SIBUR packaging medical solutions PVD brands

SIBUR packaging medical solutions

SIBUR has developed PVD brands for packaging medical solutions

SIBUR packaging medical solutions

MOSCOW – The SIBUR NIOST Research Center has developed new brands of high pressure polyethylene (LDPE) that can be used in the manufacture of packaging for infusion solutions, the company said.

Traditionally, infusion solutions were manufactured by manufacturing pharmacies and packed in glass containers, however, after the transition to industrial production of infusion solutions in specialized enterprises, the proportion of polymer containers reached 60–70%. The advantages of such containers are its lightness, strength, resistance to negative temperatures, it is convenient to move and store it. SIBUR packaging medical solutions

Polymer containers are chemically inert, and the Blow-Fill-Seal production technology (blow-filling-sealing) provides the highest degree of sterility and protection against counterfeiting.

In 2019, SIBUR, on the basis of the existing LDPE LD03210 FE product solution, developed the special name of the same name for pharmacopoeial use. The new brand was tested by leading manufacturers of Blow-Fill-Seal equipment in Germany and Italy.

It has successfully passed tests in specialized laboratories for compliance with the requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia (EF), which confirmed its impeccable quality and allowed to draw up a declaration of conformity with the requirements of the EF. Currently undergoing large-scale testing of the brand by Russian manufacturers of infusion solutions. SIBUR packaging medical solutions

In 2020, a new improved brand LD03270 BM was developed. It was tested in the laboratory of Intertek in the Netherlands for compliance with the requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia.

In the near future, it is expected that the Declaration of Conformity will be drawn up and testing on the client side. The brand is characterized by increased density and the ability to withstand a higher sterilization temperature.

Sergei Komyshan, a member of the board – Executive Director of SIBUR, comments: “Until now, specialized pharmacopoeial brands of polyethylene have not been produced in Russia. New products developed by SIBUR will replace imported analogues, stimulate the growth of domestic production of polymer containers for infusion solutions and allow our country to depend on import of polymers in this significant medical segment. ”

Both brands of LDPE will be produced at the facilities of the Tomsk site of SIBUR.

Earlier it was reported that SIBUR and Netkanika, one of the largest manufacturers of high-quality non-woven materials, will increase the production of protective medical devices. SIBUR and Netkanika company signed a strategic cooperation agreement aimed at developing the export of polypropylene nonwovens manufactured by Netkanika from polypropylene manufactured by SIBUR. SIBUR packaging medical solutions

According to a ScanPlast review by Market Report, in March the total production of high-pressure polyethylene (LDPE) in Russia grew to 61 thousand tons against 53.7 thousand tons in February, Gazprom Neftekhim Salavat, Kazanorgsintez and Tomskneftekhim increased operating time. Thus, during the period under review, the total production volume of this type of PE amounted to 173.2 thousand tons, which is 3% more than a year earlier.

SIBUR is a vertically integrated gas processing and petrochemical company, operating at 26 production sites located in various regions of the Russian Federation. SIBUR sells products to more than 1.4 thousand consumers in the fuel and energy complex, the automotive industry, construction, production of consumer goods, chemical and other industries in 75 countries of the world. SIBUR packaging medical solutions

NIOST LLC is a scientific center for chemical technology, which has collected more than 150 units of modern laboratory and analytical equipment from leading manufacturers. The pilot plant workshop allows scaling of the developed technological processes. NIOST is a resident of a special economic zone of technology-innovative type.

Author: Anna Larionova

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