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China – Polyethylene Terephthalate

PET and its chain continue to be  assessed mixed.

Crude oil continues its up/down.

Polyamide 6 and its chain are steady.

PET Bottle grade export 870/910 $/ton PET Bottle grade domestic market 6,950/7,050 yuan/ton PET Filament grade SD domestic market 6,450/6,550 yuan/ton – PET Filament grade BR domestic market 6,550/6,700 yuan/ton

PTA Taiwan 720/730 $/ton PTA domestic market 5,550/5,650 yuan/tonMEG  520/530 $/ton – MEG domestic market 4,200/4,350 yuan/tonPX Korea 810/820 $/ton

Polyester POY 150D/48F  domestic market 7,500/7,600  yuan/tonPolyester DTY 150D/48F  domestic market 9,150/9,250  yuan/tonPolyester Staple PSF domestic market 7,250/7,350 yuan/ton

Thermoplastics Petrochemicals Compounds

Crude Oil Prices Trend

Thermoplastics Petrochemicals Compounds

-NPP POLYPLASTIC wants to create a joint venture with Uzbek manufacturer of automotive components Uz-Koram 

NPP POLYPLASTIC, Russia’s largest manufacturer of thermoplastic composite materials, held talks with Uzbek-Korean manufacturer of automotive components Uz-Koram Co.  on the subject of cooperation, the press service of the enterprise.

The report said that in early June, the delegation of Uz-Koram Co. visited the headquarters of the leader of the Russian market of polymer compounds of NPP POLYPLASTIC.

Thermoplastics Petrochemicals Compounds

-Asian ethylene prices continue to journey south on Thursday

Ethylene prices in Asia dropped, for the second successive day, on Thursday. The price drop was triggered by persistent bearish regional buying sentiments coupled with plentiful product availability.
The price fall was further supported by weaker downstream PE demand and pricing trends.
Asian ethylene prices continue to journey south

-Vietnamese firms plan to penetrate Russian marketThermoplastics Petrochemicals Compounds

With the population of 143 million people, a GDP per capita approximating US$17,000 a year and the increasingly developing middle class which accounts for 10-25 percent, lots of Vietnamese firms have estimated that Russia is a highly lucrative, potential market for Vietnamese agricultural, forestry and fishery products, so they have been planning penetration into this market.

Firms like the Dakao Vietnam Company, that have stated that Russia is a new market in the cashew production and processing field. Formerly, Vietnamese firms majorly sold their products in the US,China and the Middle East. The company has been paying attention to market expansion and hopes that Russia will become a big market of the company. Thermoplastics Petrochemicals Compounds

Thermoplastics Petrochemicals Compounds

-Gebo AQFlex for FHPC

Capitalize on your product! AQFlex® supplies smooth single-lane conveying with full automatic changeover capability. Designed to fully respect fragile and premium containers, it gives you greater freedom to design attractive packaging shapes. An ideal solution for high-output production of unusually shaped or thin-wall containers!

Gebo AQFlex for FHPC

-Fujitsu pledges to reduce ocean plastic waste problem

Japanese multinational IT equipment and services company Fujitsu has announced plans to reduce its use of plastic in its business activities to help tackle ocean plastic waste.

Fujitsu’s pledge includes the withdrawal of plastic cups and straws and plastic-bottled drinks from its meeting spaces and café, and vending machines located on the company’s property. The vending machine bottled drinks will be gradually replaced with cans or paper cartons. The company said that this move will reduce the number of plastic bottles used from around seven million per year to zero.

ocean plastic waste problem

-Klöckner Pentaplast and Petcore Europe collaborate in recycling project

Klöckner Pentaplast (KP) recently ran a successful pilot as part of a Working Group with Petcore Europe to demonstrate that recycling post-consumer pots, tubs and trays made from PET from the domestic recycling stream can be used to manufacture more protective food packaging, creating a closed loop process for tray to tray recycling.

Thermoplastics Petrochemicals Compounds

-New Sustainable Fiber from Bottles at High Risk of Entering the Ocean

North Carolina based recycled fibre specialist, Unifi, has launched a new sustainable product dubbed REPREVE Our Ocean which is made from bottles collected within 50 kilometres of coastlines in countries or areas that lack formal waste or recycling systems. Thermoplastics Petrochemicals Compounds

North Carolina based recycled fibre specialist, Unifi, Inc. (NYSE: UFI), has launched a new sustainable product dubbed REPREVE Our Ocean™ which is made from bottles collected within 50 kilometers of coastlines in countries or areas that lack formal waste or recycling systems.

Unifi Launches Fiber Made From Ocean Waste for Greater Sustainability

-PET bottle resin prices start summer with a slump

It may be the start summer, when sales of cold beverages soar in North America, but prices for PET bottle resin aren’t rising with the temperatures.

Regional prices for PET bottle resin slumped an average of 3 cents per pound in May. The material remains in abundant supply, sources said.

Operating rates for PET resin as well as for paraxylene and MEG feedstocks remain low, sources said, making it difficult for producers to increase prices.

PET bottle resin

-Avantium targets 2023 opening for planned bioplastics plant and rebrands Synvina business.

“We expect that we need funding in place by the end of the next year of around €150 million, which is a combination of CAPEX, OPEX, start-up costs, working capital and running costs of this business until the plant is onstream.”

Dutch renewable chemicals company Avantium has announced that it has rebranded its Synvina business unit and is pressing ahead with plans to open its new bioplastics plant in 2023. Thermoplastics Petrochemicals Compounds

Avantium CEO Tom van Aken

-Mayer & Cie to show MJ 3.2 E electronic jacquard at ITMA13

Mayer & Cie (MCT) will display a mesh and body mapping specialist, the electronic single jersey machine MJ 3.2 E, at ITMA 2019, in hall H 8.0, booth C204. The leading textile and garment technology exhibition will be held from June 20-26, 2019, in Barcelona, Spain. MCT is a leading international manufacturer of circular knitting machines from Germany.

Body mapping, like a similar structure, mesh, is much in demand in the sporting market segment. Athleisure is currently a key growth driver for circular knits. Mesh is a net-like hole pattern. A finer basic thread, usually a monofilament yarn, is responsible for the hole structure while the thicker plating thread – cotton for example – provides the requisite thick spots.

Mayer & Cie to show MJ 3.2 E electronic jacquard

-McDermott wins paraxylene technology contract in China

McDermott (MDR +2.6%) moves higher after saying it was awarded a sizeable technology contract from Ningbo Union King Polyester Material for the technology license, process design engineering and operator training for a large paraxylene plant in Ningbo, China. Thermoplastics Petrochemicals Compounds

McDermott paraxylene technology


INVISTA Performance Technologies (IPT; Wichita, Kan.; and Koch-Glitsch (Wichita, Kan.;, affiliates of Koch Industries Inc., announced today an expansion of their partnership to offer the proprietary ExoS technology to customers. The technology allows refineries to generate an olefin rich C6/C7 raffinate with less than 10 ppm sulfur that bypasses the FCC naphtha hydrotreater for direct blending.


-Achieving a circular economy begins with the proper sorting of plastic packaging

recycled plasticsA big problem that contributes to low recycling rates both in Europe and North America is the difficulty of sorting. At the consumer level, it requires looking for the triangular symbol, knowing if the local recycler takes all seven numbers or only a few of them, and which ones. If there were an easier way to sort recyclable products, recycling rates would certainly go up.

circular economy begins with the proper sorting of plastic packaging

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