Plastics tax PreZero Cepsa 04-01-2022

Plastics tax PreZero Cepsa

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Crude Oil Prices Trend  

-Postponement of the plastics tax to 2023 confirmed

With the approval by Parliament of the 2022 Budget Law, the application of the tax on Macsi is officially postponed to 1 January 2023.

The 2022 Budget Law was approved by the Chamber of Deputies with a vote of confidence (355 in favor and 45 against), after having obtained the go-ahead from the Senate on Christmas Eve. Plastics tax PreZero Cepsa

The completion of the parliamentary procedure brings with it the postponement to 2023 – already announced by the Government – of the plastics tax and sugar tax, measures strongly criticized by the plastics industry. For this purpose, € 650 million have been allocated to compensate for the lack of income.

Established with the 2020 Budget Law and formally entered into force on 1 January last year and then postponed for the first time to 1 July 2021 and a second time to 1 January 2022, the Italian plastics tax affects the Macsi, single-use plastic products, with a tax of 450 euros per ton. Plastics tax PreZero Cepsa

Plastics tax PreZero Cepsa

-Successful completion: PreZero starts integration in Spain and Portugal

The environmental service provider of the Schwarz Group takes over employees and locations of Cespa S. A.

Neckarsulm, 01 December 2021. PreZero has successfully completed the acquisition of the disposal and recycling business of Cespa S. A. (formerly Ferrovial Environmental Service) in Spain and Portugal.

In accordance with merger control proceedings and following approval by the EU Commission, around 16,000 new employees at around 140 locations will be officially taken on. Plastics tax PreZero Cepsa

“As the environmental division of the Schwarz Group, we are further expanding our role as a major driver of the circular economy in Europe. With the acquisitions in Spain and Portugal, we are successfully continuing on this path and want to contribute with innovative solutions to closing further material cycles in the future,” explains Thomas Kyriakis, CEO of PreZero. Plastics tax PreZero Cepsa

Cespa recycles around eight million tons of recyclable materials annually for private and public customers and is a leader in the reuse of biowaste, plastic and compost and invests in pioneering projects in the fields of robotics, artificial intelligence and data analysis. In addition, the company operates the only plant in Spain that produces biogas from organic waste.

With this acquisition, PreZero is now also active on the Iberian Peninsula for the first time. “Cespa fits perfectly into our existing portfolio. We are particularly looking forward to the valuable expertise and innovative spirit of the new employees, with whom we want to jointly advance the vision of a clean and livable environment,” says Gerald Weiss, Managing Director of PreZero International.

PreZero now employs a total of around 30,000 people at 430 locations in Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Sweden, Austria, Italy, Spain, Portugal and the USA. Plastics tax PreZero Cepsa

Further information about PreZero can be found in our press portal.

Successful completion: PreZero starts integration in Spain and Portugal

-Postponement of the plastics tax to 2023 confirmed

-Successful completion: PreZero starts integration in Spain and Portugal

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Plastics tax PreZero Cepsa

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