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Graphene Crowdfunding Update planarTECH

Graphene Crowdfunding Update: planarTECH launches an equity campaign to support its future growth potential

Graphene Crowdfunding Update planarTECH

UK-based planarTECH is launching an equity crowdfunding campaign at on Seedrs, as part of Graphene-Info’s Graphene Crowdfunding Arena. planarTECH aims to expand its current business and also initiate new graphene endeavors.

planarTECH, founded in 2014, supplies CVD equipment for the production of high quality graphene sheets, as well as other 2D materials. Graphene Crowdfunding Update planarTECH

The company was focused on research institutes, and already sold over 65 systems with a customer list that includes Manchester University, the University of Cambridge, Stanford University and the National University of Singapore.

planarTECH aims to expand its business by continuing to supply more R&D systems, initiate a system support service, start offering industrial-scale system (it already has strong interest from several potential customers) and also start producing CVD graphene materials, for which it already identified and engaged target customers.

Finally, planarTECH is also seeing strong interest for its R&D systems for next-generation 2D materials (such as MoS2) which could be another growth area.

planarTECH is the first company to apply to our Graphene Crowdfunding Arena, and potential investors can currently pre-register for exclusive early access to this campaign. The first step should be to join Seedrs as an investor (which will also enable the participation in future campaigns) and then to apply to planarTECH’s investment page as an interested investor. Graphene Crowdfunding Update planarTECH

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