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-WOW 2019 provides new ideas for circular economy

INDA’s 13th annual World of Wipes (WOW) International Conference connected 390 participants from 19 countries to advance their wipes business in Atlanta, GA, last month.

The event provided valuable programme content with the latest innovations and presentations from industry leaders on issues, market trends, and statistical data to plan business strategies, as well as a 1.5-day WIPES Academy training course.

“World of Wipes was a great experience and a productive meeting for us,” said Howard J. Bochnek VP – Technology and Scientific Affairs, North American Infection Control and American Infection Control. “We are looking into the other upcoming INDA programs, and especially intend to be at WOW again next year.”

Polymers Petrochemicals Biodegradable Denim

-Sidel launches ultra-light PET bottle

Thanks to an extremely light industrial bottle design, Sidel’s new 500 ml PET packaging solution, the X-Lite Still, claims to offer a cost-effective and sustainable option for non-pressurised still water.

Aimed at producers looking to optimise their packaging and their production costs, the bottle weighs 6.5g and has a height of 195mm. A Novembal Novaqua RightCAP26 closure completes the offering.

Polymers Petrochemicals Biodegradable Denim

-Asia key petrochemical markets slump on prolonged US-China trade war

Key petrochemical markets in Asia have suffered double-digit price declines compared with the same period in 2018, amid shrinking global trade and weakened regional economies as the US-China trade war marks its first year.

Based on ICIS daily prices of five major products on 4 July, ethylene had the steepest year-on-year price plunge at 42%, with aromatics benzene and styrene registering declines of more than 20%.

Polymers Petrochemicals Biodegradable Denim

-RECOUP Report: Collaboration & Conversation Key to Solving Black Plastics

RECOUP, has led a cross-industry forum to address the barriers and improve the recycling of black plastic packaging which has published a new report.

Peterborough, UK based Plastics Recycling Charity, RECOUP, has led a cross-industry forum to address the barriers and improve the recycling of black plastic packaging which has published a new report.

The study provides the latest position of the forum ,and the progress which has been made since it was set up at the end of 2017. It represents an open collaboration from RECOUP members across the plastic packaging supply and recycling chain.

Polymers Petrochemicals Biodegradable Denim

-This plastic drinks bottle is made from plants

Plastic has transformed many aspects of daily life, from keeping food fresh to ensuring medical supplies stay sterile.

But in recent years it has become public enemy number one – almost entirely because of the way it is dealt with after it has been used.

Buried in landfill, it will stay there for hundreds of years. It releases toxic fumes into the atmosphere if incinerated. And far too much ends up in the world’s oceans.

Polymers Petrochemicals Biodegradable Denim

-Turkish circular economy-based solid waste PPP secures EUR 9 million loan

A joint venture between France’s Suez Groupe and Turkish waste management firm Altas has secured a EUR 9 million loan for a EUR 15 million circular economy-based project to develop an integrated solid waste management system in Turkey’s province of Canakkale under a public-private partnership (PPP).

According to the lender, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), Suez and Altas have won the international tender to provide circular economy-based waste collection, transportation, recycling, and disposal services under a 29-year concession in five towns: Canakkale, Lapseki, Kepez, Cardak, and Umurbey.

Polymers Petrochemicals Biodegradable Denim

-The Cape company pioneering plant-based bottles

The Mother City continues to prove itself as one of the world’s most forward-thinking environmentally-aware cities. Cape Town-based company FortisX is pioneering a clear water bottle made from 100% plant material. It’s just like a plastic bottle, without any of the plastic waste.

FortisX has seen a lot of evolution over the years but today specialises in niche textiles lines made from a variety of unique materials.

Polymers Petrochemicals Biodegradable Denim

-Malaysia’s Petronas looks to chemical recycling to tackle plastic waste problem

Malaysia’s Petronas Chemicals Group (PCG) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with UK company Plastic Energy Ltd, a chemical recycling company, to collaborate in addressing plastic waste that cannot be recycled by conventional means in Malaysia.

The strategic collaboration marks the first step towards a circular economy which maximizes the plastics value chain.

Polymers Petrochemicals Biodegradable Denim

-EU may gain market share with Mercosur trade deal

The EU could potentially gain market share from the US and the Middle East if it is able to consummate a trade deal with the Mercosur trading bloc in South America.

Mercosur includes Latin America’s largest economy, Brazil, as well as Argentina, its third biggest. Other members are Uruguay and Paraguay, which are much smaller countries.

A trade deal could give EU producers an advantage versus producers from other parts of the world because Mercosur charges tariffs of up to 18% on chemical imports.

Polymers Petrochemicals Biodegradable Denim

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