Stellantis electric cars 23-02-2023

Stellantis electric cars

-Stellantis: electric cars will have an almost double life. A great cost reduction

Electric car, master race. Green mobility wants to burst onto the scene by acclaim. Not only because it respects the environment and has no emissions, it is silent and uses only clean energy from the sun and wind. Gradually, the exclusively battery-powered cars have been appreciated for their pluses which are numerous compared to the old thermal cousins. Power, acceleration, dynamic values, habitability and available space. But management costs, reliability and a very infrequent relationship with assistance also stand out. As time passes, other positive characteristics emerge, capable of inviting manufacturers to exploit them to the full and consumers to reap the benefits above all for their wallets. Stellantis electric cars

A recent novelty, which has surprised even the technological producers of accumulators and the car manufacturers themselves, is the life of the batteries in real use. Virtual tests and laboratory tests had suggested a shorter useful life.
But it’s not just the expensive accumulator that stands the test of time. The mechanical simplification and the almost total absence of parts to be lubricated with polluting oils lengthens the existence of the entire vehicle which, already now, could have a lower cost per kilometer for the entire cycle from production to recycling. A virtuous path that feeds the nascent “circular economy”. Stellantis electric cars

Peugeot took pen and paper and did the math again. An electric car, if it takes full advantage of the advantages it has available, can last almost twice as long as a traditional car: the useful life rises from 15 years for internal combustion vehicles to 20-25 years. Consequently, it is necessary to adjust everything else and, periodically, renew those components that are not linked to the electrical soul.
In Peugeot, everything is based on the Stellantis STLA platforms, then everything must be recycled and recyclable up to providing some parts for complete renewal during the use of the vehicle. For example, the padding and upholstery can easily be changed when a new owner arrives and the software always remains “fresh” thanks to the OTA (Over the Air, like the smartphone) update. Stellantis electric cars

The French showed these new capabilities in great detail on the Inception concept exhibited at the recent CES in Las Vegas. The avant-garde racing car anticipates gems that will be on even more compact production cars from the Leone from 2025. There will be the “Steer-by-Wire” and the “Hypersquare” control in which the digital electric controls replace the mechanical connections.
The “BEV-by-design” electric native platforms will also introduce technology modules powered by artificial intelligence: STLA Brain, STLA SmartCockpit and STLA Autodrive. The most “human” part of the prototype sees the STLA Large platform which allows the creation of low (134 cm) and long (5 meter) vehicles. Stellantis electric cars

The 800-volt technology and the 100 kWh battery allow for rapid recharging and a range of 800 km. Consumption is contained (12.5 kWh per 100 km), the two motors on the axles deliver 500 kW (680 horsepower) which burn the 0-100 in less than 3 seconds.


Stellantis electric cars

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