Biodegradable plastic Nanocomposites RadiciGroup 23-12-2021

Biodegradable plastic Nanocomposites RadiciGroup

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-SK Geo Centric commercializes biodegradable plastic through collaboration with Kolon Industries

SK Geo Centric, the chemical wing of battery maker SK Innovation, commercialized a biodegradable plastic called polybutylene adipate terephthalate through collaboration with Kolon Industries, a chemical and textile manufacturing company in South Korea.

Polybutylene adipate terephthalate (PBAT) is a petroleum-based biodegradable plastic that rapidly degrades through enzyme reactions with oxygen, heat and light. Unlike regular plastic products which take about 100 years to decompose, 90 percent of a PBAT product degrades naturally when buried.

PBAT is widely being used in eco-friendly products such as agricultural vinyl and disposable bags. To commercialize the petroleum-based biodegradable plastic, SK Geo Centric and Kolon Industries have launched a joint research project in 2020.

SK Geo Centric said in a statement on December 22 that the company will supply raw materials of PBAT to Kolon Industries. SK Geo Centric is the only South Korean company that produces “1,4-butanediol,” a chemical compound that is used as the main raw material of PBAT. Using SK Geo Centric’s raw materials, Kolon Industries will produce PBAT at its plant located in Gumi some 202 kilometers (126 miles) southeast of Seoul. Biodegradable plastic Nanocomposites RadiciGroup 

3,000 tons of PBAT can be produced at Gumi Plant annually. SK Geo Centric plans to increase the production capacity to 60,000 tons per year by 2024 through cooperation with the textile manufacturing company. “PBAT decomposes quickly after it is buried in a landfill. We expect it will be widely used in various sectors because of its eco-friendly feature,” Kang Dong-hoon, SK Geo Centric’s Green Business Bureau Vice President, was quoted as saying.

SK Geo Centric commercializes biodegradable plastic through collaboration with Kolon Industries

-Plastoplan Kunststoffhandel GmbH appointed as the RadiciGroup distributor in Austria

Successful relationship between Hromatka Group and RadiciGroup extended to Austria

RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers has announced a reorganization of its sales network in Austria. Biodegradable plastic Nanocomposites RadiciGroup 

As of 1st January 2022, Plastoplan Kunststoffhandel GmbH has been appointed the RadiciGroup national distributor for a wide product range that includes RADILON®, HERAMID®, RADIFLAM®, RADISTRONG®, RADITER®, HERAFLEX®, TORZEN® HERAFORM® and RADITECK®.

“Our Group,” said Rolf Behringer, sales manager DACH of RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers, “is taking one more step to strengthen its long-term presence in the Austrian market partnering with an important and reliable company, Plastoplan Kunststoffhandel GmbH. We are sure that, together with Plastoplan and our sales and technical team, we will be able to offer our Austrian customers the highest level of quality and flexibility”.

Plastoplan Kunststoffhandel GmbH is part of the Hromatka Group, an established distribution group serving the European polymer market, which already cooperates with RadiciGroup in Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy and Turkey. Plastoplan, which has been operating in the Austrian plastics market for over 50 years, provides a well-established, country-wide resident sales net and logistics solutions guaranteeing fast delivery to customers. Biodegradable plastic Nanocomposites RadiciGroup

SK Geo Centric commercializes biodegradable plastic through collaboration with Kolon Industries

Plastoplan Kunststoffhandel GmbH appointed as the RadiciGroup distributor in Austria

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-Boosting sustainable PLA bioplastics production

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Biodegradable plastic Nanocomposites RadiciGroup

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