolich said, “With the new facility, we will leverage Nexus’ proven, commercial advanced recycling technology to secure high-quality feedstock for the production of Braskem’s certified circular PP resins. Braskem has dedicated substantial resources towards reducing plastic waste and is making significant progress towards a more sustainable portfolio of PP to support our clients’ goals.”

Eric Hartz, Nexus Circular’s Co-founder, and President added, “Nexus is rapidly expanding our production footprint, beyond our current commercial plant, with leading companies.  We are thrilled to have Braskem as a committed partner, in addition to being an investor, as we move decisively to address the outsized market demand for circular recycled products while helping to mitigate the plastic waste challenge.”

Plastics-recycling - Drinktec-2022

-Hillenbrand to Buy Herbold

Move positions company to offer recyclers an integrated solution for material preparation—from washing and separation to compounding.

Hillenbrand announced it has agreed to purchase Herbold Meckesheim for $80 million. Herbold Meckesheim is a German manufacturer of recycling systems, specializing in washing, separating, drying, shredding, and pulverizing.

Hillenbrand, which began as a casket company in 1906 and still owns Batesville, began acquiring industrial companies in 2010. In 2012 it acquired Coperion, a manufacturer of compounding systems.

Herbold will become part of Hillenbrand’s Advanced Processing Solutions (APS) segment, along with Coperion and Rotex. The APS segment is focused on highly engineered industrial processing solutions and aftermarket parts and services for a variety of end markets and applications. The addition of Herbold will position Hillenbrand to offer recyclers an integrated solution for material preparation, from washing and separation to compounding. Plastics-recycling – Drinktec – Circular-plastic

Plastics-recycling - Drinktec-2022

-Biomerics Acquires Dependable Plastics, Creates Medical Plastics Division

Biomerics, a vertically integrated contract manufacturer serving the interventional medical device market, announced today the acquisition of Dependable Plastics and creation of the new Biomerics Interventional Medical Plastics (IMP) Division.

With operations in Fairfield, CA, and Salt Lake City, Biomerics IMP is described as a full-service plastic component supplier to the interventional device market with a focus on robotic-assisted surgery. .Plastics-recycling – Drinktec-2022

Dependable Plastics was founded in 1983 by Harry Marquez and Emil Eger and is specialized in advanced thermoforming, liquid cast resin molding, and additive manufacturing. Combining these capabilities with Biomerics’ injection molding operations will position the new IMP division as a full-service plastic component supplier to the interventional markets. The acquisition marks Biomerics’ second expansion into California, complementing its Micromachining Center of Excellence in Santa Clara, said the company in the news release.

Biomerics IMP has expertise in a variety of plastic component technologies including liquid cast resin, thermoforming, injection molding, and additive manufacturing. The division also offers secondary processes including pad printing, painting, shielding, and sub-assemblies. Biomerics provides design, development, and production services to help customers develop robot-assisted surgery systems.

Biomerics IMP will be led by Brett Poole, who will transfer responsibilities from the founders over the rest of the year.  Plastics-recycling – Drinktec-2022

“I look forward to joining Biomerics to lead the Dependable Plastics team,” said Poole, adding that his goal is to continue the company’s “40-year history of excellence and integrating these new capabilities into Biomerics.”

Plastics-recycling - Drinktec-2022

-Water Bottler Powers Recycling with Renewable Energy

CG Roxane gets 30% of its power for repalletizing rPET at San Bernardino, Calif., from SolarEdge solar panels.  Plastics-recycling – Drinktec-2022

CG Roxane, the family-owned bottled-water company based in Novato, Calif., has completed a year of using solar panels to provide power for its PET reprocessing plant in San Bernardino, Calif. That plant, opened in 2019, can repelletize 35 million lb/yr of clean, washed rPET bottle flake from a recycler. The pellets are currently shipped to two California plants for molding into preforms and then PET bottles for Crystal Geiser Alpine Spring Water. In June 2021, CG Roxane installed rooftop SolarEdge solar panels. After a year in operation, those panels have generated over 1.42 GWh of electricity, supplying an average of 30% of the plant’s power needs. The panels can supply over 90% of its needs when the sun is at its zenith.

Plastics-recycling - Drinktec-2022

-Expanding Freudenberg’s Eco-Check portfolio

Freudenberg Performance Materials is endorsing five further sustainable products with its Eco-Check label, introduced last year. Plastics-recycling – Drinktec-2022

“The Eco-Check label is a quick and easy way for our customers to identify particularly sustainable solutions,” said CTO John McNabb. “The company’s sustainability label is only used to endorse products that either save resources during production, improve the manufacturing footprint of customers, can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner after use, or contain certain features that contribute to a long service life. The label indicates to our customers that a product offers significant direct advantages in terms of environmental protection, leading to more sustainable solutions.”

New Eco-Check products include an Evolon microfilament reinforcement material for leather goods that is manufactured with no solvent or binder. It contains up to 80% recycled PET and is suitable for a broad range of applications. The material is produced at Freudenberg’s facility in Colmar, France, where the manufacturing process is highly sustainable. It is certified to STeP by Oeko-Tex and fully complies with the Detox to Zero by Oeko-Tex criteria. Plastics-recycling – Drinktec-2022

In the field of healthcare, the bio-based M 1714 wound pad with superior absorption for more challenging wounds has now also been endorsed with the Eco-Check label. The dressing consists of a mix of bio-based fibres derived from natural sources and exhibits a smooth wound contact layer. The product has been evaluated for industrial compostability and conforms to ISO 13432.

Another labelled product is TF 400 Eco F mesh fabric for textile architecture from Mehler Texnologies. Its yarn is made of 100% recycled PET bottles and its characteristics are very similar to those of conventional mesh fabrics. In 2021, it received an award from the Architectural Membrane Association in recognition of its properties.

Plastics-recycling - Drinktec-2022

-July contract price of phenol in Europe increased by EUR406 per ton

July’s contract price of phenol in Europe rose by EUR406 per tonne to a record high, ACCORDING TO ICIS.

The price increased as a result of the increase in benzene prices in July by EUR386 per ton and the increase in the cost of energy by EUR20 per ton. The supply and demand adder moved to the third quarter.Plastics-recycling – Drinktec-2022

Currently, prices are EUR2,974–3,004 per tonne, FD NWE.

Earlier it was reported that the Chinese Sinopec Mitsui Chemicals, a subsidiary of the Chinese Sinopec and the Japanese Mitsui Chemicals, reduced the load at the plant for the production of phenol and acetone in Shanghai (Shanghai, China) to 80%. At this enterprise with a capacity of 250 thousand tons of phenol and 150 thousand tons of acetone per year, from July 2-3, the load was reduced from 90% to 80%.

Phenol is the main raw component for the production of bisphenol A (BPA), which in turn is used to produce polycarbonate (PC).

July contract price of phenol in Europe increased by EUR406 per ton

-Up to 65% of collected plastic waste is incinerated

Plastics Europe: more room needed urgently for chemical recycling

With a recycling percentage of 45% of collected plastic waste, the Netherlands is the European leader in plastics recycling. The European average is 35%. It shows there is still much room for improvement. Plastics-recycling – Drinktec-2022

This is evident from figures from 2020 published earlier this year in the Circular Economy for Plastics report. They make it clear that opportunities remain, because more than half of the plastic waste collected is incinerated, even in our country that leads the way in recycling. Valuable raw materials for circular plastics are lost as a result, as is the opportunity to further reduce CO2 emissions.

Plastics Europe, the industry organisation, has been advocating at European level for some time now for an accelerated increase in the possibilities for chemical recycling, in addition to mechanical recycling. Firstly, by making plastic waste available for chemical recycling that is currently difficult to recycle mechanically, or for which separate separation and recycling do not break even.

Up to 65% of collected plastic waste is incinerated

Plastics-recycling – Drinktec-2022

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