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Kaliningrad Group Companies Ekopet

Kaliningrad Group of Companies

“Ekopet” for sale

Kaliningrad Group Companies Ekopet

The group includes an industrial complex, a trading house, and an industrial park “BaltTechProm”
The Ekopet group of companies was put up for auction by Trust Bank, according to the National Electronic Platform. The starting price of the auction is 5.5 billion rubles. The group includes 3 legal entities: an industrial complex, a trading house, and an industrial park “BaltTechProm” (Baltic Industrial Park). The total area of ​​the park’s land plots is 132 hectares. The auction will take place on September 21. The auction step is 10 million rubles. Ecopet Group’s revenue in 2019 amounted to RUB 15.4 billion.

“The bank managed the Ekopet Group of Companies from 2018 to 2020. During this time, the maximum load of the plant’s installed capacity was reached. A pool of new clients was attracted, including those outside the Customs Union.Kaliningrad Group Companies Ekopet

In addition, the organizational, commercial and technological transformation of the enterprise was carried out. Now this is a business with a completed investment phase, “said Mikhail Khabarov, Chief Executive Officer of the Trust non-core assets bank.

The production of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is located in Kaliningrad on the shore of the shipping channel. Ekopet is provided with its own railway line, located near the international sea trade port of Kaliningrad, which provides optimal logistics for the purchase of raw materials (Southeast Asia) and the sale of finished products (Russia, EU, North America).Kaliningrad Group Companies Ekopet

LLC “Balttehprom” is an infrastructure site with a total area of ​​132 hectares, of which Ekopet occupies 20 hectares. The infrastructure is fully prepared for new large tonnage production facilities, including TPA and fiber PET, there is a possibility of building a quay wall.

The polyethylene terephthalate production capacity reaches 220 thousand tons per year. The granulate is produced under the EköPet trademark and is used for the production of food packaging and PET bottles, specifies rupec.ru.

Kaliningrad Group Companies Ekopet

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On 21 September, the Ekopet plant in Kaliningrad, with a capacity exceeding 200 thousand tons per year, will be auctioned. ( Italian Language Only)