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PET washing – Hydrogen – Cars

Crude Oil Prices Trend

Crude Oil Prices Trend

Crude Oil Prices Trend

-Amut: upgrade of Mohawk   plant

Amut announced the successful upgrade of Mohawk Industries’ PET washing plant in Summerville, Georgia USA in September 2022. Mohawk Industries is an American flooring manufacturer.

Anthony Georges, President of Amut North America Inc. stated, Amut had done a trial of Mohawk’s dirty flakes a few years ago in the patented Amut PET flake aashing system which demonstrated the cleanliness of their material and how much more efficiently they could operate their fibre extrusion lines. PET washing – Hydrogen – Cars

The results were extremely positive and as such Mohawk purchased Amut’s 4,000kg/h flake washing system.

Mark Dye, Mohawk’s VP of Recycling Operations confirmed the results: “The Amut Friction Washer is a great machine for removing and cleaning our PET flakes, along with their Turbo washer unit, which assists in the removal of the inorganic fines that are embedded in the dirty MRF PET bottle bales. The cleanliness  translates into improved performance in our downstream processes. PET washing – Hydrogen – Cars

Since we are a vertically integrated business with our own recycling plant, Extrusion Fiber operation and Carpet Manufacturing Production plants, we are seeing the quality improvements immediately with a cleaner flake.” Dye particularly emphasised that the the water and chemicals consumption in the cleaning process have been reduced while achieving better quality.


PET washing - Hydrogen - Cars

-Cars become virtual power plants (and make money)

By storing energy at off-peak hours and selling it at peak times, battery-powered cars create the grid of the future PET washing – Hydrogen – Carsr
Does charging an electric car cost a lot? Perhaps. It depends on many factors. But what if we told you that instead of spending money when you leave your car plugged in, is there a way to make money? Just keep in mind a few words: virtual powerhouses.
Unlike physical ones, which immediately catch the eye for reinforced concrete buildings, chimneys and transmission lines, virtual power plants can be defined as a series of points where distant but connected energy sources are located. And among these there are also electric vehicles.


PET washing - Hydrogen - Cars

-Microplastics: A vast but barely visible problem

Microplastic pollution, overlooked for decades, continue to pervade bodies, air, oceans and soils.

Reading Matt Simon’s disturbing new book, “A Poison Like No Other: How Microplastics Corrupted Our Planet and Our Bodies,” I found a question running through my head like a refrain: Why did we not recognize this massive problem of miniscule plastics earlier?

Simon, a science journalist at Wired magazine, dissects how microplastics — fragments and fibers less than 5 millimeters long (roughly a pencil eraser’s width) — now pervade bodies, air, oceans and soils. PET washing – Hydrogen – Cars

“The past half-century environmentalists have been on a crusade against single-use wrappers and bottles,” he writes, but “all the while microplastics have spread like a plague around the world and hardly anyone noticed.”

Microplastic pollution was “overlooked for decades because most of it is invisible to the naked eye,” Abby Barrows, a marine researcher on Deer Isle who in 2012 was among the first scientists to start sampling coastal waters for microplastics, explained to me. Researchers who observed the material under microscopes may have assumed that the plastics were due to contamination of samples, she added, despite an early warning of the problem in scientific literature. PET washing – Hydrogen – Cars


PET washing - Hydrogen - Cars

-NextChem awarded feasibility study to decarbonize waste-to-energy plant in Italy

Maire Tecnimont S.p.A. (Milan, Italy) announces that its subsidiary NextChem has been awarded a Feasibility Study by Foresight Group for a carbon capture and sustainable methanol synthesis plant in the ETA Manfredonia waste-to-energy plant in Puglia, a Southeastern Italian region. Upon completion of the Feasibility Study, the successful finalisation of the permitting process as well as the subsequent final investment decision, the execution of the engineering and construction phases will be carried out by other Maire Tecnimont Group’s subsidiaries, under an integrated approach aimed at valorizing distinctive skills and competences within the Group. PET washing – Hydrogen – Cars

Foresight Group is a 13-billion-Euro sustainability-led, alternative assets fund manager invested into several assets globally including waste-to-energy plants.


NextChem awarded feasibility study to decarbonize waste-to-energy plant in Italy

-Ecostore H2 gets €3.8m from PNR for storage and transport of Hydrogen

The Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security funds the national project “Ecostore H2,” which aims to develop eco-sustainable ultra-porous polymers and carbons for the storage and transportation of hydrogen.

The Institute for Composite Polymers and Biomaterials (IPCB) of the CNR of Portici (Naples) is a partner in the project. PET washing – Hydrogen – Cars

In addition to the Cnr-Ipcb, the University of Sannio (Benevento), the Fiat Research Center (now in the Stellantis group), and SOL S.p.A., a company listed on the Milan Stock Exchange and a leader in the production and distribution of technical gases like oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen, are partners in the 36-month project, which has total funding of 3,800,000 euros and is coordinated by the University of Eastern Piedmont.


Ecostore H2 gets €3.8m from PNR for storage and transport of Hydrogen

-Emissions, costs and materials: why electric is a loser

Stopping internal combustion vehicles is useless for the climate, harmful for the environment, socially impracticable and destructive for industry and the economy. The good news is that there won’t be, because in the end, consumers will decide. But now government and industry decide whether to follow science or Greta.
Useless. PET washing – Hydrogen – Cars

The climate is changing and the most accredited scientific hypothesis claims that it depends on man-made greenhouse gases, the concentration of which in the atmosphere increased from 280 parts-per-million in 1850 to 370 in 2000, the year of China’s entry into the WTO and its industrial take-off, up to the current 420. Global CO2 is 37 billion tonnes (gt).

Now, the European Parliament, the same one that decided to stop, says that “the transport sector is responsible for 30% of total CO2 emissions in Europe, of which 72% comes from road transport alone”.


PET washing - Hydrogen - Cars

-Closing the PEX pipe loop

Neste, Borealis, Uponor, Wastewise group partner on PEX chemical recycling project

In what the four partners – Neste, Borealis, Uponor and Wastewise – believe to be a one of the first projects to do so, an initiative aimed at the chemical recycling of PEX waste from pipe production operations into feedstock for new PEX pipe production has yielded successful results. PET washing – Hydrogen – Cars

Robust PEX pipes, mainly used in cooling, heating and plumbing applications, offer temperature resistance and longevity.

However, the interconnected polymer chains make them nearly impossible to recycle with conventional recycling technologies. PEX chemical recycling project

The present initiative demonstrates that industrial PEX waste can be chemically recycled and, using an ISCC plus certified mass-balancing approach, reprocessed into a feedstock suitable for the production of new PEX pipes.  PET washing – Hydrogen – Cars


Closing the PEX pipe loop

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