Polyethylene PE prices China

PE import prices in China fell amid falling oil prices and sluggish demand  Polyethylene PE prices China

Polyethylene PE prices China

MOSCOW – Import prices of polyethylene (PE) in China fell at the end of last week, following a decrease in crude oil quotations amid a reduction in material consumption at the end of the year, ICIS reported. Polyethylene PE prices China

Purchasing activity is currently low on the part of market players, and it is expected that the material supply will continue to grow, as foreign suppliers may begin to dispose of their stocks of PE as the end of 2018 approaches. Polyethylene PE prices China

According to ICIS, the spot prices of linear polyethylene (LDL) and low-pressure polyethylene (HDPE) last week fell to levels that were recorded in July-August 2017, while prices of high-pressure polyethylene (LDPE) fell to the lowest level since March 2009

On November 23, deals on LDL film brands were in the range of USD980-1,050 per tonne, CFR China, while deals on the supply of HDPE film and LDPE were at the level of USD1,060-1,150 per tonne, CFR China, and USD990-1 030 per ton, CFR China, respectively.

According to ICIS, PE prices have fallen by USD20-50 per tonne compared to a week ago.

According to the ICIS-MRC Price Review , last week prices continued to decline in several types of PEs in Russia.

Purchasing activity on the market is low, there is no shortage of polyethylene supply on the market. Polyethylene PE prices China

In some segments, on the contrary, due to the seasonal factor there is an excess of supply. Polyethylene PE prices China

Most consumers expect a further decline in PE prices in December and, against this background, limit their purchases to current needs only.

Producers of HDPE do not see reasons for price correction.


Author:                Margarita Volkova

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