Polypropylene Sustainable antistatic additive 05-01-2022

Polypropylene Sustainable antistatic additive

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-How to enhance your thin-wall packaging polypropylene formulation with a sustainable anti-static additive

In our latest Innovation Spotlight, Bjarne Nielsen, Global Industry Manager at Palsgaard A/S, introduces the company’s food-grade bio-based anti-static agents that deliver optimum migration performance in polypropylenes for long-lasting dust-free surfaces and clarity of thin-wall packaging.

As brand owners and manufacturers are seeking to minimise their carbon footprint and reduce the consumption of raw materials, there is an increasing demand for plastics that will enable durable thin-wall packaging designs without compromising the protection of the packaged products. Polypropylene Sustainable antistatic additive

However, a ‘minor’ detail that is often still overlooked in the quest for more sustainable packaging is the additives used in the material to maximise processability, handling and shelf-life.

This is where plant-based additives come into play, providing major performance and sustainability benefits over synthetic alternatives from efficient mould release to long-term consumer appeal and end-of-life recycling. A major property to these ends is the effective dissipation of static charges on the surface of the packaging material.

Static build-up is the single-most frequent source for the accumulation of dust and other fine particles which can severely impair the attractive look of packaged products, ultimately even leading to food waste due to poor consumer acceptance. While static energy is often not an issue during summer when humidity is normally higher and makes the air more conductive, it can be a huge problem during winter or more generally in colder climates. Polypropylene Sustainable antistatic additive

Thin-wall challenges for packaging additives

The market of injection moulded food and non-food packaging is dominated by random polypropylene (PP) copolymers, and PP block or impact PP copolymers. As highly versatile materials, these PP polymers are used in a wide range of different markets, including medical, food and consumer goods packaging – all of which require anti-static properties in some form. Notably, impact PP copolymers are by far the most important materials, especially for food containers, since they offer outstanding low temperature impact resistance.

Polypropylene Sustainable antistatic additive

-Singapore Q4 GDP expands by 5.9%; full-year ‘21 growth at 7.2%

Singapore’s economy expanded by 5.9% year on year in the fourth quarter, supported by strong growth in the manufacturing sector, official preliminary data showed on Monday. Polypropylene Sustainable antistatic additive

Manufacturing expanded by 14% year on year in October-December 2021, faster than the 7.9% growth posted in the third quarter, as output across all industrial segments grew, the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) said in a statement.

The construction sector grew by 2.0% on a year-on-year basis in the fourth quarter of 2021, much slower than the 66.3% growth recorded in the preceding quarter.

For the whole of 2021, Singapore’s economy posted a 7.2% growth, reversing the 5.4% contraction in 2020.

Manufacturing expanded by 12.8% year on year in 2021, while construction was up by 18.7%.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong had said that he expects the Singapore economy to expand by 3-5% in 2022.

Singapore Q4 GDP expands by 5.9%; full-year ‘21 growth at 7.2%

-How to enhance your thin-wall packaging polypropylene formulation with a sustainable anti-static additive

Singapore Q4 GDP expands by 5.9%; full-year ‘21 growth at 7.2%

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Polypropylene Sustainable antistatic additive

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