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Evonik developed the world’s first biodegradable powder polymer

Evonik Biodegradable Powder Polymer

MOSCOW – Evonik (Germany) has announced the development of the world’s first biodegradable polymer in powder form suitable for printing high-resolution implantable medical devices on equipment for selective laser sintering (SLS), the company said.

RESOMER PrintPowder is a loose powder with rigid characteristics and optimized particle size distribution for efficient processing. Evonik’s ability to create polymer powders can facilitate the delivery of ISO 13485 certified formulations for the development and commercial use of the material. Evonik Biodegradable Powder Polymer

Craniomaxillofacial plates, cells for spinal fusion, scaffolds for soft tissue repair are some of the implantable products, in the manufacture of which polymers based on powder can be used. The new material can help accelerate the healing process in patients after implantation, as well as increase the life of the implant when used in orthopedics, dentistry and surgery.

“For the first time, RESOMER® PrintPowder technology will enable medical device companies to use selective laser sintering 3D printing technology to create complex biodegradable implants with precisely selected mechanical properties,” Dr. Jean-Luc Gerbo quotes in an Evonik press release -Luc Herbeaux) CEO and Manager, Evonik Healthcare.

It is noted that with the launch of RESOMER, PrintPowder Evonik becomes the first commercial supplier of biodegradable polymers to offer a complete range of powders, filaments and granules suitable for use with all major 3D printing technologies.

It was previously reported that Evonik has fully resumed operations in its 10 factories and four offices in China. The company did not indicate the level of production load, and whether all employees returned to work. Evonik Biodegradable Powder Polymer

The Chinese government instructed companies to return to work on February 10 after the New Year holidays were extended by 10 days to curb the spread of the new coronavirus, which is thought to have originated in Wuhan in central China. The company added that not a single employee of Evonik has contracted the virus in China or elsewhere.

Evonik Industries is one of the world’s leading chemical companies in promising areas of specialty chemistry. Evonik Biodegradable Powder Polymer

The company’s products are focused on the high growth rates of megatrends, especially healthcare, nutrition, resource efficiency and globalization. Moody’s international rating agency upgraded the credit rating of Evonik Industries AG from Baa3 with a positive outlook to Baa2 with a positive outlook. The key reasons for this decision, among other things, were the company’s strong performance and clarity regarding the measures taken by Evonik regarding the sale of its assets.Evonik Biodegradable Powder Polymer


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