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Polymers Petrochemicals  Polymers Petrochemicals Polymers Petrochemicals Polymers Petrochemicals Polymers Petrochemicals Polymers Petrochemicals Polymers Petrochemicals Polymers


China – Price Trend of Filament Grade Semi Dull PET Chip

Polymers Petrochemicals

China – Price Trend of Filament Grade Bright PET Chip

BGPET – Bottle Grade Polyethylene Terephthalate – Quotation in NorthEast Asia (US $)

BGPET – Bottle Grade Polyethylene Terephthalate – China : Domestic Price Tren

China – Price Trend of PX – Paraxylene FOB Korea (US $)

PTA – Purified Terephthalic Acid – Price($) in Overseas Market (Taiwan)

China – Domestic MarketPTA – Purified Terephthalic AcidPrice(yuan)

China – Prices  of MEG Monoethyleglycol Overseas market CFR China L/C 90 days

Traded Prices (yuan) of MEG – Monoethylene Glycol East China Domestic Market

Spot Price ($) Trend of the  CPL – Caprolactam in Overseas Market L/C 90 days 

Trend of the domestic CPL – Caprolactam -yuan/mt- in East China

China -Price Trend (U.S. $ ) of Nylon 6

China – Nylon 66 chip domestic market price (yuan)

East China – Nylon conventional spinning chip price (yuan)

China – Polyester POY 150D/48F

China – Polyester DTY 150D/48F

South China – PSF 1,4D – 38mm -direct spinning

China : Polyurethane – Price Trend of Spandex 40D

CFR South Asia : ACN – Acrylonitrile Market (U.S. $)

East China : ACN – Acrylonitrile Market (yuan)

China : Price Trend of ASF 1,5D*38mm (Acrylic Staple Fibre)

China : VSF – Viscose Staple

China : Benzene $ FOB Korea

China : Price Trend of RMB Benzene

Traded Prices ($) of Naphtha

South China – Adipic Acid Price – Shandong – Xinjiang

China – Price Trend of Polypropylene -PP – Powder

LDPE Polyethylene – PE – CFR Far East – US$/mt

LDPE Polyethylene – PE– FD NWE – €/mt Pol Pe

LLDPE Polyethylene – PE – CFR Far East -US $/m Polymers Petrochemicals

LLDPE Polyethylene – PE – FD NWE – €/mt Polymers Pe

HDPE -High-density polyethylene   – CFR Far East – US$/mt Polymers

Homopolymer PP   -Polypropylene – CFR Far East – US$/mtP

Homopolymer PP  – Polypropylene  –  FD NWE – €/mtPe

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