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Prime Minister Theresa May will ask MPs to give her more time to secure changes to the controversial part of her Brexit deal – the Northern Irish backstop.

Mrs May is due to report back to MPs this week, after trying to persuade the EU to make last-minute changes.

According to the BBC’s Iain Watson, the PM will promise Parliament another vote on other Brexit options if a deal is still not ready by the end of February.

Labour wants to hold Mrs May to her word and make sure the vote is held.

The shadow Brexit secretary, Sir Keir Starmer, has said Labour has drafted an amendment which, if passed this week, would guarantee a vote by the end of the month.

Polymers Petrochemicals Automotive Recycled

A new textile made from infrared sensitive yarn coated with a thin layer of carbon nanotubes self-regulates its thermal properties depending on how hot or cold the wearer is. While the design and performance of the technology still needs to be optimized, the materials making up the fabric are readily available and the nanotubes can easily be added to the yarn during standard dyeing processes at little additional cost.

Many animals have evolved to efficiently manipulate infrared radiation for heating up and cooling down. Saharan silver ants, for example, dissipate excess heat thanks to triangular shaped hairs that can reflect near-IR rays depending on the position of the Sun. Things are different for humans – our bodies absorb and lose heat mainly through IR radiation with a wavelength of 10 microns. Unfortunately, neither our skin or even the most sophisticated of textiles made so far can control this wavelength channel in real time to regulate heating and cooling.

Polymers Petrochemicals Automotive Recycled

Concerns that trade disputes between the US and China would remain unresolved weighed.

SINGAPORE: OilNSE 0.06 % markets fell on Friday, pulled down by an economic slowdown, although supply cuts led by producer club OPEC and US sanctions against Venezuela provided crude with some support.

International Brent crude oil futures were down by 44 cents, or 0.7 per cent, at $61.19 per barrel, after falling 1.7 per cent the previous session.

Weighing on financial markets, including crude oil futures, were concerns that trade disputes between the United States and China would remain unresolved, denting global economic growth prospects.

Polymers Petrochemicals Automotive Recycled

Adipic acid is one of the most commercially important type of aliphatic dicarboxylic acids, especially due to its significant usage as a feedstock for the production of industrial fibers.

It is produced from the oxidation of a mixture of cyclohexanol and cyclohexanone with nitric acid.

Alternatively, adipic acid can also be produced from butadiene carbonylation. There has been a significant demand for chemically resilient, strong and durable fibers for the manufacture of automotive parts.

This has initiated a strong demand for adipic acid, since it is one of the key ingredients for the production of composite materials.

The major consumption of adipic acid is as the feedstock for the production for nylon 6,6 resin and engineering fibers.

The non-nylon applications of adipic acid include its usage in the manufacture of polyurethanes, plasticizers, food additives and pharmaceuticals.

The escalating demand for adipic acid from automotive, electrical & electronics, consumer goods and appliances industry is one of the chief drivers for the adipic acid market.

The extensive research and development in the textile production technology is also one of the key factors influencing the adipic acid market.

Polymers Petrochemicals Automotive Recycled

Canada-based American Manganese Inc. (AMY) announced that its processing partner, Kemetco Research, has commenced the processing of a select sample of Li-ion cathode scrap material through Stages 1 and 2 of a pilot recycling plant.

Commencement of the pilot plant followed a HAZOP study and preliminary testing of all the unit operations in Stage 1 and Stage 2.

Polymers Petrochemicals Automotive Recycled

American Manganese Inc. Battery Recycling Flow Sheet.


The orders index for textile machinery for the period ranging from October to December 2018, as compiled by ACIMIT, the Association of Italian Textile Machinery Manufacturers, fell compared to the same period for 2017. The index value stood at 101.9 points (basis: 2015 =100). ACIMIT represents an industrial sector that comprises around 300 companies.

Orders gathered by Italian machinery builders were, thus, negative both in Italy and abroad. On the domestic front, the index stood at an absolute value of 148 points, that is, fully 12 per cent less than the same period for October to December 2017. However, foreign markets were even further down at -16 per cent, with the index standing at an absolute value of 98.1 points, according to a press release by ACIMIT.

Polymers Petrochemicals Automotive Recycled

Asia’s adipic acid (ADA) may firm after the Lunar New Year holidays in the region on the back of re-stocking activities and firmer cost of feedstock benzene.

Chinese Lunar New Year fireworks light up the night sky over the Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong. (Photo by Alex Hofford/EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock)

– Current discussions remain thin

– Suppliers target higher offers post-holiday

– Slower-than-expected pick-up in demand likely

Discussions this week have been thin amid the week-long holiday in the markets of China, Taiwan and South Korea.

In the week ended 30 January, spot prices of ADA cargoes from China were assessed at $1,100-1,150/tonne CFR (cost & freight) NE (northeast) Asia, while those of other origins stood at $1,320-1,400/tonne CFR NE Asia, ICIS data showed.

Polymers Petrochemicals Automotive Recycled

Many people are willing to pay extra to have something recycled. But what if that’s not happening?

Utah residents have been charged tens of thousands of dollars over the past several months at the Salt Lake County Landfill to dispose of one thing: mattresses.

If you roll up to the landfill gate, there is a sign clearly posted that you will be charged $15 per mattress or box spring, on top of the regular fee to enter the dump.

Polymers Petrochemicals Automotive Recycled

New York private equity firm, One Rock Capital Partners, has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire the plastics distribution business of Nexeo Solutions.

The deal for Nexeo Plastics, a distributor of polymer products for a range of markets including packaging, will follow Nexeo’s pending acquisition by Univar and is expected to close during the first half of the year.

Polymers Petrochemicals Automotive Recycled

Automotive seating supplier Adient, struggling to overcome operational and launch problems, is still losing money, and it warned Thursday that sales and adjusted earnings will decline this year.

But Adient’s fiscal first-quarter net loss of $17 million was an improvement from a much steeper net loss of $216 million a year earlier.

The Plymouth Township, Mich., automotive supplier said earnings before interest and taxes fell 47 percent to $54 million, while revenue during the fiscal first quarter grew 1.1 percent to $4.15 billion.

Polymers Petrochemicals Automotive Recycled

It may take more than half a century to make the European economy circular, but the sooner “heavy investments” are made in new chemicals the less of a burden this will place on future generations, according to the chief of the EU’s chemicals regulator.

Bjorn Hansen, executive director at the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), added that circularity will invariably mean that both EU chemicals and waste regulations are merged, and that the ECHA would be well positioned to take part in the transition.

“We can achieve more circularity if we merge the two policy areas … Then you have to roll up your sleeves and make some very tough decisions: When do you switch from being linear with a few loops, to being totally circular,” said Hansen.

“The longer you postpone the transition, the more materials you accumulate in society, and the more of a problem you are leaving to your children to solve.”

In what is becoming a recurrent plea, Hansen also expanded on the “magnitude of the problem” about ECHA’s funding as the EU’s proposed 2020-2027 budget would cause a cut in real terms for the Helsinki-based Agency, making its remit of policing the safety of chemicals more complicated.

Polymers Petrochemicals Automotive Recycled

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