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Wolford launches stockings in regenerated nylon


Wolford  stockings regenerated nylon

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For summer 2019 Wolford launches stockings in regenerated nylon from fishing nets and other materials recovered at sea.

Beautiful and sustainable.
Sustainability has different faces. Fishnet tights made with the innovative Econyl are Wolford’s latest approach to a better world.

After developing the first Cradle to Cradle certified garments in the industry, the brand’s experts have created another idea: the Net tighs made with Econyl yarn, regenerated nylon from fishing nets and other materials recovered at sea.

In principle: the history of Econil begins in Italy where the Aquafil group, leader in the reproduction of polymers and Nylon6, has its headquarters.

Their mission is “to play a fundamental role in the development of new sustainable models”, which led to the birth of the Econyl brand.

To create new fibers from regenerated nylon from landfill waste and from those abandoned at sea, they have developed a completely new process and machinery.

Collecting used nylon, separating it from the other ingredients and generating new yarns, thus highlighting not only the problem of waste of resources but also that of environmental pollution and recycling.

We love stockings, and the ocean is full of potential raw materials.

The Econyl yarn creates high quality fibers for the products so loved by the company’s consumers starting from regenerated nylon.

In Wolford, through the Aquafil Regeneration Process, regenerated nylon “is reborn” in tights with a trendy style, without seams and with exceptional quality. What is the thing we like most about this new product?

The fact of supporting a wonderful initiative like WORLD OCEAN DAY which is celebrated on June 8th, and helping the great environmental system to recover, for a world that goes beyond the next season.
And what do you think of this important sustainability initiative but above all of these new super fashion socks that are worn and remember the charm and beauty of the sea?

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