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Enzymatic technologies – Indorama IVL

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Enzymatic technologies - Indorama IVL

Crude Oil Prices Trend

Crude Oil Prices Trend Polyestertime

Crude Oil Prices Trend Polyestertime

-Russia’s oil/gas revenues fall 40% in January

Russia’s revenues from oil and gas exports dropped by nearly 40% in January as price caps and Western sanctions squeezed the proceeds from Moscow’s most lucrative export, said Hydrocarbonprocessing. Enzymatic technologies – Indorama IVL

Russia’s oil and gas export revenues were USD18.5 billion in January, 38% lower than the USD30 billion Moscow received in January 2022, a month before its invasion of Ukraine, according to IEA numbers shared with Reuters. IEA Executive Director Fatih Birol said Western measures targeting Russian energy exports had achieved their aims of stabilizing oil markets and reducing Moscow’s revenues from oil and gas exports.

“Our expectation is that this oil and gas revenue decline will be steeper in the next months to come. And even more steep in the mid-term, as a result of the lack of access to technology and investment,” Birol told Reuters. International restrictions imposed on Russia in response to the Ukraine war, including a USD60 a barrel crude price cap imposed by Group of Seven countries, have left Russia’s Urals blend being sold at a heavy discount to Brent. Enzymatic technologies – Indorama IVL

The 27-country European Union also banned Russian seaborne oil imports from December, and has placed sanctions on exports to Russia of technologies needed for oil refining. The United States and Britain have also imposed restrictions on Russian oil imports.

Moscow relies on income from oil and gas – last year around 11.6 trillion roubles (USD154.68 billion) – to fund its budget spending, and has been forced to start selling international reserves to cover a deficit widened by the cost of its invasion of Ukraine.

Europe is meanwhile racing to wean itself off Russian gas, after Moscow cut pipeline deliveries to the EU following its Feb. 2022 invasion of Ukraine. That pushed European gas prices to record highs and left countries struggling to find alternative supplies and launch energy-saving measures. Birol said EU countries made progress in improving energy security last year, including a rapid expansion of renewable energy and heat pumps to reduce the need for fossil fuels. Enzymatic technologies – Indorama IVL


Russia's oil/gas revenues fall 40% in January

-Remarkable Mushroom Could Replace Plastics In Everyday Products

Researchers have found that a certain mushroom could replace plastic as a raw material for a myriad of everyday products. A Feb. 22 study published in Science Advances expounded on the capability of the Fomes fomentarius mushroom to yield a wide range of materials with different properties. Enzymatic technologies – Indorama IVL

  1. fomentarius becomes hoof-shaped as it ages, gaining it the nickname “hoof fungus.” The mushroom has been branded the “tinder fungus” as it is easily combustible and has been used to start fires for thousands of years.

The researchers scrutinized F. fomentarius using advanced imaging techniques and mechanical strength tests to study each layer and assess their potential uses. They found that it possesses different material properties ranging from soft and sponge-like to tough and woody.


Mushroom Could Replace Plastics

-Mercedes-Benz begins building battery recycling factory in southern Germany

MERCEDES-BENZ laid the foundation stone for a sustainable battery recycling factory in Kuppenheim, southern Germany on Friday (Mar 3).

The pilot plant will have an annual capacity of 2500 tonnes and will contribute to the production of more than 50,000 battery modules for new electric Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

Recycled batteries will come from test vehicles and start-up batteries. Based on the pilot’s success, production volumes could be scaled up in the medium to long term.

Commissioning for the first stage of the plant – mechanical dismantling – is scheduled to begin in December this year. Subject to talks with the public sector, the pilot factory will be completed a few months later. Enzymatic technologies – Indorama IVL

The Kuppenheim plant already runs a CO2-neutral operation with solar and green electricity. Its construction is being funded as part of a scientific research project by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection.

“We are sending an important signal of innovative strength in Baden-Württemberg and Germany for sustainable electromobility,” said Jörg Burzer, management board member of Mercedes-Benz in production and supply chain management.


Mercedes-Benz begins building battery recycling factory in southern Germany

-It’s Time to ‘Rethink Nonwovens’ – Meet Henkel at INDEX

Düsseldorf – Under the motto “Rethink Nonwovens”, Henkel will present breakthrough solutions to enhance the sustainability and efficiency in Nonwovens manufacturing at INDEX 2023, held from April 18 to 21 at Palexpo, Geneva, Switzerland. At stand 2255, Henkel will showcase Technomelt DM ECO, a new sustainability-focused adhesives grade for the Nonwovens market. For high performance, high efficiency bonding applications, Henkel will present its state-of-the-art Easyflow® hot melt adhesive solution, which employs an auto-feed system for safe and efficient delivery to set new standards in process performance. Enzymatic technologies – Indorama IVL

At INDEX, visitors can also learn more about Smart Adult Care, an innovative solution from Henkel Qhesive Solutions that combines Nonwovens with printable electronics to revolutionize adult incontinence management.

“INDEX brings together the global Nonwovens key value chain players to meet, collaborate and discover the latest innovations and best practices. As a leading partner to this dynamic industry, we are excited to presenting solutions that allow our customers to design and manufacture safer, more sustainable, and more cost-effective products and materials,” said Eilyn Meneses Villabona, Senior Market Strategy Manager Personal Hygiene Adhesives EIMEA at Henkel.

Unlocking a new era of sustainability

With Technomelt DM ECO, Henkel is launching a sustainability-focused grade for the first time to the European Nonwovens market?. The new range of direct bio-based adhesives for hygiene products construction, enables elastics and positioning applications to be carried out with more than 50% bio-based, non-fossil sources.

In this way, Technomelt DM ECO makes more sustainable product designs possible, while helping hygiene manufacturers reduce their CO2 footprint. The adhesives range is compatible with renewable and standard substrates without compromising on process efficiency. Enzymatic technologies – Indorama IVL

Optimizing Operational Efficiency with Easyflow®

Henkel will also present its Easyflow® hot melt adhesive system at INDEX 2023. This cutting-edge adhesive is based on a new pressure-sensitive, patented product form that enables safe and efficient delivery, and increases production line´s efficiency. Supplied in small, non-sticky micro chubs, the adhesive’s unique form melts on demand, and enables the auto-feeding of Technomelt DM adhesives into hot melt tanks to enhance safety and operations while avoiding interruptions to production. The auto-feeding process minimizes the time the adhesive is molten inside the tank, reducing the risk of the build-up of VOCs while also reducing energy consumption by up to 20%. Easyflow®´s closed system integration reduces the risk of adhesives contamination from foreign materials entering the hotmelt tanks. Enzymatic technologies – Indorama IVL


Enzymatic technologies - Indorama IVL

-Colorado city plans development of pyrolysis plant, plastics sorting facility

The city of Greeley, Colorado, is discussing the development of a plastic sorting facility and pyrolysis plant.  Enzymatic technologies – Indorama IVL

The city of Greeley, Colorado, is in talks with an unidentified company to develop a pyrolysis plant and an associated plastics sorting facility in the city.

The proposed pyrolysis plant would be next to Andersen’s Sales & Salvage on 8th Street in Greeley, according to a memo from Benjamin Snow, Greeley’s director of Economic Health and Housing, and J.R. Salas, manager of the Greeley Urban Renewal Authority (GURA), sent Jan. 30 to GURA’s board of commissioners. The memo states that Andersen purchased that property from GURA in 2022 and holds the title to this property under the name ASR Energy LLC. Andersen intends to convey plastic scrap from its auto recycling operations to the adjacent site for processing, according to the report.

To make the plant economically viable, GURA reports that the unidentified company it is working with will collect household waste and sort it into plastics destined for the pyrolysis plant. The report states that the unidentified company has secured commitments from household waste haulers operating in Greeley to use their proposed local sorting facility site as the delivery point.

Snow tells Recycling Today Media Group that Greeley City Council still needs to approve plans for the facility, and, until that happens, he and GURA wish to keep the name of the company unidentified. Enzymatic technologies – Indorama IVL

According to GURA, the unidentified company owns real estate in Greeley but is actively looking for an alternative location closer to the proposed pyrolysis plant.


Colorado city plans development of pyrolysis plant, plastics sorting facility

Enzymatic technologies – Indorama IVL 06-03-2023