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CPL nylon6 PET Petrochemicals

-Bottle grade PET Petrochemicals Monoethyleneglycol MEG Paraxylene

CPL nylon6 PET Petrochemicals

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-CPL and nylon 6: still bullish before the Spring Festival

The bell of the New Year is about to ring. Looking back at in 2021, repeated pandemic causes, soaring raw material costs, and China’s dual control policy on energy consumption, nylon industry chain has been impacted in turn.

The pressure on business operations is not negligible, and the competitive pressure in the chemical and textile and chemical fiber industries is inevitable. The game between upstream and downstream, peer competitors has always been very fierce.

But what is pleasantly surprised is that at the end of the year, CPL and chip plants have been running smoothly with a relatively high operating rate and relatively ideal profit margin, which may continue until after the Spring Festival.

CPL and chip plants maintain low stock, high run rate and high profit by end-2021 CPL nylon6 PET Petrochemicals

We have mentioned in the insight report “CPL & PA6 enter rebalance toward end-2021”published in end-November that CPL and nylon 6 chip plants would continue raising their operating rate and the supply-demand pattern will enter into a rebalancing period. Over one month, the actual operation of CPL and nylon 6 chip plants have proven this trend, and surprisingly, both CPL and chip inventory are kept low, and the profit margin in CPL and nylon 6 chip links are still good.

There are two reasons underpinning the above result.

First, chip downstream mills had been holding a minimum of polymer stocks in November, and they were restocking more actively in December, when the market hit a bottom low and rebounded and chip plants ramped up operating rate.

Second, CPL plant operation was not smooth in December. Major suppliers including Luxi Chemical, Hualu Hengsheng, Hubei Sanning and Sinopec Baling Hengyi took turns to shut or cut production in the month and caused a tight balance in CPL market. CPL nylon6 PET Petrochemicals

CPL nylon6 PET Petrochemicals

Bottle grade PET Petrochemicals Monoethyleneglycol MEG Paraxylene

CPL and nylon 6: still bullish before the Spring Festival

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CPL nylon6 PET Petrochemicals

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