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Circular Economy Polyolefins Repackaging

Petrochemical Polymers Polyamides PE Prices

Circular Economy Polyolefins Repackaging

Crude Oil Prices Trend 

Crude Oil Prices Trend 

-Horizon 2030: mission biotech

“A revolution is taking place in the knowledge base for life sciences and biotechnology, opening up new applications in healthcare, agriculture, and environmental protection.”

Political awareness of this potential dates back to 2001, when the European Commission recognised life sciences and biotech through the adoption of its life science and biotechnology strategy. Circular Economy Polyolefins Repackaging

Circular Economy Polyolefins Repackaging

-PET recycling is moving ahead fast, says new report

A report compiled by sustainability consultancy Eunomia signals a number of trends in PET collection and sorting.Circular Economy Polyolefins Repackaging

One of the more important developments described is that of the growing use of recycled PET in bottle-to-bottle recycling, mainly in response to manufacturer demand.

The PET packaging sector is moving towards higher levels of circularity, write the authors, with individual converters demonstrating what is possible, among others, by producing water bottles using 100 percent recycled PET from bottles, and trays from 95 percent recycled PET.

Circular Economy Polyolefins Repackaging

-Gelest BIOSAFE® Antimicrobial Technology Selected By National Wiper Alliance For Its QUAT KEEPER™ Foodservice Towels

Gelest, Inc., an innovator in materials science and the manufacturer of BIOSAFE® Antimicrobials, announced today that National Wiper Alliance, the industry leader in converting custom nonwoven towels for medical, food service, and aerospace applications, has selected BIOSAFE antimicrobial technology to enhance its newly introduced QUAT KEEPER™ Foodservice Towels.Circular Economy Polyolefins Repackaging

Circular Economy Polyolefins Repackaging

-China to halve tariffs on some US goods from 14 Feb

China will cut tariffs on some US imports by half starting from 14 February to boost trade relations with the US, the Customs Tariff Commission of the State Council said on Thursday.

The 10% and 5% duties imposed on US goods since 1 September 2019 will be cut to 5% and 2.5%, respectively, starting 13:01 Beijing time on 14 February, it said in a statement.

China in August last year announced to impose 10% and 5% additional tariffs on $75bn of US goods in two batches in a tit-for-tat tariff war with US.

The duties on the first batch was in place since 1 September last year while those on the second batch scheduled to start on 15 December 2019 was suspended following conclusion of a “Phase One” trade agreement.Circular Economy Polyolefins Repackaging

Circular Economy Polyolefins Repackaging

-China tariff rollbacks to cover key polymers, chemicals

China’s planned rollback of tariffs on certain imports from the US starting on 14 February will impact a number of key polymers and chemicals.

China will roll back the 5-10% tariffs imposed on $75bn of US imports in the 4th round of tariffs in the US-China trade war by half to 2.5-5%.Circular Economy Polyolefins Repackaging

Those “part one” tariffs in the 4th round were implemented on 1 September 2019, before the phase one US-China trade deal signed on 15 January.

Part two of the 4th round of tariffs never went into effect because of the deal.

Circular Economy Polyolefins Repackaging

-PET industry needs to focus on circularity and stop defending plastics – PETCore president

The polyethylene terephthalate (PET) market needs to focus on the positivity of circularity rather than trying to defend plastics, PETCore President Stephen Short said on Wednesday.

Opening the 2020 PETCore annual conference in Brussels, Short, addressing the 300-strong audience, said it is time to stop defending PET because “we have lost that battle”.

Instead, he said, the industry needs to play to its strengths, and to focus on the positive message of proving the recyclability of PET.Circular Economy Polyolefins Repackaging

“We are in a zero tolerance world for plastic,” Short said. “We can’t speak about recycling, we have to prove it.”

PET industry needs to focus on circularity and stop defending plastics - PETCore president

-Asian paraxylene, PTA markets plunge to near 4-year low

Asian paraxylene market plunged to a new near four-year low on further weakness across the oil and petrochemicals markets due to concerns over the coronavirus outbreak as market volatility and bearishness dampened sentiments and buyer confidence.

In the downstream purified terephthalic acid (PTA) market as well, prices have tumbled to almost a four-year low.Circular Economy Polyolefins Repackaging

There is also uncertainty over how much the prices will fall further, according to S&P Global Platts’ market insights. There is a lack of drivers to support prices at the moment.

Asian paraxylene, PTA markets plunge to near 4-year low

-The World Is Struggling to Recycle Even 50% of Plastic Waste

Even if countries aggressively tighten regulations, the planet will still struggle to recycle 50% of its plastic waste in 10 years time, according to a report from Jefferies Financial Group Inc. Circular Economy Polyolefins Repackaging

Deepening concern over the rising mountain of discarded plastic will force governments to toughen rules, and companies with a combined market value of $3.5 trillion will be hit by wide-ranging bans and taxes aimed at fighting plastic pollution, wrote Jefferies analysts including Simon Powell.

The World Is Struggling to Recycle Even 50% of Plastic Waste

-Canada-UK free trade: A post-Brexit opportunity

The hard work now begins for the United Kingdom to shape an independent trade policy outside of the European Union. Brexit has finally happened after more than three years of negotiations, posturing, parliamentary shenanigans, two elections and considerable policy uncertainty.Circular Economy Polyolefins Repackaging

As the New York Times reports, the UK faces complex and arduous negotiations trying to maintain its privileged access to 450 million European consumers with zero tariffs or other trade restrictions.

Canada-UK free trade: A post-Brexit opportunity

Circular Economy Polyolefins Repackaging

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