Recycled-polymer-feedstock – Battery-recycling 19-02-2022

Recycled-polymer-feedstock – Battery-recycling

-TotalEnergies to purchase and convert Honeywell’s recycled polymer feedstock in new agreement

Honeywell and TotalEnergies have agreed to promote the development of advanced plastic recycling. Under this agreement, Honeywell will supply TotalEnergies with recycled polymer feedstock (RPF) using Honeywell’s UpCycle Process Technology at the Honeywell and Sacyr advanced recycling plant, intended to be built in Andalucía, Spain. TotalEnergies will purchase and convert this raw material into virgin-quality polymers, which could be used for food-grade packaging and other high demanding applications. Recycled-polymer-feedstock – Battery-recycling

The UpCycle plant, which will be owned by a joint venture between Honeywell and Sacyr, is planned to process and convert yearly 30,000 tons of mixed plastic waste into RPF, that may otherwise be destined for landfill or incineration. The projected startup of the UpCycle plant is expected in 2023, with RPF to be used for the manufacturing of high-quality polymers in TotalEnergies’ European-based production units. With identical properties to virgin polymers, the recycled polymers are expected to be suitable for a wide range of applications including flexible and rigid food-grade packaging containers.

This first planned project represents the start of the collaboration between Honeywell and TotalEnergies in the field of advanced recycling. Recycled-polymer-feedstock – Battery-recycling

Both parties are committed to addressing the issue of plastic waste and helping to build a more circular and sustainable economy in Europe, and the rest of the world.

Recycled-polymer-feedstock - Battery-recycling

-Star Plastics Adds Leistritz Compounding Line

First one—at 58 mm—is the largest in Star’s fleet and was installed at its West Virginia plant in December.  Recycled-polymer-feedstock – Battery-recycling

Star Plastics has installed the first of two new twin-screw compounding extruders at its plant in Ravenswood, W. Va. This new machine marks the first phase of a larger investment that will amount to more than $5 million in 2022 as the company commits to major growth within its current market space to support current and new customers.

The new twin-screw is a 75 mm built by Leistritz and is Star’s largest

to date, improving production rates and tripling capacity in anticipation of continued long-term growth, the company said. The equipment also allows the Star team to increase the breadth of its product offering.

The Leistritz extruder was installed in Star’s Ravenswood facility in December 2021, with trials running throughout January 2022. The new high-torque machine provides improved material incorporation and dispersive mixing during production, and its special screw design can be modified to generate higher quality production outputs, Star Plastics says.  Recycled-polymer-feedstock – Battery-recycling

Star Plastics plans to introduce more product offerings for its customers and become a full-service supplier of compounded engineering-grade resins. When asked about this new investment, CEO Donald Wiseman said, “Our customers asked us to expand our current portfolio and capabilities—they want our quality, service, and delivery on even more material options, and we are going provide them with just that.”

Star Plastics Adds Leistritz Compounding Line

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Aqua-Metals’ lithium-ion-battery-recycling concept closer to completion

Recycled-polymer-feedstock – Battery-recycling

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