Polymer production complex Orpic

New polymer production complex Orpic in Oman will be launched in 2020  Polymer production complex Orpic

Polymer production complex Orpic

MOSCOW – Oman Petrochemical Company Oman Oil Refineries and Petroleum Industries Co (Orpic) plans to begin commissioning at the end of 2019 at the new petrochemical complex for the production of polymers in Liwa (Liwa, Sokhar, Oman), and in 2020 year – put it into operation, ICIS sources told the market.

According to them, at present the construction of a new complex has been completed by 95%. Polymer production complex Orpic

With the launch of the complex in Livevo, Orpic will produce 800 thousand tons of linear polyethylene (LDL) / low pressure polyethylene (HDPE) on this site using Univation technology and 300 thousand tons of polypropylene (PP) using Spheripol technology.

Orpic intends to produce both propylene block copolymers (PP block) and propylene stat copolymers (PP rand) at the new PP plant in Liva, sources added.

As Market Report reported earlier, in May 2014, Orpic announced the start of construction of a polymer production complex worth USD3.6 billion. Polymer production complex Orpic

Since then, investment in the project has grown to USD9 billion.

It is planned that the new complex, which will also include ethylene cracking – an installation with a capacity of 859 thousand tons per year, will be built in the northern part of the industrial city of Oman – Sohar, near the oil refinery and Orpic petrochemical plants.

According to Scan Report Company Market Report, in the first nine months of 2018, PE output in Russia grew by 3% compared with the same indicator in 2017 and amounted to about 1 346.2 thousand tons.

Production volumes of low-pressure polyethylene (HDPE) and linear polyethylene (LDL) increased. Polymer production complex Orpic

The total volume of production of PP in Russia increased in January-September of the current year by 2.2% compared with the same period last year and amounted to about 1,073 thousand tons.

At the same time, only three manufacturers of seven showed an increase in output.

Orpic is one of the leading petrochemical companies in Oman.

Orpic supplies PP to the markets of the United Arab Emirates, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and other countries in the Middle East.

And the company supplies only a small part of its products to the domestic market.


Author:                Margarita Volkova

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