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Slovenian BioApp helps reduce pollution from single-use plastics

Slovenian BioApp pollution plastics

The Europen Union produces over 25 tonnes of plastic waste every year. In response, Slovenian and Italian scientists joined forces to develop the BioApp platform.

Biopolymers are innovative materials which provide a sustainable alternative to single-use plastics, because they incorporate natural mechanisms for their own degradation. Consequently, they do not pose any risk of accumulation in the environment in the same way as single-use plastics do. Slovenian BioApp pollution plastics

BioApp aims to foster research cooperation on the production of biopolymers from renewable sources, new competitive biopolymer-based products, alternative polymers or plastics, and to contribute to the emergent field of bioeconomics.

The BioApp platform will focus on the needs of the food, cosmetics and health-related industries in the border region between Slovenia and Italy. It will target researchers and industry but will also welcome engagement from the general public.

The project is financed with a total budget of 1.3 million euros, 85  per cent of which comes from the ERDF.