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-China – Polyethylene Terephthalate

PET and its chain are assessed mixed.

PET Bottle grade export 1,000/1,045 $/ton – PET Bottle grade domestic market 8,000/8,100 yuan/ton – PET Filament grade SD domestic market 7,600/7,750 yuan/ton – PET Filament grade BR domestic market 7,600/7,700 yuan/ton

PTA Taiwan 805/825 $/ton – PTA domestic market 6,250/6,350 yuan/ton – MEG $ 615/630 $/ton – MEG domestic market 5,050/5,150 yuan/ton – PX Korea 1,030/1045 $/ton

POY 150D/48F  domestic market 8,000/8,150  yuan/ton – DTY 150D/48F  domestic market 10,000/10,100  yuan/ton – PSF domestic market 8,800/8,900  yuan/ton

Polymers PET Petrochemicals Sustainability

Brexit: Japan’s PM says ‘wish of whole world’ to avoid no-deal

Shinzo Abe pledged “total support” for the withdrawal agreement she has negotiated with the EU, which faces a crunch vote in the Commons on Tuesday.

Mrs May has been speaking to Labour MPs and union leaders in a bid to try to get her deal through the Commons, where scores of her own MPs oppose it.

It comes as Honda UK announced a six-day post Brexit shut down.

The Japanese-owned car giant said the move was to ensure it could adjust to “all possible outcomes caused by logistics and border issues”.

Polymers PET Petrochemicals Sustainability

Crude Oil Prices Trend

Polymers PET Petrochemicals Sustainability

Trinseo raises January PC prices in Europe 

Trinseo (formerly Styron), a major European manufacturer of polymer products, announced an increase in January prices for all brands of polycarbonate (PC) for the European region, the company said.

Trinseo January polycarbonate prices Europe

The price increase came into force on January 7, 2018 and is consistent with the terms of current contracts.

Thus, the January contract and spot prices of the company’s PC for the CALIBRE brand rose by EUR300 per ton.

Polymers PET Petrochemicals Sustainability

HDPE prices down adjust in South Asia

HDPE prices slipped in the South Asian regions this week.

The price fall was attributed to deals concluded at lower price levels and sufficient product avails in the region.
In India, HDPE yarn grade rates were at the USD 1065/mt levels, while in HDPE BM prices were assessed at the USD 1060/mt, both down USD 10/mt on the week.

HDPE film prices were assessed lower at the USD 1055/mt CFR levels, a week on week drop of USD 15/mt. HDPE injection prices were at the USD 1050/mt levels, down USD 10/mt from the previous week.
In Sri Lanka, HDPE yarn grades rates were assessed lower at the USD 1090/mt levels, a drop of USD 10/mt on the week.

HDPE BM prices were at the USD 1080/mt levels while HDPE film prices were at the USD 1070/mt levels, both down USD 10/mt from the last week.

HDPE injection grades rates were assessed lower at the USD 1090/mt levels, a week on week decrease of USD 10/mt.

Polymers PET Petrochemicals Sustainability

Bio-on launches new company to develop the use of bio-plastics in the electronics sector.

“Bi-on and Kartell have joined together to form a new company called Eloxel.Smartphones, watches, televisions, computers, wellness systems and other products have long been part of our bio-plastics’ development plans.”

Italian bio-plastics company Bio-on has teamed up with design specialist Kartell to unveil a new company called Eloxel in order to develop the use of bio-plastics in the electronics sector.

Eloxel will specifically focus on organic electronics, a form of advanced technology that can be used to create a range of technologies like printed solar cells or computer screens that you can roll up and put in your pocket.

Polymers PET Petrochemicals Sustainability

Weaving new life into discarded plastics Eco Spindles is pioneering the nation in recycling revolution

Eco Spindles Pvt Ltd is leading the way in sustainable manufacturing by recycling plastic waste into an array of new products and mastering the art of taking discarded plastic waste and converting it into high quality products that can be used across multiple industries. The company’s work has helped to encourage a circular economy at a national level, boost economic growth, encourage the use of eco-friendly materials and support the livelihoods of countless Sri Lankans.

Yarn, brushes and textiles galore: The Company operates a monofilament industry to manufacture brushes and other janitorial products. Eco-Spindles also spearheads the group’s latest state-of-the-art polyester yarn plant, in which yarn is produced exclusively from recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (commonly known as PET flakes).

Polymers PET Petrochemicals Sustainability

Arburg to showcase additive production of functional plastic components

Arburg plans to showcase the additive production of functional plastic components made from qualified original materials at TCT Asia.

Arburg will present its two 200-3X freeformers processing medical TPE-S and flame-proof PC for applications in the medical technology and electronics industries.

As an example, several dozen components will also be demonstrated to show the capabilities of Arburg Plastic Freeforming (APF).

Lukas Pawelczyk, responsible for global freeformer sales at Arburg, said, “The market for additive manufacturing is growing rapidly and offers an interesting production technology solution to complement injection moulding.

With our decades of know-how in plastics processing and our two freeformers in sizes 200-3X and 300-3X, we offer attractive solutions for both experts and newcomers to additive production using the APF process.”

Polymers PET Petrochemicals Sustainability

Teijin Frontier To Exhibit At DOMOTEX 2019

Teijin Frontier Co., Ltd., the Teijin Group’s fibers and products converting company, announced today that it will participate in DOMOTEX 2019, a leading trade fair specializing in floor coverings.

The show will take place at Hanover Fairground in Hannover, Germany from January 11 to 14. This will mark Teijin Frontier’s third appearance at the event.

Teijin Frontier’s stand (F70, Hall 011) will showcase a variety of innovative floor coverings decorated with Japanese designs.

The products combine the distinctive beauty of Japanese design with “made in Japan” quality.

Polymers PET Petrochemicals Sustainability

Lenzing brings Refibra to Heimtextil for first time

Fiber technology also addresses the circular economy

Lenzing has put its Tencel-branded Lyocell fibers with Refibra technology in the spotlight at Heimtextil this week.

This is the first time Refibra has been the key Tencel fiber highlighted at a home & interior trade show.

Addressing the circular economy in home textiles, the Rifibra technology unites two innovations: the eco-friendly, closed loop production process of Tencel Lyocell fibers and the upcycling of a substantial proportion of cotton scraps.

Polymers PET Petrochemicals Sustainability

Saudi Arabia announces rise in oil reserves

Top oil exporter Saudi Arabia announced a slight rise in its crude oil reserves on Wednesday after they were independently audited, providing more detail about the size of deposits shrouded in secrecy for decades.

Saudi Arabia’s reserves of easily recoverable oil have long been the world’s largest but few details were public.

The external audit was started as part of preparations for the initial public offering of state oil company Saudi Aramco.

Polymers PET Petrochemicals Sustainability

Researchers at Tel Aviv University create sustainable tech that could rid the oceans of plastic

A group of researchers at Tel Aviv University have found a process to make bioplastic polymers that do not require fresh land or water, resources that are scarce in much of the world.

The polymer is derived from microorganisms that feed on seaweed, and is biodegradable, produces zero toxic waste, and recycles into organic waste.

The researchers harnessed microorganisms that feed on seaweed to produce a bioplastic polymer called polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA), and was found thanks the raw material of multicellular seaweed, which can be eaten by single-celled microorganisms which produce a polymer that can be used to make bioplastic.

Polymers PET Petrochemicals Sustainability

Report: BASF marketing Solvay assets to save deal

Materials Mergers & Acquisitions BASF SE Solvay SA

German chemical giant BASF SE’s attempts to gain approval for its 1.6 billion euro ($1.85 billion) acquisition of Solvay SA’s nylon business have taken another step forward, according to Reuters.

BASF is marketing some of the assets of the Belgium-based chemical group’s nylon business to other companies that tried to buy the Solvay business in a 2017 auction, the news agency reports in a Jan. 8 story from Frankfurt citing people close to the matter.

The companies reportedly include South Korea-based SK Innovation, China-based King Fa, and private equity firm SK Capital, which owns Ascend Performance Materials, a producer of adiponitrile (ADN).

ADN is the essential raw material to make hexamethylene diamine, which is the primary component of nylon 6/6 – a material used extensively in the auto industry for its high heat resistance.

Polymers PET Petrochemicals Sustainability

Chemical recycling of plastic waste

From plastic waste to new chemical products

Plastics do have proven benefits during their use phase – for example preservation of food loss, lightweight construction of vehicles and building insulation.

Plastic waste, however, and in particular plastic waste in the context of marine littering, is perceived as a major global challenge.

There is also increasing regulatory pressure regarding recycling quota and recyclability on the one hand and strong commitments of our customers towards increasing the share of recycled material in their offerings on the other hand.

Chemical recycling of plastic waste

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