Biodegradable PBAT plastic wastes Crude oil Clariant Pigments Chinaplas 05-01-2022

Biodegradable PBAT plastic wastes Crude oil Clariant Pigments Chinaplas

-Kolon Industries and SK GEO Centric collaborate on production of Biodegradable PBAT plastic

In collaboration with Kolon Industries, SK Geo Centric (SKGC), a subsidiary of SK Innovation (all Seoul, South Korea), announced that it is going to commercialize and launch the manufacture of polybuthylene Adipate-co-Terephthalate (PBAT), an eco-friendly biodegradable plastic material.

PBAT is an environmentally friendly plastic that degrades swiftly in nature due to oxygen, heat, light and enzyme reactions. SK Geo Centric has been working with Kolon Industries on joint research and development since last year, and was able to launch a commercialized product in just eight months after signing a strategic partnership agreement in April, which was followed by the development of prototype products and the acquisition of an eco-label certificate

SK Geo Centric is expanding its client base through supplying PBAT raw materials and its marketing expertise and network. SK Geo Centric is South Korea’s only producer of 1,4-Butanediol, a key ingredient in PBAT as well as a variety of fabrics, plastics, and electro-chemical substances.Biodegradable PBAT plastic wastes Crude oil Clariant Pigments Chinaplas

Kolon Industries has a high level of technological prowess in producing polyester products and will produce high-quality PBAT at its Gumi Plant site by combining both companies’ technological skills in terms of optimum temperature, ideal material mixing ratios, and other factors, based on a reliable supply of PBAT raw material.

While regular plastic takes over a century to disintegrate in the natural environment, PBAT decomposes by more than 90% in just six months after being buried. Consequently, it makes it a highly eco-friendly plastic substance. It can be used in a variety of disposable bags and agricultural plastic mulching films*, to name a few, due to its quick decomposition speed and flexibility.

In particular, it can have a similar strength to existing plastic films such as LD and LLDPE when it is coupled with other components such as harder PLA ((Poly Lactic Acid) starch. Biodegradable PBAT plastic wastes Crude oil Clariant Pigments Chinaplas

It also has excellent printability and workability, allowing it to be used for a variety of packaging purposes. Because PBAT is biodegradable in natural soil, it is expected to be utilized in place of existing PE agricultural films, which are problematic due to their collecting issues.

The Gumi plant has a PBAT production capability of 3,000 tons per year. According to the industry, the global PBAT market will expand from 220,000 tons in 2020 to 800,000 tons in 2025, as demand for biodegradable products grows exponentially in response to increasingly stringent environmental regulations. Working with Kolon Industries, SK Geo Centric intends to boost its manufacturing scale to 60,000 tons to meet rising demand in the global biodegradable plastic market.

“We believe PBAT will have a broad application in the future since, due to its flexibility and rapid decomposition rate, it is harmless to the environment when buried to the ground,” said Kang Dong-hoon, Vice President of SK Geo Centric’s Green Biz Group. “We will accelerate our ‘Carbon to Green’ strategy by churning out more eco-friendly chemical products.” Biodegradable PBAT plastic wastes Crude oil Clariant Pigments Chinaplas

Biodegradable PBAT plastic wastes Crude oil Clariant Pigments Chinaplas

-Trinseo Completes Acquisition of Heathland B.V.

A significant step forward in achieving the Company’s goals of advancing a circular economy

Trinseo , a global materials solutions provider and manufacturer of plastics and latex binders, announced today the completion of the acquisition of Heathland B.V. (“Heathland”), a leading collector and recycler of post-consumer (PCR, EoL) and post-industrial (PIR) plastic wastes in Europe.

As a plastic waste collector and recycler based in Utrecht, the Netherlands, Heathland is focused on converting PCR and PIR polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), polycarbonate (PC), acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), polystyrene (PS) and other thermoplastic waste. Biodegradable PBAT plastic wastes Crude oil Clariant Pigments Chinaplas

The company collects, pre-treats and processes plastic waste materials using mechanical and chemical recycling processes, and captures the materials’ maximum value by transforming them into high quality recycled raw materials for a wide range of high-end applications. Heathland is well established in Europe with several notable projects, including MMAtwo and REVOLUTION, which are funded by the Horizon 2020 program of the European Commission.

“Today is another exciting milestone in Trinseo’s transformation journey in becoming a global specialty materials and sustainable solutions provider. The addition of Heathland to the Trinseo family enables the group to have access to comprehensive recycling technologies and plastic wastes as feedstock,” Francesca Reverberi, SVP and Chief Sustainability Officer of Trinseo commented. “The shared sustainability vision of both companies has now become one. We will continue to invest in the movement toward a circular economy.”

The acquisition is aligned with Trinseo’s 2030 Sustainability Goals, which outline the Company’s focus on tackling climate change, embedding sustainability in its product portfolio, promoting supplier and operational stewardship, and embodying responsibility as an employer. Biodegradable PBAT plastic wastes Crude oil Clariant Pigments Chinaplas

Biodegradable PBAT plastic wastes Crude oil Clariant Pigments Chinaplas

-Fully decolourised recyclates from post-consumer film waste

Obtaining pure recyclates from mixed household waste remains the ultimate discipline for any reclaim company. German plastics recycler APK (Merseburg; reports that it reached a milestone in 2021 by recycling waste on an industrial scale using its own solvent-based process, “Newcycling”.

The scaling and decolourisation targets have been fully achieved, says Klaus Wohnig, APK’s CEO. The starting material for the Newcycling production campaign at the Merseburg site was mixed film waste from household collection. The result: a light-coloured LDPE recyclate that was subsequently reprocessed into a film and, according to the company, has good colour and transparency values, similar to films made from virgin material.  Biodegradable PBAT plastic wastes Crude oil Clariant Pigments Chinaplas

“The proof of concept represents an important step on our way to building new Newcycling plants,” said Maik Pusch, director of corporate development at APK. Over the next few years, several new plants are expected to be built together with partners in the plastics value chain. Currently, the recycling company employs about 150 people, and the production plant has a reclaim capacity of up to 20,000 t/y.

Fully decolourised recyclates from post-consumer film waste

-Crude oil futures up on eve of OPEC+ meeting

OPEC+ nations are unlikely to divert from their current script of increasing crude oil output by 400,000 barrels a day in the near future when members gather Tuesday for their monthly meeting in Vienna.

While analysts and traders keep a watchful eye for any pre-meeting signs from the cartel, Wall Street continued to have faith in the commodity as February deliveries of West Texas Intermediate went up 0.77% to $75.79 at 11:30 (UTC-5) on the New York Mercantile Exchange. Biodegradable PBAT plastic wastes Crude oil Clariant Pigments Chinaplas

“I expect that OPEC+ will continue with their already agreed upon programme to restore another 400,000 barrels per day of production in February,” Andrew Lipow, president of Lipow Oil Associates, told

Reaction to possible actions by OPEC+ nations is rather muted and oil prices are rising after a big sell-off going into the New Year’s Day holiday where prices fell on very light volume.

“The market seems to be rising on a risk-on mode and on reports of threats to global supply,” Phil Flynn, senior analyst with Price Futures Group, told

US inventors  Biodegradable PBAT plastic wastes Crude oil Clariant Pigments Chinaplas

US output the week ending 24 December 2021, was 15.7 million barrels daily, a drop of approximately 115,00 barrels per day than the week before, according to the EIA.

Refineries operated at nearly 90% capacity during the week, EIA data shows.

Biodegradable PBAT plastic wastes Crude oil Clariant Pigments Chinaplas

-Heubach and SK Capital acquire Clariant Pigments

Manufacturer of pigment Heubach Group and SK Capital Partners, a private investment firm focused on the specialty materials, chemicals and pharmaceuticals sectors, have completed the acquisition of Clariant’s Global Colorants Business (Clariant Pigments). Biodegradable PBAT plastic wastes Crude oil Clariant Pigments Chinaplas

The combined business will operate under the Heubach brand.

The newly combined Heubach Group will provide comprehensive colors, supplying a broad portfolio of organic, inorganic, and anti-corrosive pigments, pigment preparations, dyes, colorants and specialty materials.

The company operates its global business from 19 manufacturing facilities across Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa, employing approximately 3,000 people. The headquarters of the Heubach Group will be established in Vienna, Austria.

Johann Heubach of the Heubach Group, stated: ‘The new Heubach is a world-class organization with great talent, technology and assets. For us, product excellence and sustainability are core. We are well-positioned to create significant value for our customers and business partners across the many industries we serve.’

Aaron Davenport, a managing director of SK Capital, noted: ‘The combination of Heubach and Clariant Pigments creates an industry leader committed to the highest standards in manufacturing, quality and service. We look forward to supporting management in the growth and improvement of the company by investing into talent, innovation and market expansion.’

The Heubach Group has also appointed Stefan Doboczky as CEO of the Heubach Group, effective January 10, 2022. Doboczky joins the Heubach Group having most recently served as CEO of Lenzing AG, a global leader of cellulosic fibers and biochemicals. Biodegradable PBAT plastic wastes Crude oil Clariant Pigments Chinaplas

Prior to Lenzing, Doboczky was member of the Managing Board of Royal DSM, the Dutch life science and material science group, where he spent almost two decades in several general management roles.

Doboczky holds a PhD in Natural Science from the Technical University of Vienna (A), as well as an MBA from IMD in Lausanne (CH).

‘I am very excited to join the new Heubach Group.

I am convinced that by combining these successful businesses we will create a powerful offering for our customers in the pigment and colorant space,’ Doboczky noted. Biodegradable PBAT plastic wastes Crude oil Clariant Pigments Chinaplas

Il Gruppo Heubach e SK Capital Partners hanno concluso l'acquisizione delle attività globali nei coloranti di Clariant e annunciano la designazione di Stefan Doboczky in veste di CEO

-Chinaplas Returns to Shanghai under the Sign of Carbon Neutrality and Digitalization

The international plastics and rubber exhibition expects to welcome more than 4,000 exhibitors to the event in April. Biodegradable PBAT plastic wastes Crude oil Clariant Pigments Chinaplas

As manufacturers wrestle with rising raw material prices, soaring freight costs, and supply chain challenges, all while preparing for a greener, low-carbon future, more than 4,000 exhibitors will gather at Chinaplas 2022, offering innovations and technologies to address these and other challenges.

The international plastics and rubber exhibition will occupy 360,000 square meters of show space at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Hongqiao, Shanghai, from April 25 to 28, 2022.

New opportunities in low-carbon technologies

Two documents — the “State Council’s Opinions on the Complete and Accurate Implementation of the New Development Concept to Peak Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Achieve Carbon Neutrality” and the “Action Plan for Carbon Dioxide Peaking before 2030” — issued in October 2021, represent the official promulgation of the top-level scheme to achieve the “dual carbon targets,” according to Chinaplas 2022 organizer Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd. These  initiatives aim to reshape the economic and energy structures, upgrade production technology, improve quality of life, and accelerate high-quality economic development and green industrial transformation over the next four decades.

Low-carbon technological innovations are the key to such an extensive and profound transformation and reform. To cope with tighter controls on energy consumption, enterprises are seeking solutions that combine reduced energy consumption with high-efficiency production.Biodegradable PBAT plastic wastes Crude oil Clariant Pigments Chinaplas

Ecological management has evolved from “end-of-pipe” control to “source” control, process optimization, end-of-pipe treatment, and waste recycling, noted Adsale Exhibition Services.

Biodegradable PBAT plastic wastes Crude oil Clariant Pigments Chinaplas

Biodegradable PBAT plastic wastes Crude oil Clariant Pigments Chinaplas

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