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Petrochemicals Nylon66 Polyamide6

Crude Oil Prices Trend

Crude Oil Prices Trend

-Krones : Contipure AseptBloc DN now validated and filed to the US FDA

Krones is pleased to announce it has successfully completed the process of validating its Contipure AseptBloc DN system, and gained its approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The Contipure AseptBloc DN is part of the standard aseptic equipment portfolio from Krones, and consists in a bloc configuration system with both aseptic filling and blowmolding of PET containers. Decontamination of primary packaging materials, consisting in preforms and closures, is performed with gaseous hydrogen peroxide (H2O2).

The system, already 3-A Certified, is now FDA approved for the filling of sterile low acid foods that can be stored and distributed at ambient temperature conditions.

Petrochemicals Nylon66 Polyamide6

-Polyester: cautious about later peak-season end-user demand despite recent recovery

Downstream demand has recovered on the month since late-Jul, but diversified performances are seen. Orders for fabric for home textiles apparently improve. Warp knitting plants in Haining and Changshu and water-jet units in Changxing, which are major representative production bases for fabric for home textiles, witness better orders, with run rate up to near 80-90%. However, the improvement of fabric for apparel and boxes and bags are weaker. Operating rate of apparel fabric bases representative by water-jet units in Wujiang and circular knitting plants in Xiaoshan and Shaoxing is low. The run rate hits yearly low in Wujiang, near 50%, as many companies cut run rate amid poor sales and higher stocks of grey fabric and losses. Petrochemicals Nylon66 Polyamide6

Why is business for fabric for home textiles better than that for apparel and bags and boxes?

Petrochemicals Nylon66 Polyamide6

-Main Southeast Asian textile export countries saw orders shortage and falling exports

Negative impact of COVID-19 on the global economy is deepening and expanding unceasingly, which also affects major participants in the global textile industry. For example, their exports fell, orders were insufficient, and some even applied for suspension of business and production cuts.Petrochemicals Nylon66 Polyamide6

1.Vietnamese textile and apparel exports are expected to drop by 16% in 2020.

According to statistics from Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the exports of various yarns in Jan-Jul 2020 decreased by 20.9% compared with that in the same period of 2019; Exports of fabrics decreased by 40% and those of processed textiles dropped by 12.1%. The VCCI reminded that in the second half of 2020, Vietnamese textile mills will need to strengthen the development of the Vietnamese domestic market and cut production and management costs to make up for their revenue, while maintaining product quality, resetting production lines and manpower deployment measures to weather the effects of the pandemic.

Petrochemicals Nylon66 Polyamide6

-The polypropylene market is expected to increase in supply and demand, and contradictions may gradually appear

The peak of overhaul of domestic polypropylene plants has passed, new plants are being started one after another, and the market supply is expected to increase gradually. Although the traditional peak season for demand is about to enter, due to the supply pressure in the market outlook, the epidemic and floods, the downstream is mostly bearish, demand recovery is slow, and the contradiction between supply and demand may gradually appear. Petrochemicals Nylon66 Polyamide6

On the supply side, after the peak of the new crown epidemic in March, the downstream operating rate rebounded rapidly, petrochemical depots went smoothly, and inventories fluctuated at low levels recently. According to market news, as of August 21, the polyolefin inventory of the two oils reached 660,000 tons, a decrease of 11.4% compared to the same period last year.

Petrochemicals Nylon66 Polyamide6

-A new type of plastic may be the first that is infinitely recyclable

A new type of plastic that can be easily broken down into its chemical building blocks and reassembled into high-quality products could reduce the amount of plastic waste ending up in landfill.Petrochemicals Nylon66 Polyamide6

More than 300 million tonnes of plastic are produced globally each year and only a small fraction – about 10 per cent in the US, for instance – is recycled. The rest is tipped into landfill, incinerated or leaked into the environment.

One reason why so little plastic is recycled is because it is hard to break down, and the processes typically used to remould old plastic weaken its chemical structure. As a result, recycled plastic is normally only used to make low-value products, such as outdoor benches and bins.

To address this problem, Eugene Chen at Colorado State University and his colleagues developed a plastic that is able to maintain its original qualities when recycled.

Petrochemicals Nylon66 Polyamide6

-Jerico launches recycled-content lines for rotomolding

J-Sustain is Jerico’s line of sustainable polymer compounds. The line includes polyethylene-based compounds that promote sustainability, clean waterways and the recyclability of post-consumer waste in rotational molding, officials with Wadsworth, Ohio-based Jerico said in a news release. Petrochemicals Nylon66 Polyamide6

In an Aug. 24 phone interview, Jerico President Steve Copeland said that several customers had been asking for sustainable products. He added that although the firm has worked with post-industrial recycled plastics before, J-Sustain marks the first time Jerico is using post-consumer material.

“There are a lot of opportunities to put forward a greener footprint,” Copeland said.

Jerico launches recycled-content lines for rotomolding

-Volume of plastic packaging waste recycled in Italy from 2014 to 2019

Volume of plastic packaging waste recycled in Italy from 2014 to 2019

Petrochemicals Nylon66 Polyamide6

-Recyclass launches Recycled Plastics Traceability Certification

Recyclass has launched its Recycled Plastics Traceability Certification, a new certification scheme for products with recycled plastics. An AIMPLAS auditor participated in the two Recyclass pilot audits conducted in Spain.Petrochemicals Nylon66 Polyamide6

The new certification verifies the traceability of recycled plastic material from the source to the final product and can also indicate the recycled content.

The Recycled Plastics Traceability Certification is a new certification scheme that provides proof of the traceability of recycled plastic material from the source, as well as the specific recycled content of each product. Given that it provides transparent information on the source of the recycled material (pre-consumer or post-consumer), it will increase consumer trust in the product’s environmental sustainability

Recyclass launches Recycled Plastics Traceability Certification

-‘Walk away NOW!’ Expert urges Boris to pull plug on Brexit talks – ‘EU’s had its chance’

BORIS Johnson needs to pull the plug on trade deal negotiations with the EU after the latest round of talks ended in stalemate, a think tank boss has said, adding: “The EU has had its chance.”  Petrochemicals Nylon66 Polyamide6

Robert Oulds was speaking days after both UK negotiator David Frost and EU opposite number Michel Barnier admitted an agreement was no closer to being struck, with Mr Barnier once again remarking: “The clock is ticking.” However, Robert Oulds, director-general of the Bruges Group, believes any further efforts are futile, and that Britain should now devote its collective energy to leaving on December 31 with no deal in place.

Walk away NOW!' Expert urges Boris to pull plug on Brexit talks - 'EU's had its chance'

-EMS Group profits, sales fall on COVID-19 impact

EMS Group (Domat, Switzerland), a producer of high-performance polymers and specialty chemicals, reports first-half 2020 results that deviate slightly from the provisional results it announced in July, according to Chemweek.

The company says net income declined 27.8% year on year (YOY) to 192 million Swiss francs (USD211 million) on sales that fell 26.8% YOY to SFr845 million. EBITDA and EBIT also went down 26.4% and 28.2%, to SFr254 million and SFr227 million, respectively.

Sales in the company’s high-performance polymers division were 27.1% lower YOY at SFr741 million, with EBIT down 28.6% to SFr200 million. The specialty chemicals division recorded a 24.6% YOY drop in sales to SFr104 million, with EBIT of SFr27 million, 25% less than the prior-year period. The company’s net liquidity increased by SFr167 million, or 24% YOY, to SFr863 million, it says. Petrochemicals Nylon66 Polyamide6

EMS Group profits, sales fall on COVID-19 impact

Petrochemicals Nylon66 Polyamide6

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