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China – Polyethylene Terephthalate

PET and its chain are always weak.

Crude oil is steady.

Polyamide 6 and its chain are also weak.

PET Bottle grade export 870/920 $/ton PET Bottle grade domestic market 6,950/7,100 yuan/ton PET Filament grade SD domestic market 6,400/6,550 yuan/ton – PET Filament grade BR domestic market 6,500/6,650 yuan/ton

PTA Taiwan 740/750 $/ton PTA domestic market 5,400/5,500 yuan/tonMEG  530/540 $/ton – MEG domestic market 4,200/4,300 yuan/tonPX Korea 820/830 $/ton

Polyester POY 150D/48F  domestic market 7,300/7,400  yuan/tonPolyester DTY 150D/48F  domestic market 9,050/9,150  yuan/tonPolyester Staple PSF domestic market 7,150/7,300 yuan/ton

Thermoplastics Petrochemicals PET Resin

-Crude Oil Prices Trend  Thermoplastics Petrochemicals PET Resin   Thermoplastics Petrochemicals PET Resin

-Argex Titanium and China’s ECEC sign engineering agreement

Argex Titanium says it has signed a long term strategic cooperation agreement with East China Engineering Science and Technology Co, located in Hefei, China, to provide access to engineering skills to address the rapidly expanding Chinese demand for titanium dioxide (TiO2). Thermoplastics Petrochemicals PET Resin

ECEC is, according to Argex, one of the largest engineering procurement and construction (EPC) companies in China and has built over 2,000 plants across a range of chemical products. “It also specialises in bringing new innovation to market with its strong and very large engineering capabilities,” Argex said.

Thermoplastics Petrochemicals PET Resin

-Asia ACN falls for first time since mid-Jan; supply to stay tight

Asia’s acrylonitrile (ACN) prices fell for the first time since mid-January, weighed down by weak performance of downstream markets, even as supply is expected to remain limited due to ongoing and upcoming plant turnarounds.

In the week ended 31 May, spot ACN prices dropped by $50-70/tonne from the previous week to $1,950-2,000/tonne CFR (cost & freight) NE (northeast) Asia, according to ICIS.

Thermoplastics Petrochemicals PET Resin

-China chemicals will suffer more as trade war intensifies

As the US-China trade war intensifies, China chemical markets will suffer further falls in margins and pricing, according to an ICIS consultant.

In a podcast interview (see foot of story) senior ICIS consultant, John Richardson, said that the ramping up of the trade war is hurting confidence amongst China’s domestic consumers as well as export-oriented manufacturers.

There is evidence that Chinese polyethylene (PE) converters are moving to other Asian markets such as Vietnam where they can set up production plants in just two months to avoid trade war tariffs, he added.

On 1 June China ramped up tariffs on $60bn of US imports from 5%-10% up to 5%-25%.Thermoplastics Petrochemicals PET Resin

Thermoplastics Petrochemicals PET Resin

-Texfelt launches new eco-engineered underlay

Texfelt’s Springbond underlay is trying to combat the eight million tonnes of plastic that fill our oceans every year. © Texfelt

Texfelt’s Springbond underlay is trying to combat the eight million tonnes of plastic that fill our oceans every year. © Texfelt

In a bid to give plastic bottles and other single-use plastics a new lease of life, Texfelt, a British manufacturer, has launched an environmentally friendly luxury carpet underlay, which could see flooring retailers help customers re-use 180 plastic bottles per roll of underlay they buy.

Thermoplastics Petrochemicals PET Resin

-The interplay between size and valence state on the antibacterial activity of sub-10 nm silver nanoparticles

Silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) have attracted enormous interest because of their excellent antibacterial properties, low cytotoxicity and limited evidence for resistance. As a general trend, smaller nanoparticles are considered to have stronger antibacterial activity. In this work we investigate whether this trend is valid for the sub-10 nm region by designing and synthesising three types of sub-10 nm AgNPs (1.87, 2.93 and 6.53 nm) to reveal the influence of size, valence state and structure on the antibacterial potency of AgNPs.

-Reifenhäuser: ‘The world of plastics needs to change’ to improve sustainability

Ulrich Reifenhäuser, chief sales officer of German extrusion lines manufacturer Reifenhäuser Group, says plastics industry players, including those within the Germany machinery trade group VDMA, are working to tackle the growing plastic waste issue.

Part of that requires “a comprehensive change of awareness in society” to tackle the growing plastic waste issue, he said.

Thermoplastics Petrochemicals PET Resin

-Norner and Sibur work on formula for success

Petrochemical firm Sibur has joined forces with Norwegian R&D company Norner to cooperate in product development and polymer recycling at the former’s new PolyLab.

PolyLab will foster the use of recycled materials and the application of polymers in a circular economy. To this end, samples of new PE and PP grades will be transformed at the centre’s pilot manufacturing lines into pipes, medical goods, films, food packaging, canisters and other products.

Norner has already worked with Sibur on several projects for the last seven years but will nowjointly develop new product solutions and optimise polymer stabilising formulas. These will include innovative green polymer grades, catalysis testing, as well as new chemical and technical recycling technologies.

Thermoplastics Petrochemicals PET Resin

-Ohio PET reclaimer acquired by Asian plastics giant

Far Eastern New Century has bought Phoenix Technologies, marking the latest instance of a large plastics manufacturer deepening its stake in U.S. recycling.

A major producer of both recycled and virgin PET, Taiwan-based Far Eastern New Century (FENC) announced the acquisition on June 3. Phoenix has a Bowling Green, Ohio plant capable of producing up to 80 million pounds of recycled PET each year for food and drink packaging and other markets.

“Due to the strong demand for green products in the U.S. market, this acquisition is targeting to meet the sustainable development goals from FENC’s downstream global beverage brand and consumer product clients,” according to the press release.

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